hey YouTube and welcome back to my channel today I have a super special video for you guys every year I talk a little bit about Italian fashion and how it updates year after year well today we wanted to literally take to the streets and see what people are wearing in Milan so I have my friend Matilda with me and we’re going around asking people what they’re wearing I got the idea to film this video from Karen Britt chick she also has a channel on YouTube that I will linked up below she’s a British girl living in New York I guess and she went around showing people how they dressed in New York so I’m doing this thing in Miller this isn’t the only video that we’re doing today based on fashion we also did a video on Matilda’s eternals so be sure to go check that video out after you watch this one okay so okay you’re here theology a start in Portland disappear Akuma Pienaar a you seem entirely wrong see Arizona Bravo [Music] I’m wearing Givenchy Kunak vintage who called sub pants into Samaritans Lapland wait I missed the last part for the plane actually living me that I’ve been in two years thank you [Music] right now we’re making our way to via torino because we decided that in writing for the poem oh it’s the concentration of tourists are I’ve been to high you know we’re looking for people that at least live in Milan they don’t have to be Melanie is it because don’t think that it’ll be that easy to find one honestly they’re a rare breed but we want people that live in Milan because it also speaks to the fact that since there are so many different like cultures and people living in Milan you’ll see that this plays out in the style as well it’s not a style that you’ll find and that many other cities in Italy because not only does it have the milan fashion influence but it has the influence of lots of different cultures so we’re gonna see that now [Music] [Music] me instead today my style isn’t exactly melanism yelena is it tram passing in the middle of okay so today’s look of mine isn’t exactly millionaires a million is it it’s more like Kim Kardashian meets Europe you know I got the neutral colors with this Balenciaga s sneaker but not Balenciaga because you know nobody got 500 euros for that the biker shorts because it was really hot today I didn’t like wearing pants but I also didn’t feel like wearing a skirt on a blazer which I feel is just you know more elegant but you know I could I could just be saying a lot of concern [Music] [Applause] [Music] Laura sent us an anomaly in an era after hmm – total black una juerga tele jeans oversized ladies that all star yeah McCamey or on de esto endo Sandra Chiklis CdeBaca si una teacher the database occur and the term at Hanscom platform funny we were just saying how I said that I am not dressed at all like an Italian today and instead we found an Italian that was wearing the exact same outfit as me I was just missing the dr. Martens but you see that’s how you know that she’s actually Italian voila [Music] [Applause] [Music] Makenna and got some crap talk to a panther on TV – and when I come inside the Denali answer this carpeting trapping saldo and let’s see if the boss IV in Tashkent South America – you know so I’m Lucas bikini I’m from Brazil so what can I say about this book some guy somebody gave me this in Mexico when I was working there my little brother gave me this Nike shorts because he’s sponsored by Nike he gave me the shoes for my birthday and a client gave me the underwear as well so didn’t buy anything just I just wear whatever people give to it just trying to be myself I came from very small family in Brazil and never had the chance to buy clothes or anything like that when I first moved to Milano 9 years ago as a working a lot clients gave me clothes and everything I was feeling very attached to everything they gave me at one point I would be like oh this is my war and never gonna give it to it because you know when you’ve never had it and then I’m going to finally get it for you if feels like oh so special and then I have this travel from Milano to LA where the airline company lost my luggage and I lost everything I had so for the first week I was very upset like oh my god what can I do now I don’t have my clothes I don’t feel confident enough to wear whatever you know and then when they finally sent me the money I went to the first shop store a phone and I got like three t-shirts through pants I was like fuck that’s actually all I needed because I’ve been carrying all this shoe luggage with a lot of stuff that don’t even work so that gave me like this relief feeling of being myself so whatever was wearing I was always happy because it didn’t matter about the clothes but how I felt [Music] why are you wearing taco where did you get this outfit I don’t remember I think from Hong Kong this jacket I got it from Ralph Lauren this dress is from my sister Eve Saldana and these boots are popular German ones I forgot what’s today but I don’t really focus on what I will get [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] wearing brand from China Chinese brand I don’t remember the name this is I came hm this is I don’t remember sir the t-shirt skirts in China this office this auspice maybe Salah shoes I don’t remember maybe go up go board for travel I powerful gifts also the back it’s my birthday the birthday present yes it’s my boyfriend said to me [Music] okay somebody wanna tell me there we’ve come to the end of the video that was what people are wearing in Milan right now like I said we interviewed the people about were the most approachable and obviously they weren’t all milania’s but we tried to keep it all people that live in Milan so this is what people that live in Milan are wearing now you know hope you found this video informational like I said before but till that also has a video on her channel that we did together concerning fashion so check it out be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven’t already and as always I’ll see you guys in my next one [Music]


