Wedding Dress Fashion Shoot From LightInTheBox

Wedding Dress Fashion Shoot From LightInTheBox

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  1. BUYERS BEWARE: I ordered a dress for my bridesmaid for my wedding 1 month ago, and I just received a notice that the dress in on backorder TODAY. In short, my dress will not arrive on time and, I've been given the run-around every time DO NOT PURCHASE FROM LIGHTINTHEBOX!! If you care about your wedding day, don't leave it up to chance with this company. These people do not care about customer service or customer satisfaction. Worst customer service ever!

  2. @tmeh26 Sorry for the inconvenience tmeh. Our returns are not issued via live chat, they are issued once you open a ticket with Customer Service on our website. Did you read our returns policy? Should your dress not fit you can open a ticket and arrange to have your dress replaced. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  3. thanks guys i was going to buy some wedding dressss then i decide to serach it in youtube most of people don't like and have prade thanks to inform me

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