Wedding Dress Shopping | The White Room Review | Lifestyle | Life Like Zoe

Wedding Dress Shopping | The White Room Review | Lifestyle | Life Like Zoe

today I am going to be reviewing my
experience wedding-dress shopping at the white room in Lebanon Tennessee the
white room has two locations one in Lebanon Tennessee and one in Murfreesboro Tennesse. I personally did my shopping at the location in Lebanon I may go to
the Murfreesboro location in the future because they do have some different
designers but the one in love it in is very conveniently located right off of I
40 next to the pilot at exit 238 literally less than a mile off of the
interstate so I’m just going to read to you guys what dresses they have
available at each location so the designers they carry in Lebanon are Allure Casablanca Stephen Yearick Maggie Sottero Paloma Blanca Pronovias
Calla Blanche Stella York and then at the Murfreesboro location they
carry ESSENSE of Australia La Sposa Mori Lee Maggie Sottero Sottero and Midgely Wtoo and L’amour So like I said I did my shopping at the Lebanon location and
I was very very pleased with the overall selection they had lots of samples in
all various sizes so typically Bridal salons will only have
dresses in Bridal sample which is a bridal 8 or a street size 6 and most
women in America are not a size 6 or smaller so I was very pleased with the fact
that not only did they have a large selection of dress styles in general but
since I am NOT a bridal sample I was still able to try on a lot of dresses
because they had samples that were bigger than an 8 I personally am open to the
idea of a white dress but I prefer ivory or champagne I really like lace
I really like beading I’m really looking for a dress that’s kind of vintage in
style and the reason for that is I am getting married at the Cathedral of the
Incarnation in down town Nashville which is a beautiful old
historical cathedral built in 1920 and I am kind of worried that whatever dress I
end up buying will not stand out in the cathedral or will feel like it’s
competing with the cathedral I thought that would that in mind it’d be really
hard to find a dress and it would narrow my selection significantly it was quite
the contrary I actually ended up running out of time in my appointment before I
tried on like all the dresses that would have technically fit into that category
I did like come to an ending point in my appointment with like a favorite dress
I have not purchased a dress yet I’m still doing some more shopping but it is
a dress that like I know I’m at least going to go and try on again because I
keep thinking about it and I don’t think it’s the dress but I think that I need
to like go and try it on again and reinitiate that spark and remember what
I liked about it so I can find the dress that I actually will end up wearing so the
girl that I was working with her name was Katy and I absolutely loved working
with Katy she was so amazing she was so sweet she was so nice she was so funny she just
vibed really well with the personality of me and I had one of my bridesmaids my
maid of honor with me that day and we just all got along as though we were
lifelong best friends so to start out the appointment she had me fill out this
little like profile card they can keep on file at the store and then she
had me pick out six dresses that were just like various styles that I thought
I was interested in so I had my bridesmaid and my maid of honor helped me with
that and then I went and I tried on those six dresses and as I was trying on
each of these dresses she was really really good about listening to the
critique that I had about the dresses that I was trying on she knew her
inventory like the back of her hand this girl was going and picking out
dresses that I like looked at on the hanger and was like yeah, not
so much and like convincing me like no really like this is what you want and then I
try it on and be like no yeah you’re right you know this way better than I do
so please keep that in mind like if you have a good consultant they will know
what the differences are between what a dress looks like on the hanger and what
it looks like on your body and they not only know like what those dresses look
like on a model but like what it looks like on the actual people that they’re
consulting for and I was very very surprised with how well she was able to
pick out the dresses that really did work best for me in comparison to what I
thought was gonna look best for me and that’s really really impressive so I
mean I’ve been dressing my body my entire life so for somebody else to be
skilled at doing that to me is impressive so like most bridal salons, the White Room does not allow you to take photos that is not usually a salon rule as much
as a designer rule most designers don’t want you taking photos of their dresses
until you have purchased the dress because when you purchase the dress you also
purchase the photo rights to the dress and that’s how you’re able to take photos on
your wedding day but you obviously like they don’t want you taking pictures of
every single dress on you it’s copyright infringement so so I don’t have any
photos of me in the dresses that I tried on but you are able to take pictures of
bridesmaids dresses. Katy was really nice and at the end of my appointment I had
like just a couple minutes left and she didn’t have a next appointment starting
right after mine so we went over and looked through the bridesmaids dresses
there was one in particular in mind that I knew that I wanted to have my girls
try on I really didn’t look around bridesmaids that much at all because I did
really like these I’m starting to waver a little bit because I don’t know how
they’re gonna fit with the time of day of the wedding They’re a little
cocktail hour esque and I’m leaning toward the possibility of a 2 p.m. wedding but
there’s still like a chance that we’ll get married later in the evening so I really
like those and I was really glad that I was able to have my girls try those on
especially because they were pretty pricey
bridesmaids dresses and I’m the kind of person that like I want my girls to all
agree to the dress that they’re gonna get before I say oh this is the dress you’re
buying I am really lucky that all of my bridesmaids
are going into professions where they will need formal attire again and so
they have all told me that they would much rather pay twenty or thirty dollars more
for a really nice high-quality dress that’s beautiful and they’re gonna wear
again that doesn’t look like a bridesmaid’s dress then to get like the
stereotypical single colored bridesmaid’s dress that most people see so I’m
really lucky in that that like that’s something that they’re willing to pay
for but again like I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into it so I didn’t go
through their entire selection but I was really pleased that they had this
specific unique dress that I was looking for and I will insert a picture up here
if I can find it of them in their bridesmaids dresses that I’m hoping that
we will go for thank you guys so much for sticking around to the end of my
video if you found this helpful please go ahead and hit subscribe if there are
any bridal salons in the like Tennessee southeast area I am willing to go
to Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, up to Bowling Green, Kentucky maybe even a
little bit further than that, I’m in Atlanta frequently for work so I’m not a
stranger to driving down to Atlanta potentially Huntsville like I I will go
places to look for the perfect dress if you have anything in mind that
you think that I’m like girl you really need to go here please let me know in
the comments down below and if you want more information on my trip to the White Room,
please check out my accompanying blog post on

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