What it’s like to wear Boeing’s Space Suit

What it’s like to wear Boeing’s Space Suit

– Hi, it’s me, Tim Dodd,
the Everyday Astronaut. I’ve owned this horrendously smelly and well-worn Russian
high-altitude flight suit since 2013. Why did I buy it? Well, I have no idea. After it almost killed me, I still continued to
take it around the world with me to take whimsical photographs. And now, it’s basically
the bane of my existence. Then although I have a
love-hate relationship with this stupid thing, I do question how well
would it actually work in the event of a sudden
spontaneous decompression. So, I think it’s time I
check out a real spacesuit, try it on, and see if
it’s worth hanging up the old worn spacesuit for
something a little more blue. Let’s get started! – [Announcer] Three, two, one, zero seconds to liftoff. – [Commentator] That’s
one small step for man… (lively music) – Welcome to Houston, Texas, home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and I’m here to show you guys
something really exciting. (“All Systems Go” by Everyday Astronaut) Boeing flew me and my crew out to check out one of
America’s next spacesuits. This is one of two brand new spacesuits that a new generation of
astronauts will be wearing to Space in 2019. In case you missed it, NASA just announced who will be flying on these first Commercial Crew flights, and both Boeing and SpaceX are racing to get their spaceships, their launch sites, and their spacesuits ready to return humans to Space from US soil. Despite having virtually zero training, since I doubt playing lots of
Kerbal Space Program counts, I’ve been asked to check out Boeing’s super advanced spacesuit. After much anticipation, it’s time to put on some space underwear. Well, lucky for me, I guess I’m now officially
considered an astronaut. (imitates martial artist
kicking and punching swiftly) Space ninja! Spacesuit time! Yeah! This is awesome! This is so… Can we switch suits? Is there a chance that… Like how can I please just
purchase one of these? Yeah, this is what I think of when I think of a 21st century suit, like something actually
lightweight and small. Before I could prod too much at the suit, Boeing’s flight crew
operations and test engineer, Kavya Kamal Manyapu, came over
to answer all my questions, and that’s when I noticed something. Wait, I just read… Come here, look at this! Holy crap! You guys! Look at that! What! (laughs) You guys are gonna end
up making me cry here. That’s amazing! – [Kavya] We get that
a lot, so you can cry. – (laughs) You have people weeping. – (chuckles) Our spacesuit
is built by David Clark that have many several years of experience in actually building spacesuits starting from Apollo and even
the recent Space Shuttle. What you see the orange suits
that the astronauts wear– – [Tim] The pumpkin suit, lovingly called. – So, we have what’s called a soft-hood. You have a neck ring on your spacesuit, right?
– Yes, it’s the worse thing in the entire world. – [Kavya] Imagine wearing this, it’s like a hoodie. – [Tim] Oh, my gosh! – So, it’s like really
easy to don and doff. – [Tim] Doff is a word? – Doff is a word. – I’m learning so much already. But that was just the beginning. I found out the suit is 40% lighter than all previous generation suits. Despite being lightweight and featuring that easy to zip helmet, the suit can hold an
internal pressure of 3.5 PSI which is the same amount of air you’d have at 10,000 meters or at
34,000 feet in altitude. And most impressively, the
gloves maintain their dexterity even when fully inflated, as well. That’s the challenge. They actually say that the gloves are the
hardest thing to design, and these look really, really slick. Look at how thin they are. You guys have probably seen like the shots of Apollo gloves. Those EVA suits have these
huge, crazy, puffy fingers, and this is the exact opposite of that. That’s amazing. But here’s where I should offer up some quick clarification. This is a flight suit, which is really only
worn inside a spacecraft, like when you actually fly to the International Space
Station or return home. Astronauts will still have to wear a full extravehicular activity suit which have their own life-support systems and cooling systems built in if they need to go on a spacewalk, but what this replaces is that orange shuttle aero flight suit. And just look at how bulky that thing was. I guess that’s about
how baggy clothes were back then anyway. – David Clark has partnered with Reebok to come up with this design. It’s really lightweight. – Oh my, this is… When you say really lightweight, you’re not kidding. This is crazy lightweight. How heavy are these, do you know? – Two pounds. – Two pounds each?
– Of air. – Of air. Both of the these feel about as light as my like normal like Toms even. I swear I don’t know how
you make these that light. Carbon nano-tubes. I’m calling it now. (laughing) Okay, enough talking about it. Let’s put this thing on. It slides on so easy. I might hold the record, actually, for putting on my stupid spacesuit thing. I’ve probably put that on,
what, hundreds of times. It’s already much easier than my suit. Okay, there we go. – Adjust the arms like this. Okay, now what you’ll end up doing here… Let me get this side squared. Is you are going to bend forward and down and through here with your head. And slowly roll your shoulders in. Good. Now you can go ahead and slowly stand up and we’ll pull this around your hips. – That was so easy. – [Man In White] Okay, step forward for me a couple of steps. – Okay. (laughs) – Arm out to the sides. I’m working the wrinkles out. How’s it feel? – Amazing! (Kavya laughs) I mean, I could actually
