What Fabrics Do I Use to Make a Bra?? | EmeraldErin

What Fabrics Do I Use to Make a Bra?? | EmeraldErin

hey what's up you guys I'm Aaron of emerald Aaron and welcome back to my youtube channel today's video is about a topic that can be really confusing when you get into bra making and that is what fabrics to use to make your bra I'm going to start off this video by telling you a little secret so that's right there are no rules I know when you get into bra making it can seem like there are a million little rules about you can use this fabric and you can't use that fabric but really it's all about you want to make your rod of and what you like the feel of and your bras so in this video I want to go over some guidelines to help you choose the best fabric for the bra that you're gonna be making so my first a number one tip is to use the fabric that is recommended in your pattern lingerie designers design their pattern so the very specific fabric in mind and if you use something that has completely different properties you're gonna get an entirely different fit so for example if the pattern is recommending a non stretch fabric and you use a stretch fabric it's gonna fit you completely differently than it's supposed to especially if you are a larger cup size and you have more strain on the cups you're definitely not going to get the support that you're looking for one thing that you want to ask yourself when you're trying to decide on your bra fabric is what do you want your bra to be is this bra gonna be a 12-hour day workhorse is this gonna be a pretty little thing to wear on a night out those are completely different bras that you're asking completely different things from and are definitely going to require different fabrics so now that I've got you thinking about all of those things let's jump into looking at the fabrics bra fabrics can be divided into three different sections first are fabrics for your cups second are fabrics for your cradle and third are fabrics for the back band so for bra cups you generally want to look for a fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch something that has a really gentle and even give and that has the level of support that you're looking for a good fabric for bra cups would be lace you can use a non-stretch lace if you want something a little more supportive or you can use a stretch lace if you want something that's a little bit more relaxed fit so some nice sheer fabric options for your bras include bra tool which is really soft lightweight and pretty also shear cup lining which is also pretty nice and sheer but really rigid and supportive and also stretch mesh which of course is stretchy and will be a much more relaxed fit these are also great options for lining other fabrics too so knit fabrics are also great options for bra cups too you can use really stable knits like dual Plex which will be really sturdy or a slightly more relaxed non stretch knit like this wicking fabric that's really comfortable for bras or if you like a really relaxed fit you can use a stretchy net-like this bamboo so you might be thinking what about woven fabrics like silks or quilting cotton and there are two main reasons that I don't recommend woven fabrics so the first reason is fraying and they're really small quarter inch seams on bras and a lot of woven fabrics just won't hold up to that and will end up pulling out the second reason is flat spots knits have kind of a gentle ease to them that rounds around curves where woven fabrics are really rigid on the cross grains so if they're trying to go around curves they can often have these kind of warped wonky flat spots to them that don't look as nice in your bra so the final fabric that I recommend for bra cups which is one of my absolute favorites is foam and foam is really nice to give you a little bit more smooth coverage and to line a lot of different fabrics so you've got a lot of fabric options it's also just super nice and smooth against your skin so next are the fabrics for your cradle and the one thing that you really want to look for in your fabric is no stretch some of the best fabrics for this are brought all marquees at mesh non stretch lace or a stable net if you want your cradle to match the rest of your bra you can always use one of these fabrics for aligning two so the last fabric that you want to think about is fabric for your back band and this fabric is going to be the complete opposite of fabric for your cradle it's a fabric that you want to have some stretch in but stretch with a good recovery the two most popular fabrics to use for your back band are powernet which is a more stable and supportive stretch or stretch mesh for a lighter option so there you guys go I hope you guys have a better idea of what fabric to pick for your next bra making project and I'd love to hear what you're planning to make next in the comments below as always if you liked this video make sure you give me a thumbs up and you subscribe down below for me and until next time hope I get now I'm like I don't know Mike left fabric for bra cups would be like a gust gonna be like floating

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  1. I saw on YouTube, someone teaching how to make bra with rigid fabric, I assume the measurements should be increase it, or not? I want to learn how to make bra, and panties. Thank you

  2. Do you have a video on what fabrics to use for underwear? Loved the video by the way, such great help!!

  3. Thank you for such a great video. I am going to try and make my first bra and I have been out to your website and was really interested in bra kits. If you have a moment I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank you

  4. So good point about looking at what the bra will be used for. I used to work for a lingerie brand and so many people who was getting married wanted a sexy bra for the wedding night but that also was practical under their strapless dress.. I tried to educate them that maybe they need 2 separate sets but it wasnโ€™t always sinking in ๐Ÿ˜… I found the Indian brides where more open to this idea and they generally wanted fun colors too to match the wedding saris.

  5. Hi Erin on your Etsy website or in your studio I am looking for bra material bra tulle and lining as well as wicking fabric etc.
    Do you offer classes? My goal is making bras for women who have trouble getting a good fit

  6. Hi Erin. I am new to your site. You refer to the cradle of the bra is that the lower cup?
    Is your studio in Trenton open to the public or can you just order on Etsy?
    Thank you

  7. Hello Erin, I see a dummy in the background and it looks as if it is made from plaster of paris, did you buy this or did you have it moulded to your body?ย  If so was it expensive to create and where did you buy the plaster of paris. thanks

  8. hi erin…i think i struggle with this the most…ive been experimenting with woven because i really like a firm cup and being on a budget ive been using scraps to make muslins. i cut everything on bias but im finding the 'flat' spots im getting are the seams and not sure if im not sewing them right or that the bulk is just making them even more rigid. im not sure if im saying it right but does that sound like a familiar issue and would you have any suggestions. thanks

  9. Totally off topic but I love your shirt! My favourite bra uses your wicking fabric, it's so lovely to wear. Saying that my next bra will use satin ๐Ÿ˜ฌ, it's too pretty not to use!

  10. Hi Erin. Great video, thank you. What is the name of the thread that was behind your serger ? I didn't quite catch it. My Oscar says hi to Gibby.

  11. Great video really informative! I'm in the middle of making a bra from scuba fabric which I'm hoping will work fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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