Wedding Dress – Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress – Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Hi Rosie. Why such a long sad face. You’re getting married so you should be excited. Hello Amy. I am happy but I’m stressed about my wedding
dress. What’s the problem. There are millions to pick from . I know but that’s exactly my problem. But which one do I choose? I have looked at so many wedding dresses and
designs but the ones I like my mum thinks are either too expensive or not right for
me. Rosie your wedding day will be one of your
life’s special moments and will be a treasured memory so don’t cut corners with your happiness. Maybe I’ll just wear jeans and a nice T-shirt
then my mum will be happy and will save money. Rosie, Rosie dont’be stupid. Think of your husband. If you want him to be proud of you then you
will want to look your very best. OK you’re right. Just a bit stressed out. But I do have some ideas for my dream wedding
dress. Simple but elegant is what I’m looking for. Now you’re thinking the right way Rosie. But I have not found exactly what I want yet. I like the necklines of some wedding dress
designs but not the lengths or sleeves. Rosie if you know what you are looking for
then why not get someone to create your dream wedding dress especially for you? You mean use a dressmaker or a specialist
wedding dress designer? Yes, why not. Then your dream wedding dress will be created
especially for you, your personality and your body shape. Brides who feel relaxed and comfortable will
always look their best. Amy you’re a genius. What a great idea. So get your dream wedding dress ideas together
and go looking for a dressmaker. Make sure they are someone you feel comfortable
with so you can share your ideas for your dream dress. I will, I will. Now I’m really getting excited. But think of my mum because won’t it cost
a bit more to have a custom designed wedding dress? Maybe but not necessarily. You and your mum go talk with the dressmaker
about their payment terms and guarantees. Don’t lose your dream and Amy I’m sure your
mum really wants your wedding day to be a happy and truly memorable one for you. Yes you’re right Amy. Wow. If mum and I can share our ideas for my dream
wedding dress with the dressmaker then I think she would love that. Great idea Rosie. Work as a team and then everyone is happy. If you find your dream dress is a little beyond
your planned budget then don’t stress out. Strike a balance with the dressmaker between
the dress of your dreams and how much your finances will stretch to. Oh I’m so excited now. Thanks Amy. But how do I pick the right dressmaker and
the best fabric for my wedding dress? Rosie one thing at a time OK. These are topics for other videos in our series. Go talk with your mum about your dream wedding
dress ideas and have fun. Remember you will be the center of attention. And everyone will be looking at you and your
wedding dress. OK Amy. You just made my day. I’m off to share these ideas with my mum right
now. Thanks again Thanks Amy and Rosie. Now if you can relate to some of Rosie’s concerns
click the link we have provided for you and discover the secrets to your “your Perfect
Wedding Dress” Go on click the link now and make your wedding
dress plans exciting and stress free.

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  1. I was never one that bought into that idea of a dream wedding dress so ended up getting one off the rack. This silk however is one of my favourite fabric. I bet these would be stuffing wedding dresses for those that dream about the perfect wedding.

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