What It’s Like To Wear The Same Thing Everyday

What It’s Like To Wear The Same Thing Everyday

– I have a lot of clothes
for a straight man. (upbeat electro funk music)
(whooshing and creaking) – For me, like, fashion and clothes are a really important way of, like, showing your personality
and showing who you are. – Like when I’m feeling
happy or funny or silly I’ll wear, like, hats but when I’m feeling more, like, (grunts)
I’ll, like, all black. – I put a lot of work into it. You’re not supposed to say that. – I often decide the night before. – And I hang it up with the shoes and accessories and
everything put together. (laughs) I sound like such a basic (censorship beep) – I’m actually not too worried about this. I don’t think anyone’s gonna really notice I’m wearing the same
thing every single day. – I’m excited but I also am
dreading it a little bit. This is, like, the one
decision I enjoy making. – I’m excited to just not care. – That actually sounds wonderful to have that decision removed from my life. (upbeat electro funk music) – What is the outfit you plan on wearing for a week straight? – I was thinking just, like, a Maxi dress because then if I’m hot I can tie it up and if I’m cold, I’m covered. – Or I was thinking anything that can look nice but is secretly a nice way to hide wearing pajamas. – I think I’m gonna wear black jeans and a white T-shirt for
seven days straight. (upbeat electro funk) – This is the type of thing
I was imagining I’d do. Simple, just wear a black Maxi dress. – Crew neck white T-shirts. I kinda feel like this is
how I’d normally dress anyway so it’s gonna be more,
just, zeroing on a concept. (upbeat electro funk) – I think this is it. It moves well. (upbeat electro funk) Well, the first day was great. Got to wear a dress, got to
be bloated, nobody cared. – I was relieved at first that I didn’t have to worry about clothes. It is really easy getting
dressed in the morning ’cause I knew exactly
what I was gonna wear. – [Voiceover] I felt like
I kinda went through, like, a little roller coaster of emotion ’cause at first I was excited about it but that was, like, only
the first, like, 12 hours. I’m really bored by what I’m wearing. I started to, like, dread it. I don’t feel cute or interesting or fun. I feel like… – And then it was just,
like, it was groundhog day. Every single day I was
wearing the same thing. I really think I have a stalker. – There was one day over the weekend I avoided putting on clothes just so I wouldn’t have to deal
with this experiment. I found a loop hole. I just haven’t gotten dressed yet. I was walking around in my underwear for half the day, like, “I’m
not cheating technically.” – I think wearing black
got me down the most. I’m gonna have to do something crazy to my hair or just some
weird make up or something. I just, like, wanted more color
that wasn’t so bleak, maybe? – I think she was choosing the print ion the bright happy color was a problem. It was, like, emotionally exhausting. It was very strange. I’m going to burn this dress. – In the morning I would get bummed about having to put the clothes on again. I like mixing it up. I like variety. But then that feeling would
go away pretty quickly. I know this outfit works
so no skin off my back. And it kind of was like
a really reinforced, like, some self confidence in me that, like, “Yeah, this is,
I figured out who I am,” and that these clothes reflect that. – It’s the last day which
I’m really excited about but it’s actually pretty weird. Like, no one at work has really recognized that I’ve been
wearing the same thing every day. I would get compliments
every day on that dress, which was weird, but also, like, was cool and weird for me in a way. Only you can wear what you wear. No one else gives a (censored beep) – If you’re thinking about doing this I would strongly recommend
getting something comfortable and that can reflect you in any type of emotional state you’re in. – With a little bit
more of the wiggle room of, like, hats and
accessories and jackets. Probably could’ve gone for
years that way, actually. (upbeat electro funk) – No wonder why cartoon
characters are so crazy. It’s ’cause they have to
wear the same thing everyday. (whooshing and creaking)

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  1. I did this this week and no one knew that I was wearing the same thing. What shocked me was that I got complements everyday.

  2. I wear the same pants everyday and other ones when they need to be washed because the other ones I have are uncomfortable and I just change the shirt, no one has ever asked.

  3. Ya I'm emo. for the past two years I've worn black leggings and a black tee shirt to school every single day. it isn't too hard.

  4. I do this everyday well more like the weekdays, if I don't I would get in trouble ahem cough cough SCHOOL! cough cough

  5. see, what i find weird is that we notice wearing the same shirt or pants two days in a row and almost criticize it, but shoes are worn day after day without being washed

  6. i feel like allison overthought this soon much. she said she was done within 12 hours but isn't that how ling you'd wear an outfit anyway? also i wear black all day everyday but it dosent make me sad

  7. I don't get how that one girl was getting bored so fast. When i get a new dress or something i could wear it for like three days without getting bored. But i only won't do that because it would get dirty an stuff

  8. I wish I can wear a lot of different style of clothes, but I can't. Because I don't look good on other styles. I tried to change my fashion style many times, that didn't work for me. So I mostly buy similar looking clothes.

