What NOT to Wear in Paris 2019 | How To Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Paris & Europe

What NOT to Wear in Paris 2019 | How To Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Paris & Europe

Salut Youtube – Bonjour – I love it – So French – Yeah she’s American – if you couldn’t tell from me accent! I’ve got a guest with me today, Charli hello, Charli, American I moved here
about a year and a half ago also for love for the Frenchman, so cliche, I’m a journalist and also I run the blog Am I French Yet? – It’s an awesome
blog and we’ll link that down below and also what we’re gonna link down below is
an article related to today’s topic which is the things that you should
really not wear in Paris Tourist tells. And obviously
this video is not for people who want to express themselves in their individuality
and wear whatever they want, you do you, that’s totally fine but it’s
more the people who are visiting Paris and don’t wanna stick out like a sore
thumb and there’s a couple reasons for this one is you’re gonna be
treated better if you don’t look like an obvious tourist you’re also not gonna
get targeted as much for scams if you don’t stick out as someone who
people think they can take advantage of. We’ve got a few categories we’re
gonna take you through – you wanna start? Yeah definitely so the first
one are what we we call, I don’t know, “sexy clothes” which means like too short, too tight…
so I’m talking like short shorts where your butt cheeks are hanging out,
cleavage I don’t know why but France, for a country that seems so sexy and all
about liberty and everything the French are really allergic to
cleavage, I never see it. They keep some things hidden, the idea of the image is
more sexy than just showing it outright. Exactly they’ve got this thing in France where it’s very easy for things to become vulgar, like that would be very vulgar to have your boobs out and about. So not only do you not really see French women wearing short skirts or tube tops, or things like that, midriffs or like bandage dresses, Kardashian style Right so these would be the
types of things where if you’re going out to dinner somewhere you’re not gonna want to wear anything too short too tight people are gonna know that you’re
not French if you wear that as a woman. More the kind of illusion of sexiness than overt sexiness.
Menswear is actually big for women going out to where it’s sort of
like a kind of feminized suit very it’s very sexy there’s a few street style
kind of Parisian Instagram stars that I linked to in my article who have a really good sort of style for night time and going out where you can see how they kind of
balance the cool and sexy Parisian look. So this might be the biggest to tell in
my opinion and that is athletic wear or leisure wear one in the street there’s a
strong demarcation in France between what you are at the gym and what you
wear in public at least in America yoga pants are are
just everyday wear. Here that is not acceptable. Yeah you do not wear leggings you do not wear yoga pants you do not wear sweat pants
you know like this is seen as for the gym and the gym only. Even if you’re
running to get some milk or something you have to put proper pants on believe
me I’ve been told off. Yeah that was something that my husband and I
definitely have fought over I’m like I just want to run out get some
milk yeah, I’ll be a five-minutes. He’s like it’s offensive! If you walk into someone’s store in those leggings its offensive, just put on
some pants. This extends also to your oversized hoodies, your university
sweatshirt, sportswear like you know sports jumpers with big slogans basically
anything you would wear to the gym or anything you would wear on a hiking trip, you want to avoid. Yeah you will stand out. Even anything that you
would wear at home on a Sunday and it feels really comfy that’s a sign as well.
It’s never too casual but it’s never too much. The golden rule is that French
women tend to be less over-the-top at night but also less casual day to day.
Moving on to the shoes now this is quite a big category because I think again the
idea of Paris I always imagined a woman in like a slinky dress and everything. You can’t wear heels in this city I mean you can
but it will be painful and hard every there are cobble stones everywhere and Parisian girls just aren’t wearing stilettos out they wear often like
pretty sandals or like mary-jane style, blockier
or just flat boots or ballet slippers and that kind of thing but you’ll stand
out like a sore thumb if you’re trying to waddle down the
cobblestone streets in six-inch heels yeah no, you do not see Parisians doing that. And on the opposite side of that on the casual side you also won’t see Parisians in uggs. No. Unfortunately. But yeah uggs are a no-no, as are wearing your running shoes in the street so it yes if
you’re a tourist you’re gonna be walking a lot but wearing the shoes that you
would run a 10k in… if you’re going for sneakers go with kind of the Stan Smith
style, leather… so sandals, so for men just forget sandals like sandals for men
are for the beach only in France, like a man foot on the subway is bound to get
you some nasty looks. Yeah definitely. From women there’s a little bit more of