wear this around the house. And I’ll tell you from experience, I’ve worn my suit for like
eight hours at a time, and it’s the worst thing ever. I could do this for weeks. I’ll just sell my house, ’cause this is basically
like your own little house, a mobile house. I’ll just live in this from now on. – [Man In White] There you go. – The hoodie helmet
itself doesn’t offer much for crash protection, so astronauts will wear a beenie that has a small built-in helmet pad as well as the communications system to speak with each other and ground control. Dual microphones. Britney Spears would be very jealous. Is that a bad reference? Who’s the more modern? Lady Gaga would be very jealous. No, but she doesn’t use
one of those things. Who else uses? Bieber. I don’t know. Insert famous person
that has one of these. They’re jealous right now. I’m wearing the most advanced
spacesuit in the world and I’m excited about two microphones. (“Ground Control” by Everyday Astronaut) Oh, my gosh! That’s it? – That’s it. – It goes on so easy. Look at that. – Can you reach out completely? Good. – Okay, internet, who wants
to help me buy one of these? Because– – That’s a pretty good length for you. – I need one of these right now. (chuckles) I have all
the power in the world! This is so great! Do I look as cool as I feel? Do I look 10 times cooler than I feel? ‘Cause I feel about as
cool as it gets right now. (laughing) How far could I get before
they’ve noticed I ran away? (woman giggling) The car is 200 yards that way. I think I can sprint pretty fast, and then we can drive out. I don’t know how fast
the security cars are. We have a Camry with a four cylinder. I think we got pretty good odds. After some intense negotiations with Boeing Social Media Manager, I find myself suddenly
breaking into some pretty fantastic dance moves. And just to make this 10 times better, I’m going to leave out any music, so all you hear is the awkward rustling of the microphone against the spacesuit. (microphone rustling against spacesuit) Wait, no! You’re not gonna ruin me now. (laughs) And here’s where you might be asking is this suit hot? Well, after dancing around
in it for far too long, yes, it does get a bit hot, but luckily, the suit has an option of being hooked up to ventilation. That’s actually what I’ve always wanted. This is all a big ploy ’cause I’ve always wanted to see what ventilation feels like in a spacesuit ’cause I’m used to cooking
alive in spacesuits, so this is nothing new. So I’m actually gonna feel what it’s like to have air circulating in a spacesuit. (air blowing) – [Man In White] Feel the air circulating? – Okay, but in all seriousness, if you can’t tell by my smile, wearing this spacesuit
really feels special, and that’s when it all sunk in. It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw astronauts climb inside the Space Shuttle in 2011 wearing those iconic
and bulky orange suits. It feels like a thing of the past. But this, this really feels 21st century, new, high-tech, lightweight, and truly ready for a new
generation of Space explorers. (“Ground Control” by Everyday Astronaut) (crying) No, no, I’m back in this stupid thing! No! Okay, seriously, I’m going
to replace this thing soon. That made me realize just how much better I could actually have it. If you wanna know why I
even have this spacesuit or how I got it, be sure and check out this video where I explain that
whole ridiculous story. In an upcoming video, I’m going to take you inside a Starliner and the training simulator to help you learn even more about the upcoming
Commercial Crew Program. Thanks to Boeing for sending us down there to check out everything. I say this often, I am not a big fan of picking teams. I’m team Let’s Explore Space! But if you couldn’t tell by my face, I really had an amazing time. So, thank you. If there’s anyone else out there that wants me to check out their spacesuit or upcoming spaceship, hit me up, I definitely got the bug. I owe a huge thanks to
my Patreon supporters for helping make videos like this and all other content possible. As a thanks to those
who support this show, I’m now doing giveaways every 100 patrons. It’ll always be some kind
of lone Space material like this pieces of Space Shuttle. So if you want some chance to win some actual flown Space hardware or want to hang out in
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on the grand ole internet, head on over to my website,
everydayastronaut.com, where you can find Prelaunch Previews of all upcoming rocket launches. That’s right, you finally don’t have to ask me what’s gonna happen on this
upcoming mission on Twitter. You can go there to my website and you can find out, “Are they gonna land this one? “Is this one gonna recover a fairing? “Where is this mission going to? “When does it launch?” All the things you need to know in one easy to find place, and then while you’re there, head on over to my shop and check out my new
awesome shirts like this. F-1 Engine can be on your chest. everydayastronaut.com Thanks everybody. That does it for me. I’m Tim Dodd, the Everyday
Astronaut, bringing Space down to Earth for everyday people. (“Ground Control” by Everyday Astronaut)

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