What Color is That Dress – Dr. Troll Solves

What Color is That Dress – Dr. Troll Solves

hey guys I’m doctor troll and after a
long time I’m here to discuss one serious matter with you guys it’s about the color of That dress, let’s
find out first maybe most you guys know one
thing: then our brain doesn’t always tells us
the truth its an still image but our brain tells
us it’s vibrating and shaking In this photo the horizontal lines are
perfectly parallel but our brain tells they are not Or in this photo it seems the other
circles are circling except the one you’re looking at actually they are all still. Now let’s
take a look at the dress some say it’s white and gold others say
it’s black and blue we’re trying to balance between two and
solve it with both science and technology in this picture there is no freaking way
someone would say this is blue and black here’s the proof. if we open the photo
that dress in Photoshop and pick colors with the color picker
tool from certain places we Can see that Photoshop is saying this dress is white and gold now if we open that black and blue dress and pick colors now it’s telling
us that the dress is black and blue let’s compare two images side by side here we can see the difference clearly
and also notice the amount of light in the background of both images. They say that the light and shadow in background is because we are seeing this photo
differently now let’s see if the dress changes color
really if we change the amount of lights and shadows. To do that we’ll take
help from the levels option of Adobe Photoshop. if we
Erase the background and change color levels we see that the color is really
changing let’s check with the other picture here’s also the same result so People are not Insane The change of color is true but
What is the real color of that address I searched on the internet for the
actual image of the dress and I found this so now we have a decision That the color in that dress in the real
world is black and blue but wait, In this image there is no way
you can tell me it’s black and blue I’m at my house waiting for you , come on fight me, In this image it’s white and
gold. F*** that theory that it’s black and blue originally. but here its weight in gold. For all you
guys thinking this Cute white and gold dress here is black and blue. I have a gift for you. These gold bars That’s it. Thumbs up this video if you liked it comment below what do you think about the dress please don’t forget to share and
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41 Replies to “What Color is That Dress – Dr. Troll Solves”

  1. @Troll Physics Channel How to end world debt: Create a new country which is basically a small village in the U.S. Transfer all the debt in the world to that one country, when the debt is payed off, invade and annex the country. Repeat for infinite debt free life.

  2. Ok guys, let's get real. Who in the world would make a dress black and blue. Even when you look at the black (which it isn't) it looks a bit golden. Proves my point.

  3. This video is all about dresses but it gives people a lesson to beware of fake colors on photos and to the guy who editited the dress color just to troll people.

  4. if you see the dress as white and gold, your vision is below average.

    if you see it as black and blue, then your vision is average.

  5. Never show that image again. You could make someone hallucinate or even forget their name. Anyway, you're actually right. The color changes due to how people perceive light. (I don't know why I just used that word but whatever)

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