a line so you want something that just looks a little more dressy not made out
of plastic, not made out of rubber it’s like a mule or
something in suede or something nicer is totally fine. Also it can get a
little dirty in the streets you don’t necessarily want to have your entire foot exposed. No you do not you protect your feet because you never know… when the dog poop is going to strike. Unfortunately. So berets, the number one sort of cliche
French item. So we’re gonna talk about two cliche items Berets and striped
shirts. I own berets, I wear them in the French streets you do see French
people wearing them yeah but there’s a few kind of rules around it. If you’re
wearing a bright red beret people know that you’re not from here. If you’re
in a group of people and you’re all wearing Berets they know that you’re
tourists and if you’re by the Eiffel Tower and you’re wearing a beret, French people don’t do that. Wear your beret if you’re coming to France you want to get some pictures in
a beret do it totally it’s not gonna immediately peg you as someone who’s not
from here. Especially if it’s cooler weather I do see French people wearing them when they go out you know to run errands or whatever to go shopping, it totally happens but they’re more subtle aren’t they? A red beret a striped shirt and red lipstick together
it’s a little crossing the line and striped shirts the same you’ll see
striped shirts all over the place yeah in France all over France but not all
together not in groups but yeah you do you in France. You want to get that
fun picture do it but you have to know that you’re probably going to stick out. Yeah and the striped shirt is gonna be like a nice sort of boat neck subtle striped shirt maybe
with a leather jacket kind of thing rather than like big striped t-shirt with like
Paris Mon Amour. It’s called Saint James if you want to look it up, that’s the original ones that made them for the French Navy so if you want
like the legit stripes Saint James is the is the original. The next category kind of goes without saying but there are some real tourist tells that will scream tourists alert, so I’m talking about Disney anything, so Disney t-shirts, caps, key rings like the whole shebang. Save that for Disneyland Paris but not in Paris and in fact the
whole souvenir culture right Hard Rock Cafe like souvenir kind of style
t-shirts, caps Paris t-shirts you’ll be surprised how
many people I see in the streets here who bought a Paris t-shirt and are
wearing it here. Just just generally like caps especially backwards caps if you’re
wearing like a Kentucky Wildcats backwards cap yeah they’ll know that you’re not from here. Something I actually saw on someone this morning actually are people
who are visiting wearing like those hiking backpacks, you know the Osprey hiking
backpacks like okay you obviously want to carry some stuff but it’s Paris it’s
not Kilimanjaro yeah and I think finally the
the camera obviously you want to have a camera meet you’re on vacation yeah
wearing a giant camera around your neck it just kind of makes you a target if
people are gonna try to scam you put it in the bag down or a purse, don’t hold it around your neck. Or in like a little daypack you know which by the way
if you’re on the metro maybe just swap around to the front so that it’s not on
your back as well because you never know. And finally okay so not so
much what not to wear but how not to groom. So grooming, hair, makeup, nails things like this. The general rule for Parisians is that you
don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard so you never see, even at weddings,
women who look like they just got out of a dry bar, that kind of perfect wavy hair, the blow out, or stick straight It’s more kind of a
natural look you don’t want to look like you tried too hard I mean French women
do their hair – yeah they do – but it just doesn’t look that kind of
perfect pageant queen hair. Even when it comes to nails the French manicure is a
lie even gel tips and acrylics such a small market here because it’s just not
in demand. French women do their own nails. Yeah they do it’s not gonna look
too perfect the crazy nail art is not a thing, doing your eyebrows and having full
face of foundation and contouring contouring does not exist, any
colored eyeshadow I mean it will just be obvious. It’s much cooler if you look lived you’ve rolled out of bed, it has to look effortless and natural. I think jewelry
is kind of the last point with more stuff that you could wear everyday they
don’t do a ton of this big chunky costume jewellery, Flintstones style, it’s more of this dainty, feminine, classic stuff. I think with that that you are you’re
ready to pack for Paris! Yeah check out Charli’s blog post she does have you
know some inspiration in terms of Instagram accounts and stuff that you
can follow – real French women, not us! As well as some concrete advice on actually okay we’ve told you what not to wear but what
do you wear? So head to the blog to check out more about that. If you have any questions or any comments about Parisian style please let us know in the
comments down below we’ll definitely be reading and checking those out and
thanks guys for watching I’ll see you in the next video. Bye! A bientôt!