  9. I wear the same pants every single day and I have 8 shirts to last me a school week and one day for going with friends then 50+ sleep clothes XD

  10. I don't have a ton of clothes but everything I buy can be mixed & matched. I do have an indecent amount of shoes, ties, & jewelry, though.

  11. I wore the same outfit everyday at school because I was poor and fat and everyone made fun of me lol

  12. Well wellcome to the work of people with school uniforms or blue-collar jobs. I was wearing the same pullover and pair of trousers (and security shoes) for the last 5 years. So what? You´ll get comfy about it 😉

  13. I always wear same clothes couple of days. Only one who ever asked why, was my crush😂 so yeah, almost nobody cares

  14. One time, we had to film a movie for school. The premise was a day in the life of one student, played by one of my classmates. So for so many days, she had to bring that outfit everytime we had to shoot. She told us she's gonna burn it after and never wear it again. 😂

  15. I'm one of those people who buy a lot of clothes but end up wearing the same thing. Literally wear same black clothes everyday at school, yes they get washed and then fade which means I have to spend time and few dollars dying them.

  16. I have A LOT of hoodies/pullovers/sweaters/anything warm and comfortable, and most of them are black. So when it's not hot, I usually wear one of the hoodies or pullovers, then I wear the same pair of leggings everyday and no one cares, when I'm not feeling lazy, I'll maybe throw on a pair of black jeans. And idk if it's because they're black and practically the same styled hoodies, no one notices. When it's hot, I wear a black tank top with a thin cardigan over it. I sometimes will wear like a dark marooney colour when I haven't washed my black clothes but no one notices. I just realised I have a lot of black stuff in my closet

  17. Okay I've already I'm in the sixth grade and school started like 4 weeks ago and I have SERIOUSLY had the same pants on every single day. I love them so much

  18. You need to have a stinck aye on someone to recognize they wear the same thing evryday other then that if you are basic people nobody gives a damn

  19. Well I've been wearing the same clothes for almost 8 years

    from kindergarten-now
    I'm in 7th grade, it's been almost 8 years but it's fine cuz I can stop wearing uniform once I get into high school
    Just one more year to go !!

  20. ive worn the same hoodie and pants everyday for almost a 2 years now, i change the shirt i wear, and get new sizes of the same pants, nobody in my middle school cares too much. they ask me why i do it but they dont care

  21. At my school we have school uniform. It means I wear the EXACT same thing every. Single. Day. For FIVE YEARS!!! I’ve been wearing the same skirt for half the year. Black skirt. White shirt. Every day.

  22. I wear scrubs to work every day. They may be boring but damn they sure are comfortable and save wear & tear on your 'real' favorite clothes.

  23. I wear the exact same clothes every day. I will change up the pants every other two weeks maybe. YES I DO WASH THE CLOTHES.

  24. I wear the same thing for school everyday. My school don't have a dress code or something(thank god) i just need the time in the morning for make up, breakfast and other stuff. So i just pick my outfit and go. Its a leggings with a jeans pattern and a black shirt or hoodie. Nobody cares, i don't care so good for me 😀

  25. I always wore my Gap sweater with leggings. I could honestly care less about what others think, I just wanted to be comfortable.

  26. The biggest compliment I get is on my fashion. People would definitely notice me wearing the same thing everyday. I like getting to match my outfits to my mood.

  27. I basically have like no clothes so yeah, I wear the same stuff a lot

    Okay, this may sound wrong, but my parents do buy me clothes, I grew out of a lot of them and don’t like some so we are working on getting new stuff in my size, cause I’m more mature for my age. Mentally and Physically and in Fashion and the stuff I own.

  28. I have to wear a uniform for school everyday. For the past 5 years finally going to a public school

  29. I used to work at a clothing store and a guy was a regular customer there who I nicknamed "The Cartoon Character" because he only wore khaki pants and a dark blue polo Ralph Lauren shirt every single time we saw him and that's all he would buy. Every few weeks he would come and buy all the 36 waist khaki pants and size XL navy polo Ralph Lauren shirts. And I mean all. We once just put out a shipment of them and there were a stack of five XL (mind you these shirts are $98 each) and he bought them all. He had extreme OCD and would sometimes return them if there was a single thread out of place.

  30. 5,283,475 + views really ? go search veganism and stop procrastinating and go vegan if animals you're loving go inform yourself like whats the problem? ☮♥

  31. Everyone in the comments are complaining about school uniform … personally I prefer it: no judgement, no effort, no wasting of time!

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