16 Replies to “What Does Fabric Denier Mean?”

  1. Could it be comparable to units like gauge and grit? As in like wire and sandpaper? The higher the number, the finer it is?

  2. So I'm looking at getting a very durable duffel bag and I see one that is 420D double sided TPU coated nylon and another that is 900-denier ripstop polyester. Which one would be thicker or more durable?

  3. I'm no material scientist, but the denier measurement doesn't determine strength of a fibre, correct? It tells us nothing about the strength of the polymer bonds of the material in question. Isn't that what determines strength? Just because it's dense doesn't mean it has elastic tensile strength, it could be brittle, like high carbon steel.

  4. 9,000 meters are roughly 10,000 yards. Which is a common length for yarn spools for industrial grade sewing machines and looms.
    Probably that's why denier is based on 9,000 meters. One could easily select the right spools for weaving a certain denier fabric in advance by weighing the spools and substracting the plastic core's weight 😉

  5. Can you explain how to decide fabric gsm for fibc bag of swl 1 ton, sf 5:1, bag size 90x90x90cm

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