Wearing White Clothing and the Importance of Colors

Wearing White Clothing and the Importance of Colors

Why do I wear white? You need to know about colors. Colors affect your life. If you will wear black, it is considered a power color in American society. If you go to India, black is considered just opposite. Who is right? It is man-made. But, yes, I will tell you. Color affects you. If somebody has no energy, wear red. You will be surprised
after a week, person is alive again. Full of energy. If somebody is in very bad mood, doesn’t get peace at all, wear white. White is peaceful color. That’s what I chose for myself white color. White is symbolic also for peace and also this
is a very soothing color. That’s what I have chosen, white. But if somebody wants to
attract money, what do you have to wear – the color? Not white color. You need to wear something else. You need to wear in the American society black, sometimes green. Green attracts a lot of money. If somebody wears emerald in the gold
ring, you will be surprised how much money you’re going to attract. But you have to put efforts. Don’t consider my
words 100% that you are going to get money. But you have to put efforts. But yes, color attracts many things. Color heals many things. The best thing if you want to
be very peaceful in the society, you wear the white. That is the best color, and very soothing color. And I think wherever peace symbols are, doves and this, they are all white. And white color actually brings peace in the world.
This is my symbolic, all symbolic, this color. But I want to bring peace in the world.
I want to tell people truth. I don’t want people to be in the dark forever.
The have right to know the truth. They have right to know the truth of about God.
They have right to know the truth about themselves. About many things, many things to learn, but learn right way. Learn correctly, so you always will be in peace.
And automatically you are going towards white color. I don’t have to say to you. You
might choose white color too one day. [Interviewer] If God exists, where did he come from? Yeah, that’s what I wonder! Where God comes from?! Because it’s a belief. And let me tell you
first before I start. All beliefs are false. Beliefs are false. They are not true. You believe today something, tomorrow, the day will come you will not believe it. So it means belief is gone. So I don’t support beliefs. There is a belief about God that God created this world. That’s what we believe: that God created everything else,
this whole Universe, us, everything is God-created. But question arises my friends, who created God? Then they say, “Another God created God.” Who created another God? There will be a big line, neverending. So I will suggest to you, this question is not
right to ask, because the answer will be same. But I will suggest you just this: that this is our belief only. And beliefs are false. So I think if we exist, God exists. If
we don’t exist then God don’t exist even. I will suggest to you go to 5,000 years back.
People didn’t even know about God, what is God? They used to think the trees, the stars, the moons,
the sun – that’s what they used to worship. All the old books. Go to…unfortunately in America we don’t have old books.
Either India has old books or China has it or Egyptian civilization has it. So, 5,000 years ago nobody knew about God even. So I wonder sometimes if God created us, or we created God?

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  1. I hate white, I used to wear white when the democrats were In office back when People were Not too poor to do anything I had white shirts to wear during warm weather especially for riding My Bicycle In the summer time. But now them republicans shit In My face showing Me how they can were white without It looking filthy dirty.

  2. Spiritual teacher? guru or enlighted master… what does it mean? I can see you are a good person with positives words.. but, that even can make my neighbor a guru? The more I see your videos, the more common person you like… I mean, you supose to be something diferent before meditations and enlightments, or whatever…

  3. This is an ultra-late response, but white, green and pink are healing colors. Pink also is a love color, but not as passionate as red. More of a "family love", so to speak.

  4. i like grey blue and yellow and red. recently ive been wearing alot of grey. i thing my soul essense is like a reflection in the water of the sun. how can i heal my heart? i feel alot of hold on it

  5. no! swamiji you are wrong! white attracts a lot of money.. see in india.. all politicians wear white dress. just see how much money it attracts! hahahaha (just joking..)

  6. Nobody created God, God is eternal Sat Chit Ananda, didn't you read the scriptures? Many sages have realized and percievied directrly God, so it is proved, God is there, he is revealed in the Vedas. What are you talking about? You cannot grasp what is God by the tinny human intelligence, only by surrendering to God you can understand Him.

  7. Man is in the Universe and The Universe is in Man.

    Life is Life, Questioning It Only Brings Us To Drop Our Illusions and Shatter Our Sense Of Security, But Hopefully Moving Us Towards True Security.

    Thank You Very Much For The Video.

    I Like To Wear a White Shirt Along With Blue Jeans. πŸ™‚

    I Don't Think Though That I Would Attract Many Money With Green Clothes As I Wouldn't Feel Comfortable.

    I Like Watching Your Videos, Keep Up The Good Work πŸ™‚


  8. "What was God doing before he created Earth? Creating Hell for those who ask such a question" – St. Augustine.

    This is why the Christian mythology has completely fallen into ruins. And one feels a sense of relief when talking to an Oriental about such things. Some maybe able to tell you profound things and give tremendous insight. However, ultimately you will have to discover your own colors.

    Lovely video. Cheers!

  9. @thefutureofbass Not big on this spiritual stuff, but I think I can answer this. Have you ever seen white people? They are hardly "white". They are a peach or pink or tan. White color =/= White people. Black color =/= Black people

  10. I like black , its very comfortable color it eases attention White Draws attention

    but being the commie that I am , I am a sucker for red

  11. I believe in modern science.

    Gravity was discovered in 1655 and I think it is the only force that can move faster than the speed of light. Gravity has the power to hold the universe together and accelerate energy beyond. We live on the surface of an 8,000 mile (0.004 light seconds) diameter Earth. The Earth orbits the sun at a distance of 93 million miles (8.3 light minutes). The sun orbits the super massive black hole 1.467×10^17 miles (25,000 light years) away. That's why I wear black.

  12. You seem to have very good input on life, i have a objection question tho, there is no such thing as complete peace right? I mean where theirs good theirs also bad, one must never destroy the other. It will always be like this, so how could one achieve true divinity, would that be to have your two sides equal, being good and evil?

  13. this idea of god as a false belief may have been influenced by service to self ETs. Bc lucifer went against god.. But i think this guru is mostly service to others

  14. uummm….most white people are sort of beige, not pink. Very few white people have pink undertones.

  15. why is it this important anyway…. it's so strange that this world is divided in colors and shape. I think they're neither pink nor white. But they can be white, black or gradations of grey inside – thats what matters. Where I come from when you say someone is white it meant that he/she is pure, and if you say black – that means the person is black inside. This was ancient way of classifying people.

  16. well if you talk to an artist you will see that they often use pink, reds, browns, yellows for the typical white skin and a combination of the above with darker pinks, browns etc.

  17. I like very much this individual i don't agree with everything he says in each video I ahve seen but wish i could put my friends puppy in his arms.

  18. I like what he said about God. It's really true, ancient time people worshiped nature. Tree God, Sky God, Sea God etc. So God is everywhere also in us as well.

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