100 Replies to “What NOT to Wear in Paris 2019 | How To Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Paris & Europe”

  1. Hey friends! Would LOVE to hear your opinion on this! Anything we missed? Put it in the comments so everyone can benefit from the knowledge! For more detail, check out Charli's blog post: http://frenchyet.com/how-to-dress-in-paris-to-fit-in-with-the-locals/

  2. I hate that they laugh on every description like who are you? From a non parisian perspective you like ordinary mothers ready to the laundry not even stylish

  3. Dont get it, if you are not white, you could be adhering to all of these rules you would still stick out no? Not that many Asians in France.

  4. Trip shirt(marinière ) + black trouser + low sock + low dock Martens (1461) + jean jacket is The best for men and women

  5. I learned after many trips to France how to spot tourists . Fake nails, bleached highlights. Clunky runners., denim shorts. All you Advice was great. French women wear the best red lipstick ever And stay classy. Also don’t dress your kids like mini hookers or basketball players

  6. So it's offensive to wear hoodies or sportswear but it seems to not be offensive in paris to piss everywhere on the streets and throw your trash whereever possible but not in the trash? Seems legit

  7. YES, French women wear sweat pants. They look as scummy as anyone else. But in Paris people don't show too much skin because of how rude French men are. However, Men can and DO look GOOD in sandals, and the idea that they should not wear them is OUTDATED. This is just a list of what these 2 women think. They are pretty obviously not fashion savvy. I would avoid wearing anything low rise, especially low rise jeans, as those do make you look like a bumpkin. Basically the same rules apply as anywhere else. And if it is cold, wearing a beret would not be a problem. I can't imagine they would even put it together that it was anything but a hat. And there is an easy way to deal with their rudeness. Be rude right back. Although honestly, I never noticed anyone in France being unpleasant.

  8. Backpacks are a huge fashion thing right now. Maybe this is an old video. They would go perfectly with a guy wearing sandals. I saw a guiy the other day with both. He looked amazing.

  9. my gosh, such a SHALLOW ISSUES, who the hell wants to travel to the city where I will be treated according to what kind of shoes I wear??

  10. Hy je suis française et je suis d'accord avec tout ça ! Par contre les bérets j'insisterai sur le fait que ça reste rare et que ça sera toujours remarqué.

  11. Maybe you should be more concerned about your kind of conversations, rather than what other people wear, you might seem a bit stupid and shallow to french people

  12. Im sorry but french women look bland!! there is nothing special or stylish about them! they look like walking methheads. They dont look feminine at all.

  13. I often go to the shop and get a string of onions and with my blue and white hooped Breton shirt and my painted on slim sleazy moustache, I blend in perfectly.

  14. adding realistic and relevant images would be great, only listening these days is boring and there are lot of other pages who does illustration of their description.

  15. I find it ironic that a city which doesn't care about their dog poop problem looks down their noses at someone wearing sandals.

  16. In the end I find French people too conservative in their fashion. Women are always scared to look too sexy. We don't do what we want.

  17. For your first comment about not showing too much skin in Paris, it's not just about not wanting to be vulgar, unfortunately…it's mostly not to be harassed in the street. It's cool you're still romanticizing the city so much though, enjoy 🙂

  18. when i was an exchange student one of my classmates wore basketball shorts to school and all the french girls wouldn't stop talking about it they would touch them and go "what are these…"

  19. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7195683/C-line-Dion-51-opts-WILD-ensemble-date.html

    Words fail me.

  20. There is not necessary not to wear like a tourist. Enjoy what your wear and feel free, most of all – be comfortable.

  21. After 2 trips to Paris… wear what you want! NOBODY cares, nobody pays attention to you! The trip is for YOU not for what people with think…which btw they don't think! They simply pass you straight…. Also, the "classy" french attire is focused a lot around Paris..which is NOT all of France. There are a lot of french people who do wear a lot of makeup, love surgery, botox, cleavage out, and booty shorts.Point being, don't stress about it. If you try to conform and google rules on what to wear or not to wear you simply will feel more anxiety on your trip. Just do you! This is the 21st century..

