I have just done my makeup in the car yes wonderful hello Moniz welcome back to my youtube channel if you're just joining me now then this is really excited I'm engaged I'm very excited I am now going to try on wedding dresses for the first time ever I'm so nervous I wish I could take my family my friends but they are all busy today so they are going to the next Tryon of bridal dresses for this one for my first ever one I have no one I am currently in 10th Sevenoaks right now outside this place called dress dreams I'm gonna go and try dresses on I've got you my best friends with me so thank god you're with me I'm gonna vlog the whole thing you can see me in some brighter dresses so make sure you stay tuned subscribe join the family you know what to do hit the like button I love you all so much I'll definitely hit the like button if you want more wedding videos okay I love you in there that is where I'm going angels I'm so nervous oh my god here is the beautiful shot angels look at this we have the two special princesses here they're gonna help me today this is obviously the most beautiful shop I've ever seen in my life look at this and look at the dresses that I've kind of chosen so they've got out my favorites Wow I'm gonna actually be a princess and then look at me I look like a tramp today so just ignore me but I'm not going to look like a trap when I get chained look at this angels oh my goodness I feel like you can't even see how amazing this is can you see the quality there look I'm an actual princess you're going to see this about 25 pence fine I don't know how I'm gonna choose honestly I don't look at this oh my goodness this is unreal some of which I'm gonna film in here and then some which the girls are going to hold for me so then you can see it as well oh the light is so much nice hair isn't it yeah look at this this Wow oh my Wow this is the first wedding dress I've ever tried on yeah number one I was like 16 I went to Devlin's when I was young with my friends like we already know they were like bridesmaid dresses it's not nothing like this oh my god also I want you to let me know down below which one you like the best so I'll put numbers beside and you can let me know down below which one you like the best and also I've linked everything the description this amazing shop so you have to check it out because it's amazing dad will hold you up oh my geez Louise obviously won't be wearing this underwear will I not in a chance hands I can't leave this oh my goodness that's her look at the back because the back is pretty well it is beautiful well it's nor the underwear hums you know your friends here just bring your hair to the side you can see yeah Wow overskirt for your ceremony for the drama and if you like to have the feel of the princess look but you still want to show yeah you still even on silhouettes you've got two more evening show they were so naughty find such peaceful dresses they're genuinely absolutely different slightly plainer bottom have family so the bottom but it is less beading feels nice it's lovely yeah they'd love with beautiful quality this is beautiful isn't it I do love this you know you try a lot of trip like dramatic ones on though then you love that don't you and then you try this on you love that and I which one do i yeah that's the decision you really feel like a princess like genuinely morning if you're waiting yeah this dress is beautiful simple but pretty yeah very simple simple elegant mesh it's hot see it yeah fabulous quality it's about this for the loser pepper in the losing fabric it's not like that you know Thai team is here oh where it's like stocking you know you can see it it's actually like it looks like your neck but the airbrush I love your makeup needed look at this they are angels oh my god can you actually imagine you actually magic you're not going to see the one that I'm going to choose so whichever one you have so you won't see the one that I've chosen I don't think I've definitely put in you know something like that with recording everyone so at least time you know is forged from Chester I think it's quite nice yeah yeah very elegant this is like naturally a mermaid I can't even explain it to you I actually feel like a princess in this one I just feel like this isn't my favorite moment hunters gonna be honest with you so I feel like I'd like it to go time to down just for me but a lot of people love this with mates and loads of people yeah it's pretty this is drama and your train can be detachable so you have all those big pieces come off for the evening and you just have the shorter the rest of it compose a lot of them I love the way that everything sparkles and then with your ring it's parties as well Bingle actually glad but I don't love love this one cuz I've loved every single other ones yeah help you sir wind it down a bit but is this the same sign of any saying there's my house I do love her star don't I yeah shout out to her love her body suit and a dress a skirt look at this how beautiful would this look like in the Sun loving life is this stunning I love this part do you think you'd have it just the white what would you have it in depends what you like so if you don't want the nude you can have the ivory with the ivory lace sewn directly on top okay what a nudes just ties it in with the noodle yeah so you have a slight contrast between here and here which is it's beautiful isn't it there's less like I'm wearing a wedding dress though it's not so heavy heavy so nice loose in here as well hums don't get that one yeah then you go this is so beautiful the office get will hide so you've got published bigger shoulder yeah this is beautiful I think yeah it's the number two had more of a do tightness I probably love it as well I feel like with number two does it come out more hair yeah that's fabulous – beautiful isn't it yes for me this this is beautiful I do love this neck all those flowers yes be so we've got a 3d flower miniature three days I've never seen detail like it that's wonderful as well as an hour thing Wow with this yeah the veils fabulous with it with all the 3d flowers so luxurious as well it's delicous it's streamline here lunch but the softness of all the layers of romantic chic yeah I feel like I'm wearing more of a dress in this dress yeah a little so lightweight yeah and this one feels more like a dress detail I do won me over we're trying to put youthful it's song Stephanie to try