What is a Glaze & How to Use It | Lab Coat Garage Ep:3

What is a Glaze & How to Use It | Lab Coat Garage Ep:3

– What’s up Chemical Guys family? It is Wednesday, which means it’s time for us all to suit up for lab coat garage. (jubilant music) Today’s topic of discussion is glaze. What it is, when to use it, how to use it and why do you want to use it? So let’s break down what glaze
is in it’s basic elements. Glaze is not something that you put on your delicious donuts. What it actually is doing,
is it enhances the gloss of any color vehicle
that has a gloss finish. It also minimizes the appearance
of scratches and swirls, while adding some paint protection, and magnifying metallic flake. Now this is an optional
step, again, because, not a lot of people feel
comfortable polishing their car. But if you do take that
step to polish your vehicle, this is a great way to, one, enhance your polishing job to give it more depth, more shine, but also to give it some pain protection. But for those of you who don’t
feel comfortable polishing your car, as long as you strip it using your favorite clean-slate kind of soap, and also, claying it,
this will bond directly to the surface, again, minimizing the appearance of scratches and swirls, magnifying your metallic paint, and also adding some depth. Now glaze comes in many different forms, such as Blacklight, which
is designed specifically for dark color cars, to, one, enhance that depth, while also
giving it a mirror finish. Black is car that shows
all kinds of imperfections, so if you can, one, add more layers that are going to protect the finish, while also masking anything
that you couldn’t polish out. It’s going to give you that
better overall show shine. Now for lighter color cars, you have a product like White Light, which maximizes the metallic
flake in your paint, giving it more of a pearl effect, while, again, masking minor imperfections, and adding some paint protection. Then you have a product like Glossworkz, which works for any color vehicle. But, again, we recommend
using it on warmer colors, such as bright blues,
oranges, reds, yellows, things like that, to give it
more of a brighter warm glow. And then you have EZ Creme glaze, which works on any color car again, but this is, again, for more
of the dark color finishes, such as your dark greens,
or midnight blues. Things that not necessarily
have metallic flake, but something you wanna,
again, add that shine, and also minimizes scratches and swirls. And, lastly, we have Wet Mirror finish. Again, this can go on any color vehicle, but I prefer to reserve it for
things like bright oranges, reds, or things that already have pearl or metallic in the paint. Because this gives it more of that gloss, and, in the words of Joseph, it gives it that wet dolphin skin look. – Looks just like a dolphin. – So this is going to be great to, just simply enhance the
color of your vehicle, whilst adding some protection. Now you want to know when to use it, this is gonna be directly after polishing, or, again, if you’re afraid
to polish your vehicle, you can simply apply it right
after your clay bar treatment. This is gonna bond
directly to the surface, or as close to bare paint as possible. And then you can layer it
with your favorite sealant, or wax for, again, added
shine and paint protection. Now a lot of people ask
us, how do you apply glaze? Glaze is actually a cream-type product that can be applied by machine or by hand. But you simply want to
apply a very fine coat over the entire surface, giving it between five and 15 minutes to bond,
and then you just buff it off with a clean microfiber towel. Now applying it by hand is going to ensure that you cover every nook
and cranny of your vehicle. But by applying it by machine, it’s going to spray a very fine coat, which saves you time, it saves you product, and it’s gonna save you a little bit of effort on that buff off. And finally, to re-cap
why you wanna use glaze, this is just an optional step to give your car that overall shine. So for those of you guys that are looking to take your shine a step further, this is going to maximize the
enhancement of your vehicle, it minimizes the swirls and
scratches of your paint, and it’s also adding
some paint protection. So if you’ve ever seen cars
that have a really deep finish that’s got a lot of metallic in the paint, this is because there’s
layers of glaze on there that are topped with sealant and wax. So if you guys want to learn
more about any of these glazes, head over to our website,
chemicalguys.com, or to your local detail garage to get some product advice, as well as picking out the
right glaze for your car. If you like this video,
please give it a thumbs-up. And also drop your comments down below on anything you guys wanna talk about that pertains to the Lab Coat Garage. And we’ll see you next time, right here in Chemical Guys Detail Garage. (elated music) (robust music)

57 Replies to “What is a Glaze & How to Use It | Lab Coat Garage Ep:3”

  1. If I put a glaze on first and then jet seal, will the sealant not last as long since the glaze goes away quicker?

  2. Can u use it in direct sunlight I'm a mobile deatailer. usually I use p40 after claying the car. What glaze would be good in direct sunlight. You guys should make all ur products sun safe. Just saying

  3. Will the use of a glaze reduce the strength of the bond between a sealant, wax or coating and the paint?

  4. Can a glaze like Blacklight be use with Hydrocharge? If so, when should it be applied, before of after HC?

  5. I have a 2003 indigo blue Chevy s10. If you where to apply one of these on a color like indigo blue what would you use? Thanks in advance.

  6. Do I use glaze under everything, like, direct over the paint and under de sealant or use it to top the sealant as the final layer?

  7. I was working on black car for a client and "Blacklight" saved me (other stuff just would not work as well on black). Great product for dark cars!

  8. Should this be used on a fiberglass RV? If so at which stage? Currently I wash clay polish, seal, and wax
    Its 32 feel long so bu the time I am done it is time to start again.The color is cream.

  9. Great vid Nick! Love all the products just recently invested in a bunch of it for my two vehicles… My 2015 Challenger scatpack, in sublime green, and my wife's 2019 Durango rt, in destroyer grey… Which glazes you recommend for these two? And where can I find them button up work shirts you guys wear? All I can find on the website are the t shirts?? Thanks bud!!

  10. What is the glaze you recommend for a silver vehicle with metallic flake? I've used wet mirror, but after watching this, I feel like that is the wrong product for my application.

  11. I love this show !! Please do this explanation with all your products :)) now FINALLY i know the difference between glossworkz vs ez cream, but there are other products that we don`t know like 5050vsBlackLuminous or P40vsV38 or WheelGuardvsRimWax etc 😀 can`t w8 to open my Detailing Garage only with your products ! <3 <3

  12. I've a 2006 silver Audi convertible what can u use to make the shin pop a bit more l, its bean clayed ad polished ad a sealant over it it's good but think oy could be better cheers 👌

  13. What is you recommendation on solid paint jobs?
    Solid paint jobs are so sensitive to scratches and swirls!
    Getting my first solid painted car next week so want to get some tips on how to prevent this types of things!
    Great channel!!

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  16. I was paying attention but still don't know which one is best for my dark blue metallic. I was going to get glossworkz but why would one of the others be better?

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