Wedding Dresses : How to Walk in a Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses : How to Walk in a Wedding Dress

Hi I’m Jenna from Walkers’ Eternity Bridal
and Prom in Provo, Utah and this is Jillian. Today she is going to be modeling one of our
bridal dresses here at Eternity Bridal and showing you how to properly walk in your wedding
dress on your special day. When walking and wearing a wedding dress you always want to
have good posture, keeping your shoulders back and your stomach tucked in will create
a very tall and long illusion. Your dresses will typically be altered to custom fit your
length however when you walk you will still want to pull your dress up just a little bit
so that you do not get any dirt or extra stains on the bottom of your dress. Notice as Jillian
is about to start her walk she picks up the wedding dress not too high but so that she
is able to walk and her feet remain clear of any fabric that might get in her way. As
Jillian walks she remains in a nice posture. Remember the focus is going to be on you on
your special day. You want to make sure that you look your very best, having good posture
and making sure that you walk uprightly is going to make a big difference in all of your
pictures and how your guests perceive you.

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  1. or how about you dont wear a dress that touches the ground.. maybe something that is above your feet like a reasonable outfit should be, if you gonna be able to step or trip on ur dress then its too long

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