what i ACTUALLY wear everyday | casual summer looks | got my gold play button! | Sejal Kumar

what i ACTUALLY wear everyday | casual summer looks | got my gold play button! | Sejal Kumar

Hey guys! It’s Sejal. Summer is here and I wanted to show you what I actually wear in a week. So here is an outfits of the week video. Hopefully it gives you some fashion inspiration. So starting off, this is a very realistic day of my life. Edit day! I was editing my San Francisco vlog that day and I was literally sitting for eight hours. I usually look like this while editing my travel vlog. My brain is exhausted. I love editing. Don’t get me wrong but sitting and editing for eight hours is very exhausting mentally and physically. On a day like this i do not dress up. But I like looking a little decent so that I am motivated to work So here I am actually wearing my workout clothes. So that I am a little motivated to go to the gym in the evening. Everything is from H&M and with that I am wearing floaters. I really like wearing floaters. And a sports bra, that’s it. On Tuesday I was discussing emails and new videos with my teammate Kaushi. As for the outfit, I tied up the shirt to look cute as soon as I saw camera. Do you guys remember this skirt? I wore this in my first YouTube video. and I have kept it carefully. It is a little torn but still one of my favourite. I like it. I have worn the same top from yesterday and the same signature golden jewellery. Starting to get ready for the evening. Going for the dinner for Cosmopoliton Bloggers Awards. I’m Kuhu and she is doing my makeup today. Tuesday and bonus outfit. I called for makeup and hair artist so that i look a little dressed up than usual. I’m ready and I’m really dressed up but I feel good and happy. My hair is done properly. My mother will get a heart attack. I’m getting good vibes. I am actually wearing a designer outfit. Wow Sejal OMG! I haven’t bought it. I network a lot with these brands and got them to lend me a dress for the event. Usually that’s how it happens in events. People often ask me how do people wear new clothes every time. Usually designers lend it to you so that you can wear it for an event and show it on your social media or wherever. So this is a designer called Shivan and Naresh. They have really pretty clothes. So I was so honoured to be able to wear their clothes and I am wearing beautiful earrings by a brand called Isharya. Oh my god! Today is the awards. I’m slightly nervous. I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I look like snow white. Do not get scared. I and so excited and proud about what I am wearing today. I am wearing Gaurav Gupta. He is very well known and his designs are very beautiful. It’s a big deal wearing a designer clothes. Woohhoo I am all ready and you have to look at my mom. She is coming with me. You are looking very nice. You are also looking so good yaar today. #relatable. This is why I love being a sindhi. I’m having stomach ache because of nervousness. For my outfit I wanted something that’s young, short and has a nice colour. This dress by Gaurav Gupta is perfect. Thank you so much Gaurav for letting me wear your outfit. With that I am wearing nude heels and another pair of very pretty earrings by by Isharya. I was so nervous that day. My stomach was hurting because of nervousness. It was a really fun night. Thank you so much for voting for me. I ended up winning the award and we saw a bunch of celebrities. My mom was freaking out. We met all the youtubers. It was so much fun. Thank you so much again. Hi guys! Thank you so much I was dying in nervousness sitting right there. But I am so glad for winning this award. How was your experience yesterday? I freaked out a lot and enjoyed a lot. We enjoyed a lot. *Nostalgia hitting Sejal* I was shocked to see how everyone has changed. Everyone has grown up. Santoshi Shetty, Juhi Godambe. I was looking like a kid in front of them. I still want to keep that innocence. Else it is really easy to get lost in the glitzy glamour. Now we are back to our jam Blue Tokai After cosmo awards, I had to get serious about my FanFest performance. Here’s a clip from my music class. Meet Smriti She is my music teacher. I’m scared I’m dying. She doesn’t need to be scared. We are preparing two songs Tareefan and Havana. Sejal is freaking out but she doesn’t need to because she is a really good singer. Thank you! Again it was a chilled out day but I still wanted to look a little cute because I was going for my music class and I was working in Blue Tokai. I always have an uninterested dog in my video. This dress is actually very loose for me but it is comfortable. With that I am wearing sneakers and some hippie jewellery. That’s it. I honestly don’t remember why I recorded this clip. I woke up at 1pm and I remember rolling out of bed and knotted the same night suit t-shirt from behind. I wore a denim skirt, belt and shoes and went out. I don’t think I took a shower that day Yes, I am so sorry. That is me in real life. It is a miracle what a good pair of accessories and knotting your t-shirt can do. Because I actually really like this outfit. This is very edgy, cool and cute. I did not do much that day. I just had dance rehearsal for FanFest and I went to Khan Market to meet my friend Kunal. On Saturday, I mostly worked on my laptop. I’m always in Blue Tokai. It is actually a really nice place to work. I took a few phone calls, edited and emails. Look! Oh I am dead. Again same vibe for my outfit. I like dressing up casual and cute. All these outfits are very comfortable too. I bought a new plain tank top from H&M. With that I wanted to wear some printed pants and these are my favourite from ZARA. So comfortable and they look really stylish too. This shit needs to be banned. And with that I am wearing Vans and the same golden signature jewellery. Another day of sneaking in to shoot. We are either kicked out or have to shoot discreetly. I actually really like shooting just photos. I can experiment with my style and I can dress up a little bit more. I think this is such a nice summer outfit. I have bought a new top which has lace details and it’s orange which I think goes well with my new hair colour. So I really like it. I went all out with summer with a yellow bag, shorts and my favourite chappals. Oh that! Yeah! In the evening I met my friend Saptak to work on the dance track for my YouTube FanFest performance. So we were editing that. What!? Another Monday? This video is getting really long. I got a call from a courier service. They were saying that the package is from Youtube and they need my KYC. So I am getting a feeling that this is my golden play button. I am actually really happy. I’m really happy. Look how huge is this. I had my music and dance rehearsal that day. So I wanted something that’s comfortable and still cute. Also, I had a flight in the evening. So I’m wearing a crop top which is really comfortable and is really nice man. The pants are pretty much track pants but they also look cute. With that I am wearing sneakers and some dainty gold jewellery.

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    Lot's of love from #Bihar❀️

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