  22. I was surprised when I went to Paris about how terrible women were dressed! It was springtime and women wore sweatpants or baggy jeans and it seemed nobody brushed their hair 😅

  23. I live in Paris, at 1.29 cleavage issue answer : the REASON why the French women don't wear sexy tops, is MOST of them are flat chested , cup size A ?,  there is nothing sexy to look at a boob less cleavage !  ha ha

  24. 2:57 that's a bit of a lie. People with Adida pants are everywhere in France….. Les Chaussettes with shoes are just a sin but people still wear them. Lool

  25. Basically the parisians are not influenced by what pop stars and "famous" people are wearing. I was there a few weeks ago and I saw no stand out fashion styles. It was exactly how the two ladies described. I will only say that my 17 year old wore a back pack and got no looks of disaprovement and no pick pocket attempts. She wore tartan type trousers and doc Martin's and got a few looks but I saw that as admiration.

  26. I suggest you guys read In Paris 20 women on Life in the City of Light Jeans Dana’s and Lauren Bastide-the ultimate guide the Parisian embodiment of the Jane Birkin And Francoise Hardy fashion bohemian bourgeois girl-lots of pretty pictures and neat things lol!! And love your channel!!!

  27. Ironic how Paris doesn't like cleavage.but when when I was at a French beach a lot of women were topless!!! I love France..going to Paris next year!! I want to look chic!

  28. Hi, I’m french and yes these rules apply but forget about the beret lol no one really wears these it just screams tourist.

  29. I’ve been to Paris a few times and I’ve seen Parisians wearing heels and workout clothes. What circa are you in? In this current time where we have to be proud and embrace our own identity, setting clothing rules while traveling is a stupid idea. So as long as you don’t break the law and not embarrass your country of origin, you are fine. Let me as you two geniuses, what would you do so you won’t look like tourists when you go to North Korea?

  30. Ce que les Parisiens sont formels, voire superficiels, selon ces deux Américaines, sur le paraître ! Quand ils débarquent en masse à Montréal, ils sont les premiers à ne pas tenir compte des standards, us et coutumes de la société québécoise, soit par ignorance ou soit parce qu'ils sont simplement parisiens, avec leur égo démesuré pour certains, toujours en clain à comparer, ou critiquer, avec la formule, ''' chez-nous en France, blablabla…''. Ils ne respectent pas les files d'attente, ne donnent pas de pourboire, traitent les natifs de haut par manque d'humilité, se moquent de leur accent, etc. Apprenez à voyager, Français, soyez modestes, on ne vous appréciera que davantage…

  31. Is this video made for secret agents? I don’t see what’s the problem in being yourself abroad, unless you could be in danger or not comfortable enough to move around. If you’re not French you’re not French, so what? Be yourself, just be sensible.

  32. I'm French, and some of the things that you said were right : like the Disney t-shirt, the beret and the red lipstick together… But some were pretty wrong, like the too tight clothes, sweatpants… A lot of young french people nowadays are very fond of really tight jeans and tights tops and dresses… What you described can work but just for some people… You do you! Wear what you want to, and that's it. And if you want to look like a tourist, then great! People will be nice… And yes, probably some will treat you differently… But it's like that in every country, so… Still a very interesting video tho, I don't hate you, at all!! I just wanted to tell you my opinion…

  33. I'm part French, but never been to France & everything in this video is pretty much how I would live my life. So I guess my French side really comes through. I can't see myself breaking any of these rules, except wearing leggings, but I wouldn't do that traveling anywhere

  34. Pour ne pas paraître ridicule à Paris il faudrait commencer par ne pas dire des choses ridicules.

  35. This video is so stupid so boring! It made me feel uncomfortable and made me doubt if I wanna visit it anymore.Wear whatever you like and be yourself!

  36. Aka…..How to come across as a pretentious wannabe…stared at by disapproving locals….Really? Maybe it’s not what your wearing.

  37. I think it is a hugely important recommendation about showing cleavage and avoidance of sports wear. However, many of these tips would not be viewed by the kind of tourists who wander around in paris tshirts or stilettos.

  38. French women don't wear uggs? 🤣 wtf ? Uggs+skinny jeans+huge duffle coat is the go-to winter outfit of every. single. Parisian. basic bitch!

