What $125,000 Will Get You In New Jersey | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

What $125,000 Will Get You In New Jersey | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

48 Replies to “What $125,000 Will Get You In New Jersey | Sweet Digs | Refinery29”

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  2. I hope she finds a buyer. I wonder if she lived in it long enough to recup some of her 125K. If she lived in it about 5 years, assuming that in Manhattan she was renting for 2K a month, the van would have paid for itself. And the selling price will be profit.

  3. To get more privacy
    IKEA has like these curved railings you can attach to the ceiling and hang curtains for privacy separation..
    Imma try to get the link 😬🧐

  4. For a so-called financial advisor, she's much prettier than she seems smart. If she asked me nicely I'd let her kick it at my place for a night or two, but I certainly wouldn't let her advise me on how to spend anything over $10. Sorry girl. The place looks nice but you're WAY upside down financially and over-leveraged. No sale here. 🙁

  5. Oh man, people take their dumb ideas so seriously sometimes. I get these dumb ideas once in a while, but I chuckle at myself and move on. 125k for literally a stupid immobile home !! parked in some unsafe neighbourhood !

  6. Cover the windshield. Am I the only one who thinks 125K – plus custom design – is a real bargain??? As a native NYer she gets the value of space; she'd paid about 600-800K for a place that size in the 5 boroughs – custom work not included.
    Does she need CDL to drive it? How does security's work? Someone could steal your entire home.

  7. There a flexible curtain tracks that you can find on amazon. They will bend to the curve. If you check out wild by the mile, she has them in her custom van.

  8. I'm pretty familiar with that area; would love to know where you can park that huge bus for $100 a month? That's less than a dorm at Monmouth! Every college kid would do it, just doesn't seem truthful 🙁

  9. $125,00 is a bit much for a bus. The price tag defeats the whole purpose of a tiny home. You could have purchased a “traditional” home, a fixer upper or even put a nice down payment for that price. But to each his own.

  10. I like her house , she should try to rent it out or Airbnb I'm sure it would be popular for short term rentals .

  11. Ideas for privacy in the front of the bus….black-out curtains. To keep the cold out and the warmth in or the cold in and the heat out custom made reflective magnetic shades. I hope this helps, and I love your home, it's so awesome; good luck and happy travels.

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