What Mens Clothing Sells On Ebay In 2019

What Mens Clothing Sells On Ebay In 2019

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  1. Even though u didn’t jump this time still a great intro! Racking up the videos. Great job Jim!

  2. Hey Jim, if you go on Territory Ahead's website, their clothes are frikin expensive. It's like 40 dollars a t shirt on sale.

  3. 😳1,169 videos, Wow‼️ THANK YOU‼️

    Thought, in thanks, I will share a short Lesson’s Learned story to contribute and hopefully help you and others.

    We can be our own worst enemies, errrrrr😤. Yesterday, the Salvation Army (love that place) had a 50% off sale with “some exclusions”. Before shopping, I asked an employee what their exclusions were. She said she “didn’t know of any, everything was 50% off”, Happy Day😁. From 9 am to 1:30 I sourced, filled my basket, 100% researched for successful resale. Walked up to the cashier feeling quite grateful for this day’s haul. You guessed it, red tagged items were NOT 50% off. Soooo bummed ☹️ and sad 😢 was I. I told the cashier I had asked before shopping what “exclusions” meant (coast was clear) but it did not matter. Half my cart had red tags, so much time was wasted for employees, shoppers waiting to checkout, and my time too. Still kept a few red tagged items, most were returned.

    Soooo, on the bright side, I can share the Lesson Learned, don’t be too shy to insure we truly know signage definitions. If you see the words “some exclusions” and an employee doesn’t know of any and advises to go for it, DO NOT, kindly ask for absolute clarification for the sake of certainty, time savings, and to avoid disappointments.

    So hoped that helped someone🤜🤛👍

    Make it a great day😊

  4. I agree with Paul on Territory Ahead. Well made outdoor wear. Loved the tennis vest sweater. I have got to look into Grail.

  5. I love the territory ahead personally. I usually on pick up the unique western Aztec looking shirts or cool jackets. I get around $25 per shirt.. works for my model if I can get it cheap enough!

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