dresses on though and really try every dress on even if you don't think you like that one because they look so different like that's how they look on you and this you sent us the photograph yeah it's on your list to try standing isn't it this is beautiful the flowers it's all design is this one we're not alone so elegant isn't it it's soft it's romantic and sexy but in a feminine enjoys I'm kind of halfway through the dresses now but we've kind of got to a point where we're we're whittling it down which is a good thing but this has just been such an amazing really emotionally like overwhelming and they did say that he did warn me but I was kind of like I just sort of thought I'd take it my stride but actually it's really amazing but also it's just so like wow and you just feel this like rush with motion it's just I probably can get married I leave here I can't leave you I feel so grateful that you're like watching this like staying with me and like getting to experience this with me so thanks so much for watching disney princess like my mom would love this one they say yeah the mammoth love that Wow this is so beautiful because like you said it's like a modern twist on that you know when you watch those wedding programs and it's the wedding and cake and the woman in the top manner on the top and they've got that big that's how you lie me I bet you Hans are loving this one I bet you I bet you do you know what I mean I just feel like I would love this so much it's so beautiful and I feel like this is what I dreamt of getting married in but as you get older you realize you think this is beautiful I know you're all gonna have your favorites I know when I go through the comments I'm gonna read their comments and see what well no like this is beautiful is now completely different to any of the others I've tried honest in it like the feel of it the way it is light like yeah it is when you're walking you can see on the air look at me this is beautiful this is the only one I've tried on the hasn't got straps or some kind of netting having it isn't it this is beautiful yeah we were just having a chat Ben and we were talking about how cuz I'm gonna be honest with you I was really nervous to come try dresses on and that's maybe why I've left it quite late actually considering I got engaged in January but the thing is you've got to not worry about it because you've got to just go and do it and don't think about how your body's gonna look at all those things because you try on a sample don't you as you said and you're going to get it fit in you're gonna get your measurement you're gonna feel the right you're gonna feel the right fitting when you get your dress fitted to you so I feel like when you're trying on something like there's been a dress where it's not fit me the best has it but I still love that one so I know that when it is fit like we've pulled them in with with the staff and I just feel like you've got to bear that mind I just won't please don't be worried about it just go do it it's the best day ever that's amazing I listen well when it's hemmed you won't have feel like that okay so got all the extra fabric you have at the bottom I'm in the back sunroom and when it's bloody high crown and bottom – whatever you know I'll suck me in pants girls laughter Wow every dress you have is stunning how to be narrative but they are different so I will feel different in them can you see the back when you look dead ahead you should be able to see yeah yeah fabulous very fat bottom so just over top love it I mean look and it's glimmering and stuff what I love you take for it yeah I feel like this fails beautiful as well and it frames it so there's no detail up here it just lets the dress speak and then it frames I'm sorry but he is a lucky man I just want to show you how beautiful all the dresses are I tried on and the one I have chosen is maybe amongst them I'm back in my joggers now let's just talk about how I looked like a little boy but it's fine and then look at all these look this shop is so beautiful I'm so grateful to you both you've been amazing honestly I'm so grateful you have to come here you actually have to like genuinely so easy to get here as well like from Brighton it took me 15 minutes in the car but from London you can get here in 25 minutes cutting you on the train it's amazing honestly the shops beautiful but I didn't know this because I've never obviously tried on a dress but they closed the whole shop down for you just you and you can just relax and it's just such a lovely experience and it's been amazing and I can't wait to show you my actual dress so you haven't seen it because I have cut that part out so you don't get to see it but make sure you stay tuned and also definitely go to the description you can see all of the dresses that they have in stock here and also just booked an appointment come here don't be stressed and for all those homes that aren't yet to get married just bear it in mind you've got to start looking early hum so you've got to start looking early you've got to know what you want make sure you stay tuned for my Instagram so you can see exactly which dress I wear on my wedding day and I'll tag it all and you'll see it also if I pick I love you so much thanks for watching make sure you subscribe I drove my family and hit the like button I love you bye


  1. Wedding dress shopping try on haul! I still can't believe this, I'm so excited to share this with you! Which dress if your fave? I LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxx

  2. Absolutely loved the 1st one and the last one on you! It’s going to look amazing whatever you choose! Spencer is a very lucky man 😁 xx

  3. 9th and 12th are super amazing… exactly bridal look… choose something that you should look a bride in it…not party wear evening wear dresses… BRIDAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the back detailing on the second dress, so pretty. Number 9 is my favourite! ❀ you look amazing in them! I can't wait to see the one you chose πŸ‘°
    (You didn't leave it late either haha I got engaged 3 years ago πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)

  5. I love you so much, you look amazing in all of them xxx❀️❀️❀️ you look like w princess

  6. I hope you’re going to keep the real dress a secrete from us. Cannot wait t see you on your big day, you’re going to look absolutely stunning x

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