What Happened To Stacy And Clinton From What Not To Wear?

What Happened To Stacy And Clinton From What Not To Wear?

Although What Not to Wear ended its run in
2013, hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly didn't fall off the runway for good. Both have continued on to immense success
in the lifestyle scene. Here's what the fab twosome has been up to. After What Not to Wear, Stacy London didn't
skip a beat between hosting duties. The style guru jumped on board another TLC
makeover series: 2013's Love Lust or Run. "What in the what is going on? Ellie! What is happening?" This time around London worked solo on her
quest to "makeunder" the show's participants, helping them bolster their self esteem. London told HuffPost, "Now what I'm looking at is this sheyne ponim,
which is Yiddish means pretty face." Sadly, the TLC series would end in 2016 after
just three seasons. "Get your tushies in here. Come on. You wanna see my closet, don't ya?" London was known for her signature feminine
style on What Not to Wear, but as she evolved, her style and outlook on life did too. She told Refinery29, "What I wear and my surroundings need to make
me feel beautiful. And that's what I've tried to do in the way
that I dress and in the way that I've styled my home." London talked about rewriting her own fashion
rules, telling Man Repeller in 2017, Clinton Kelly went on to join The Chew in
2011, where, instead of overhauling wardrobes, Kelly gossiped with his co-hosts, over cocktails
and tasty treats. "I just wanna share with you the really glamorous
dinner I had last night… It's crackers with peanut butter and jelly." Kelly told The News & Observer, The Emmy-winning show was cancelled in 2018,
in the wake of misconduct allegations against co-host Mario Batali. Continuing on her crusade to empower women,
London launched a fashion line with Meijer in 2017 called Massini by Stacy. This marked the first time Meijer collaborated
with a celebrity. Peter Whitsett, Executive VP of Merchandising
and Marketing for Meijer said, "I wanted all these women to step outside
their comfort zones and see themselves in a new light." Created to inspire body confidence and challenge
beauty standards, Massini has something for everybody. London says on the site: "I'm Stacy, and I'm Clinton, and we're from
TLC's What Not To Wear." Many fans of What Not to Wear were shocked
to learn that the co-hosts weren't actually friends in real life. In 2017, Kelly revealed London even blocked
him on Twitter. "I'm already in trouble." Kelly later said on The Chew that there wasn't
any beef between the twosome, saying, Fans wondered what happened between the pair
who appeared like best friends on What Not to Wear, but London denied a feud ever existed. Then, she shared a cryptic Instagram post
that read: "And then I woke up one day I'm like why do
I care if anybody likes me, 'cause I don't care if anybody likes me." While he may or may not be on the outs with
London, Kelly surely hates everyone else. Almost. In 2017, the stylist penned a memoir called
I Hate Everyone, Except You, marking the fifth book since his first in 2005. Infused with his infamous snark, humor, and
wit, the memoir features personal stories of the style guru's life and career. "In case you don't know, Lisa and I have been
friends since seventh grade." "Since before he was America's sweetheart
when he was a 13 year old dweeb." "Alright enough out of you, let's go." He told APB Speakers, "I loved you on Queer Eye for the Straight
Guy. Are you still friends with the rest of the
cast? I was not on that show." London spent a portion of 2018 styling Lin-Manuel
Miranda for the Mary Poppins press tour. But this wasn't the first time the pair worked
together. When the Hamilton star received an Academy
Award nom for Best Original Song for "How Far I'll Go" from Moana, he entrusted London
to help him fulfill a childhood promise to take his mom to the show. "Who are you excited to meet, Mom?" "Well, I met Vigo and I wouldn't mind meeting
him again." After 10 years of helping women look their
best, Kelly launched his own fashion line for QVC: Kelly by Clinton Kelly. He created the line based on some of the most
common fashion flubs from What Not to Wear, including clothes that were unflatteringly
tight, or too loose and baggy. He told the Boca Raton Observer, In February 2019, Food Network announced that
Kelly would be hosting the fifth season of its hit series Spring Baking Championship. Network President Courtney White said in a
press release that Kelly's charismatic personality and lifestyle expertise were a perfect addition
for the show. Kelly gushed about the show and its judges,
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20 Replies to “What Happened To Stacy And Clinton From What Not To Wear?”

  1. Stacy got her money and fame from WNTW and now changes her tune. And pretended to be friends on WNTW. They are both VERY GOOD actors. What a couple of phonies.

  2. I just loved these two. now they come on at 3 in the morning but I have to wake up watch it and go back to sleep.

  3. I learned so much from that show “What Not to Wear”. About dressing for my body type and mixing and matching different colors. It really helped me to develop my own sense of personal style. ✌🏻

  4. I loved her. As someone who recently moved to an area with Meijer, it is my new favorite store. What a cool collaboration

  5. I miss the show so much.. I am still recording old episodes.. it still gives me a sense of style and fit for my everyday life. Honestly they need to bring this show back. Those two were amazing together. I know some things cannot be duplicated or brought back, like it was at one time, but the show was a true success in my book. Color, patterns and shine! Oh yeah!

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