  39. It's a vacation, relax be you stop worrying about others think. As long you not exposing too much in public which should apply everywhere including the USA

  40. French people love to make love all the time and f, they prefer to be without clothes non? Will France one day be nudist?

  41. What's wrong with the contouring? I thought it's a nice way to hide or enhance anything on your face. Of course it shouldn't be too obvious for others.

  42. As an American, I think you're always going to stick out. But there are things one can do to respect the city/ country/ culture. Keep in mind that I'm middle-aged (though I look younger) and my style goes between classic and bohemian depending on the circumstance so someone with entirely different tastes might think differently.

    1. More than anything you wear, try to speak the language even just a little. They'll automatically know you're not local but almost everyone I encountered treated me better for trying. In some cases, the person ahead or behind me who didn't try got worse service. After hearing me speak, they'd switch to English!

    I found Parisians to be friendly and people would offer me help spontaneously if I looked confused or opened my map. One shopkeeper gave me a souvenir for talking to him about a city he wanted to visit in the US where I had lived and a baker chased me down to street to return my change when I messed up giving her more.

    2. Wear what you wear with pride/ confidence but not arrogance. The city was great for people watching and people wearing the most interesting clothes would walk by with grace. Perhaps a person wearing the same clothes with head down, shoulders slumped, etc. would look awkward but the confidence with which clothes were worn really stood out.

    3. Bring neutral colored clothes in classic cuts. (For examples of classic, look at styles like Audrey Hepburn, Francois Hardy, Grace Kelly, Ralph Lauren, etc.) Neutral= black, white, navy, brown, grey, olive. Stick to 1-2 neutrals and accessorize with a colorful costume jewelry, belts, hats, or — a Euro favorite – scarves. Think about texture and fabric as well: linen for summer, wool for winter, etc. Bringing simple clothes and using accessories also helps cut down on what you need to pack as you can mix and match things easier.

    (Another way to lessen clothes needed: find and use a laundry nearby and/or bring items you can launder by hand easily and dry in your bathroom.)

    4. Bring comfortable shoes. I find if I cannot walk comfortably, I'm going to feel awkward and that doesn't help the way I carry myself. Neutral colored simple, comfortable sneakers like Keds or — for the opposite effect – Converse are fine. Sandals in leather and classic styles – e.g. gladiator – are good.

    Do enjoy yourself and don't let others' impressions affect you too much. If anything, steal the confidence Parisians have about having their own personal style no matter their budget.

  43. Wear what you want people these rules are made from non french people so they’re not necessarily correct my brother has been living in Paris for the last 3 years and has said that casual is perfectly fine eg tracksuit bottoms and hoodies and that the french don’t care.

  44. Ladies unfortunately I must disagree about the running shoes, all my French friends/colleagues wear running shoes to work, schools, bars (age 20-40). Otherwise you are right :). From my point of view French women don't wear a lot of make up, only a bit of eye liner and mascara. Almost never a hair colour. Oh and almost no French woman paints her toenails.

  45. WOW I really don't know where you get your info from. seriously girl. I host French /students. Some of the stuff you say about shoes and hoodies .. makeup and nails…and so forth is total crap.

  46. ppl literally dont care. paris is an international city with plenty of tourists from all over the world coming there every day. no one cares or remembers what you look like. like no one. except if you go out with a clown costume or something.

  47. Wear something in which you can run in when you get robbed. Seriously, it’s Paris. Don’t display anything valuable anywhere in public. In fact, don’t go there at all.

  48. please watch, like, comment and share our first ever travel vlog 😊😊😊 thank you

    small youtuber here 😎

  49. As a french woman, just wear whatever you want and don’t care about people though
    That the French way to dress

  50. Big fan of the striped shirts. I actually think all these tips would work for all countries, except the U.S.

  51. There's NO need to change your style just because you're in France… wear what you like to wear and what you feel comfortable in.

  52. Thank you for the advice and all the information. It’s great to have that out there. They sound like my people

  53. Interesting. I think of French people as being more so "free" in their wardrobe expression. Probably mainly because French beaches tend to have quite skimpy bathing suits. So I assume it's an extreme kind of thing. I cover up in the city and go wild at the beach? Also, when I was living there decades ago, French TV offered some pretty risque visuals. Maybe that's why I have always thought that the French are into "exposure". But good point. Thanks!

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