WEIRD TRICK To Get Perfect PLEATS on HEAVY Sari – How To Wear HEAVY Saree Perfectly | Anaysa

WEIRD TRICK To Get Perfect PLEATS on HEAVY Sari – How To Wear HEAVY Saree Perfectly | Anaysa

You too love to wear heavy sarees just like me and this festive season means Saree Season wearing heavy saree has its own fun but its too difficult to carry a heavy Saree like its not simple to drape it or anyhow if we drape then find it difficult to carry it also need help from others to drape it so today I am gonna share with you some amazing tricks so that you can wear a heavy saree without taking any help from others and thats just in two minutes I am sure you’ll love these tricks so hit LIKE to this video & get this video to 30,000 LIKES So lets get started so carry your heels before draping a saree so that you got an idea about the Saree’s length now I am gonna share with you my first trick to drape a heavy saree need to wear Saree below your belly button..its true but for heavy saree need to drape it 1 inch above your belly button why we’ve done this you’ll get to know this later so hold one end of your saree tuck in well following a complete round need to take care its not gonna touch the floor cause our saree is heavy it’ll touch the floor itself secure it here with a safety pin to avoid to face any embarrassing situation now gather the heavy pallu your saree like this place it on your shoulder following a round like this now measure that much length of the pally which you want to keep now tightly pull the pallu in front and secure it with a safety pin like this cause this is a heavy saree I am using another pin to secure it after that you’ll get a perfect curve like this now time to face the most difficult situation its too difficult to make pleats in a heavy saree so we follow our second trick keep your hands like this and make a fold and press it with your thumb like this so make all the pleats one by one following this trick this trick is so awesome so that you can make pleats of any heavy saree without taking help from others done with our pleats give it a jerk to avoid crease this trick itself gives one inch gap between the pleats again secure these pleats with a safety pin now tuck in the pleats well now you can see my that trick work well cover the left over portion like this its difficult to keep the heavy saree pallu on its place as we make mistake here that we fix the pin at the shoulder side its gonna be working in Normal saree but in a heavy saree you need to fix the pin slightly below from shoulder do notice something while fixing my pin!! let me know in the comments now saree pallu remain on its fixed place we love to wear heavy saree with Open Pallu often it gets fallen like this and cover up overall saree look so again we use a safety pin to avoid this fix a pin here as shown in the video & your problem get solved carry other accessories with this saree and you are ready for festive season I know you found these tricks so useful gather all these tricks specially for you all so that you can’t find it difficult to wear heavy saree on this festive season do SUBSCRIBE to our channel ANAYSA who likes to wear sarees? Let me know in the comments also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at to enjoy the behind the scenes as we upload so stories there

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  1. Apne jo Bola ki normal Saree me hum pin shoulder pr lgate h usme pin upr lgayi thi ye notify kia mene jbki Saree me pin andr ki Side se lgate h

  2. Mujhe to bahut bahut bahut pasand hai saree pehenna par mujhe kitna bhi try karo plates banane hi nahi aare aur dosre pehnane wale na mujhe jaisi chahiye waisi nahi pehnate main tang aa chuki hon

  3. Nice Saree. What happened to the back of the blouse. Looks like tailor ran out of the material. He/she had to use the strings to cover the back properly.

  4. Thanks dear for dis dadi ma ka nuska wali pleats…i was luking for dis trick for very long….thanks alot

  5. Pata nhi mere kb honge 7m😔😭please koi mere ghr b aau na friends skin care hair care diy more helpful makeup look tips n tricks 🙏

  6. Hai dude you are so cute to this sari i lovet like a flim actress ap bol sakte hai may maska lagarahi hu but ur are so cuteness to this saree

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