What I like to wear | FASHION NOVA HAUL

What I like to wear | FASHION NOVA HAUL

hey guys welcome back to my channel it should girl alia J and today I am here with a fashion of a try on haul a lot of you guys ask me where I get my basic wear because not only do I like to get dress but I really really really love loungewear and just like you know simple everyday clothing so a lot of you guys have asked me you guys ask me a lot of questions on where I get a lot of things so I'm gonna be telling you today and most of it is from fashion OVA you guys know I work really closely with them so they send me a lot of clothes and stuff and honestly I'm not gonna lie like fashion Nova has like some of the best clothes out right now like they have all the Styles all the trends literally almost everything so not only do I work with them but I actually do wear them there's some things that I just received in the mail and I just wanted to show you guys what I got and you know let's see what's going on so first things first this is not loungewear but I love love love bustiers and this is like a little bustier or whatever and I got this one fashion OVA and it's so cute and I love that fashion over has like all sizes I just took pictures in this actually this is not loungewear but I just want to show you guys this I love this so much thanks I got this shirt which is too pretty to act up Lee and I got this because I feel like that statement is so mean like honestly this is my favorite quote models on Russell would pigs okay something I always say and I just feel like this statement just relates to that exact quote that you know is I'm always saying but yeah too pretty to act up Lee we don't do the ugly stuff with some pretty for that and that's really that's on that and I love this shirt also because it has that like dingy type of look you know like how easy like Kanye always has like like his clothes always look a little like rugged I guess tortoise will be SuperDuper cute like on a chill day and maybe like you could pop you got even put some sneakers together with this it's just a basic t-shirt but I really really really love the color of it and the coat on it because it's facts okay it's a true statement okay next I wanted to show you guys was some fashion over clothing which I'm really surprised about so fashion over has like their own little like fashionable brand section and I actually didn't ask for these clothes but they sent it to me and they're actually pretty good like this little tube top that says fashion over Los Angeles like it is so cute and it's so me like so cute I don't know why like it's just super cute to me like I love little white tube tops like white shirts and white tube tops are my favorite literally so yeah they have like this little cute shirt which is super cute and then they have this cute ass bodysuit like their stuff is it like just basic like merch like it's not just basic merch for their brand it's like super cute and as you can see like the waist it goes all the way up so it's gonna be really high and really sexy your hips are gonna stick out and then you have this open in space right here which is super sexy and I love sexy clothes so this is super cute in a sub bodysuit so this will be super cute if you had on like jeans and you know you're gonna see this out like your hip is gonna be out in the crotch area the crotch area is button so it's easy to use the bathroom who else hates when you get those body suits that have no button in the crotch area and now you got to pull your whole outfit down when you're out in public and use the bathroom your whole your breasts are out everything's out because this body so don't have no the no crotch area that opens like that's so annoying so I really appreciate that part about their merch which I love and also one more thing I got from them I actually got a whole box of things from him but this is the stuff that I really really really loved in that box this bathing suit and I love this bathing suit for the same reason that I love that bodysuit because the side the hip area is super duper high so it gives you that really sexy hippie look and this this part the cleavage area is super low so you guys know I like to expose myself and just be all out and had my breasts hanging out my booty hanging out you know so I think this is super duper cute and it's a fashion over Los Angeles and lime green which is super popular right now next up I got this zebra bodysuit which I love so much it's like a romper it's not a bodysuit it's a romper and it's so cute because one they're like this this romper material that they always make is so comfortable like you have is so comfortable and so stretchy and it's just like I don't know I feel like their material and their cotton is really soft but yeah I love this because right now animal print is super duper in right now and I just think this movie goes with my bus and I think it's gonna look so cute on everyone's mia like Flintstone don't want me over target I love it so much it's so cute and it's really short so it's not a skirt it's shorts obviously it's a romper but I know it looks like a skirt right now or a dress but it's super cute I wear a size small and I weigh about 120 pounds right now and I'm about I wanted to say I'm about 5 feet right now I'm really really tiny so I wear small honestly I could probably even fit this in the