What I Wear in a Week #4

What I Wear in a Week #4

morning everybody I thought that a good
way to show you guys kind of some outfits that I come up with for my
capsule is to do just like a good old what I wear in a week video context I
have been asleep for like many of the last 24 hours
we were out of town for Wilkie’s cousin’s wedding this weekend it
involved waking up at 4:30 yesterday to get on a plane not a lot of sleeping on
the planes mm-hmm just all around like not the not the smoothest time but yeah so I
wanted to show you guys what I wear in a week this week if you’ve seen one of
these before you know that my office has a pretty casual dress code except for
when we have clients on-site then we kind of escalate to business casual so
it’s Monday I’m this sleep-deprived I went super casual here is an overview um
it’s one of those days where it’s like 52 degrees right now but it’s gonna be
86 by the time I leave work yay so I’m wearing my denim jacket which is
very old but originally from the gap I’m wearing my t-shirt from it’s originally
from French Connection but I bought it like secondhand and these are the Everlane cheeky straight jeans in the indigo wash and my converse low tops and
here’s kind of what’s going on with the jacket off I probably won’t be wearing
this all day just because I do usually walk to my car I don’t know if everybody
else’s climate is like this but it’s pretty typical for me that I’d dress one
way to leave the house in the morning and then completely differently to walk
to my car at the end of the day yeah that’s my outfit for today good morning
everybody today’s Tuesday and I actually have
something going on outside of work today I’m going to my first appointment was a
dietitian which is obviously why I’m all dressed up we’re running into an
interesting situation where I forgot how hot spring can be in Nashville so I’m
wearing one of the only tank tops that I put in this capsule this is like
the peplum cami that I’ve shown you guys and then I’m wearing my white
cheeky straight jeans from everlane and my Birkenstocks basically trying to
create as much ventilation as possible I know I didn’t show you guys yesterday
but I’ve just been wearing like my same standard earrings and I have like diamond
studs in my lobes this heat thing is going to be a factor I have a feeling I
might end my capsule at the end of May instead of at the end of June like I had
kind of anticipated because truly just not prepared for 88 degree weather yeah
you see all those long sleeves not gonna work for much longer which is crazy
because I at the beginning of April well end of March when I started the capsule
I was running that cardigan like every damn day okay I realized the last couple
days I’ve been standing very close to the mirror but today is the first day of business
casual outfits so I’m wearing this stone necklace from Madewell I have my
everlane shell top this like rust skirt that I thrifted
and the everlane day gloves so this is kind of the whole shot it’s gonna be a
high of 88 today everybody pray for me but yeah I really like this outfit
this is not a combo that I had thought about putting together and I think it
worked out really nicely I’m surprised how many of my tops tuck in this high
because normally if I’m like tucking in like high-waisted jeans that would be
like down here but I’m very pleased with how many of my tops I’ve been able to
tuck in with this skirt and it’s not like they’re not like you know visible
here and they’re not like too puffy right where they meet this might be my
favorite outfit so far by the morning everybody
today is Thursday and I wanted to show you guys before I showed my outfit I
shared a photo on my Instagram about a week ago of this woman who’s making
these like I think they’re polymer earrings but then a lovely lady named
Hannah who follows me on Instagram said that she just makes these as a hobby and
she offered to send me some and she sent me three pairs they’re all amazing I’m
probably gonna wear another one tomorrow but I loved these they’re like kind of
like a rusty color with kind of cream and gray I love this and
yeah she doesn’t have an Etsy shop or anything like that but I’ll link the one
that I the the shop that I shared from down below if this is something you guys
would be interested in I love these and I had to show you these up close okay
cut to the outfit okay I’m wearing my v-neck silk cami from grana this shirt
has fit me consistently the same way you know two sizes ago to now so yeah I love
this and then it’s just tucked into the everlane straight leg crop pants and
then I’m wearing my day gloves again I really love this shade of the crops
it’s like a mustard but it’s still pretty neutral it’s gonna be another hot
one today so I don’t assume that my hair will stay down but you know c’est la vie
morning you guys today’s Friday so we’re me wrapping everything up today but I
wanted to show you another pair of earrings that Hannah sent me I love these
they’re like very unique they’re kind of like so like this piece is connected by
like little gold rings it’s like a hinge I love these I got many compliments on my
pair yesterday so I’m very excited about these but let’s show you guys my whole
outfit hey you Addie you chewin your nails I’m gonna get
you groomed this weekend okay okay so my tank top is originally
from Free People it’s got this like little wrap detail I love this thing and
it’s super loose um I don’t know why I always start doing capsules in spring
but it’s really tricky to do capsules for transitional seasons just because
like it’s it’s such a range of like temperature situations to be prepared
for so I don’t know what I’m gonna do it’s basically gonna be like 80 degrees
today and I’ve worn all the tank tops this week that I have moving on my jeans are
the everlane authentic stretch cigarette jeans I really like these literally in
like four days after seeing a dietitian and like working out I feel like my body
is changing so like there will be updates maybe but I’m feeling
good actually nothing obsessive or disordered about this week and it’s been
fantastic so yeah I just wanted to share that like good news
and then my shoes are just my toms they’re my favorite pair of shoes I will
be buying them until my feet are too old to wear yeah that’s what I wore this
week I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to y’all next week bye

9 Replies to “What I Wear in a Week #4”

  1. I just love that skirt on you! It looks fabulous! Those earrings are cute too. The second pair was my fav.

  2. I am loving the cheeky straights on you and the straight crops! Can you do a video talking about your appointment with the dietician if you are comfortable doing so? The earrings are really cute. Hannah does nice work! I also make things with polymer clay from time to time. Lately I have been making beaded earrings, though. Overall I liked your last outfit the best..and I am 44 and will be buying Toms until the stop making them.

  3. πŸ’– Tuesday & Thursday are my favs on you. The Friday jeans are so cute! I like these vids πŸ‘πŸ½

  4. I love your videos, Amelia! you're so relatable; watching is sort of like hanging out with a good friend. I also watched your recent video on ED recovery and meant to comment but am just remembering now…. I also recovered/am recovering from an ED (very similar to yours) and just want to say that you are SUCH a badass and you're honesty/authenticity is so appreciated. It's great to see another 20-something woman challenging beauty standards and focusing on real health (physical and mental) regardless of size. Sending <3 from Austin TX

  5. My favorite outfit was the black peplum top with the white jeans. Looked so good on you, very flattering and a bit dressier.

  6. Ooooh all those earrings are beautiful! Love the colors you incorporated. Again that skirt is such a win. Damn hot weather. I’m not ready.

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