  1. Se volete dare una mano con i sottotitoli di questo video, ecco il link 😉 https://bit.ly/2mlUMDw | It's been a running yearly tradition to keep you guys up to date on Italian fashion and specifically what they're wearing in Milan… this year we're mixing things up a bit and taking to the streets… literally! Come along with me and my friend Matilde while we check out what everyone is wearing in Milan 🙂

  2. Il video è carino (e praticamente ho scoperto che a Milano vi vestite più o meno come noi a Roma. Non vedo differenze. Può essere? 👀👀👀)

    – però ho provato a cliccare sul link del video della tua amica per vedere il video di voi due insieme sul suo canale, ma non lo apre perché è "privato" :(((((

  3. I'm that Brazilian guy.whole my life I'm not even spent 1000& on clothing and I'm 25.like I don't need so much stuff it just give me anxiety and I'm also a broke uni student so yeah…

  4. Non sono i bikers che non ti rendono vestita da italiana, ma il fatto che li hai indossati con cappotto e accessori classici e eleganti

  5. I can relate so much to Lucas – clothes used to mean so much to me but since I am traveling I can only take a couple of items with me and honestly, it feels great not having to think every day what to wear. It is very freeing plus eco-friendly (since I mostly shop in second-hand stores anyway) 😀

  6. I agree 1000% with Lucas. We are so used to getting attached to materialistic things that we forget simplicity and enjoying what we have. That is why a lot of times we feel like we don't have nothing to wear and when we look in our closets they are full of close that we don't identify with.
    I'm 37 y/o this year and realized that i want to live free with less things that make me happy.

  7. One thing I won't miss about Milan when I'll finish university is the feeling of constant doubts on my own appearance, to be honest.

  8. Please do this again Tia!!! Loved this type of video 😀
    I too am buying less and with more common sense, not just on a whim 🙂 I don't look for name brands but it's just if I like it and can afford it and know I'll wear ok but with measure. So glad you left the Brazilian guy's story, great life lesson :))

  9. Ho visto i video da cui ti sei ispirata e sono davvero bellissimi, credo tu sia stata sfortunata e non abbia trovato niente di particolare ma sarei felice se riprovassi in futuro 😁

  10. Mi è piaciuto un sacco! Che ne dici di rifarlo in inverno? 🙂 in ambiente universitario sicuramente troverai un sacco di giovani disposti a essere ripresi 😉 e se vai alla sede di belle arti o dams (non sono di Milano quindi non ho idea di come sia lì, ma a Bologna lo stereotipo è questo>>>) probabilmente ci sarà della gente più bizzarra!

  11. A Milano adesso si sente molto l'influenza della "moda globale" di instagram fra i giovani, secondo me. Anche solo una decina di anni fa passeggiando per via Torino, Vetra, Colonne, si poteva osservare una quantità di stili diversi pazzesca ☺

  12. I loved your outfit, loved the Brazilian's guy honesty, and would love to see more of the Italian's style while hearing them speak Italian! Thanks.

  13. Well…I WAS worried about what to wear in Italy for my trip next Spring, but everyone in your video- esp. in the background- looks like everyone in my wee Canadian westcoast town!

  14. Love the video Tia! I went to milan with my italian best friend from uni this summer and fell in love with the city! I am longing to go back again someday, you are so lucky to live there! And I love your videoes for helping with italian and the culture! <3

  15. I don't think any other country can compete with Italians in times of wears,Italians are two much and that's why i love them

  16. Bel video! Mi ha fatto venire nostalgia di Milano.
    E se tipo facessi una seconda parte in cui intervisti persone in università? Credo sarebbe interessante

  17. Since you'll be back in USA in October, if I'm not wrong, you could make a fashion video comparison between USA and Milan today, with some little interviews like this.

  18. To be honest I thought people would have been dressed better. I noticed people seem to only look stylish from the waste up. Sneakers and unflattering jeans or biker shirts and sneakers. The one woman didn't even look like she was wearing a bra.

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