extra small so I don't know my clothes really vary on when I'm picking it it depends on like the material and you know where I'm getting it from so if it's like something that doesn't stretch I'll get a small if it's something that does stretch like this I'll get an extra small but I can probably fit a small in an extra small in this so it really just depends and I also got I also got the same thing in great because I feel as if I really do lounge around the house a lot and I like to really be comfortable sometimes mold honestly it might seem like I'm dressed all the time because of my pictures on Instagram but most of the time I'm wearing like lounge clothes and like chill clothes like big t-shirts and shorts and you know this type of stuff and I'm always lounging most is I don't even think I don't wear makeup most of my days like I'm really always allowed you person so I thought it was smart if I get more loungy clothes and fashion over being that I love being in that element and just being really chill I haven't gone out much lately so I just purchased so many lounge clothes from them and when I say lounge I don't mean like pajama pants I mean like more chill and just like more of like an off day you get I'm saying like this is something I would wear with like no makeup and some like really comfortable sneakers and a cute purse and go to the mall and just spend the day in the mall with whoever I'm with and this is just something that I could just like you could dress this up or dress this down and that's what I love about lounge clothes like you can always do it up adding accessories is super duper big when you're dressing up and honestly if you have the right accessories you can literally do whatever you want with your clothes you can wear pajamas and have the right accessories and look like you just came out of the most expensive store in the world okay good yeah Alfie can look like it's $10,000 but yeah I get like my everyday clothes from there I don't even shop in stores anymore because I shop that fashion over and obviously you guys know I work really close with them obviously you guys know I work with clothes with them so I just thought it would be helpful to explain why I wear this stuff what I get from them where I got recently and yeah and all the things that you know like why I wear it how I'm gonna wear it and stuff like that so I plan I'm planning on moving super soon so I'm probably gonna be in a different environment and we gonna change up my like style because obviously weather and then I'm probably gonna be doing other things that I have to change up my style for like going out I guess there's one cuz I don't really go out now only because I live really far and there's no one here so yeah I wanted to show you guys what I got from fashion Nova and I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know it was super quick but I just want to show you guys a couple of items because I haven't been on YouTube in a while and I really miss you guys and I love you guys so much and I just want to thank you guys so much for watching and make sure you hit that subscribe and that like button make sure you're a part of the Ilia army and if you want any of these items then you can click on the link below I know sometimes you guys drag me for always saying you always say you gotta click the link below and you don't put the link below well I'm really gonna start putting a link below like I don't know why are we doing that like what is all over you I need to smack me but anyway so yeah I'm gonna put the links below and I'm gonna also put the names of the items that I put um and also I put the names of the items that I have in this hall on the screen somewhere or in the description box so thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next video

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  1. Yup…definitely pregnant…outta breath, cubby face, pregnant nose…when have we ever seen her not show off her bomb body in a haul ….

  2. Yo I legit think I’m addicted to shopping from fashion nova bc of Aaliyah and Karin Jinsui 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😍 literally the only store I shop for clothes nowadays

  3. I have been binge watching Aaliyah for the past few days, keep up the amazing content! Been a supporter since day one

  4. Everyone is already pointing out the obvious but I want add that Aaliyah if you have a Management team then your content should be on a thousand. Please don’t get comfortable because we as subscribers love to see you be innovative

  5. I’m a skinny girl and when I found out I was pregnant it was definitely easy too tell by without even looking at my belly . My face just got fuller and chubbier . Not saying she pregnant because she hasn’t came out and said it yet but sis in your thumbnail your face looking a lot more fuller lol

  6. their customer service is trash!!
    Im still waiting on my refund sice may & they decided to just ignore my emails😬😬

  7. While I do agree that something is a little off about the video other than her not trying this stuff on, idk about the pregnancy assumptions. I mean she could be but idk if that has anything to do with her not trying it on other than her just being tired & not feeling like it. She just posted on her Insta story the other day in that white swim suit.

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