What not to wear in the Netherlands (How to dress like a Dutch girl)

What not to wear in the Netherlands (How to dress like a Dutch girl)

Shallow Man I really need your help. I’ve
been living here in the Netherlands for three years and I still don’t have a single Dutch
female friend. I’m learning Dutch, I can ride my bike, it is niet leuk that I still don’t
have a friend that’s female and Dutch. Expat Lady thank you for sharing your tale of woe
with me, but actually the solution to your problem is quite simple. Dutch women really
don’t like it when expats come here and dress in a feminine manner so what you need to learn
is how to dress just like a Dutch girl which I the Shallow Man will teach you. Alright
Shallow Man tell me what I gotta do. Ok so the first thing is that you’re wearing far
too much make up. Too much makeup? This is normal. Really? Well let me tell you this
is where your wrong. Dutch men absolutely do not like women that wear too much makeup,
and too much makeup is actually any makeup at all. Dutch men and Dutch women prefer the
natural look, so I’m going to show you how to look just like a Dutch woman. So the first
step is with makeup. Ok I’ll see what I can do. No there’s still way too much makeup.
Doe maar normaal! Are you absolutely sure this is right? Go for it come on. Ahh the
natural look. Perfect! Firstly well done, you’ve actually passed the first test which
is now you’ve got the natural look, but the other problem is you’re wearing a dress and
high heels, both of which are just not on. If you want to make friends with Dutch women
you’ve got to wear jeans or leggings. So this is the next phase of what we need to do is
get you in leggings. How’s this? Excellent, really good, I see you’re wearing leggings,
but Shallow Man, you do know that leggings are not pants right? In most countries in
the world you’d be correct, but in the Netherlands leggings are definitely to be worn as pants.
So the most important detail to remember when wearing leggings is that your panties must
be visible so can you turn round please? Yup I think you could have tried harder but yes
I can clearly see your panties through the leggings. Ideally they should be granny panties
or white, but this will do. Very well done.

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  1. Why is he saying that it is not normal to wear a dress and heels and what is that panties thing

  2. Is very hard to find real friend in Holland! no they love make-up they just cant apply it lol!

  3. I didn't like the panties part. It scares me when someone is walking like that. But the rest is just as Dutch

  4. Leggings are actually a fashion item in other parts of the world as well…


  5. Fashion authoritarianism is so strange. How disturbing to think that there are so many people who will prejudge you and treat you according to how you dress or look instead of getting to know you by talking.

  6. Haven't you seen the past few fashion weeks? Dressing femininely is very old fashioned. Modern women dress baggy chic (for example look up Parisian fashion and Milan street style).

  7. Fact is, Dutch men don't like it when Dutch women are stylish. I'm a Dutch women, I wear dresses, skirts and high heels almost every day. Dutch men really don't like it! They want simple, practical women. I don't really mind because I think Dutch guys dress awful as well, so I'm hitting it off with men from other countries haha. But it's not only the women that can't dress properly here!

  8. 1:01 the hell?? I"m a Dutch man and i love the way she looks with all that makeu p really really much.

  9. Honestly, this is not how my friends and I act (look) at all. Sure, the Dutch like the natural look but to say that girls coming here from abroad to study/work should ban the 'feminine' look in order to fit is is just plain stupid and totally untrue. Bottom line = There are lots of women who dress fashionable and wear make-up (just not caked onto their faces…come on that's nasty anyways)
    Dress whatever you like and feel comfortable in. Making friends is not about appearances when it comes to making true friends, after all.

  10. WE Dutch man wants our woman to wear dresses like russian or ukrainian woman but most dutch woman are wearing jeans to looklike man and act like man ….and Amsterdam is full of lesbian and homo`s , sure they look like a fat Ol man that burbs and fart …..Who wants a girl from Amsterdam ??? Please Bitch ….

  11. High heels, plastic-coating for hair, push-up clothes and makeup are just a form of lying.
    And I find dishonesty extremely unattractive. I mean you’re fucking lying to me, before we even know each other? And you want me to want you?? Really? Then please tell me how attracted you’d be to a man who cheats his GF right in the open and then lies about it? Or who sucks in his beer belly and stuffs his underwear with socks? Yeah… not that super, is it?

  12. I went on a date today with a Dutch guy. He asked me to look classy. What?? No denim?? Oh well, wore a dress for the first time since years. Only dress I have. Hmm they're not all the same lol.

  13. Equality in Europe seems to be different than equality in anglo saxonic countries. I find it boring that a woman dresses like this.
    Met some german exchange students and not only the way they dress is horrible but their manners too. Whenever they see a feminine woman who is also smiling all they do is speak bad things about her. I suppose dutch girls are the same! What is a shame is that european guys are not very masculine too. At least in my opinion

    Good Video


  14. I live in the Netherlands and this is just no, just no! Wrong wrong wrong man, Dutch girls just looks like a little bit American you know, and in the Netherlands, if you were that, you should die cause of people are laughing about your look, so don't were this in the Netherlands…

  15. Dutch men prefer manly looking women. Bybthe age of 40 all women cut their hair like men. No sex-appeal at all!

  16. hahaha omg this is so true!!! most girls in the netherlands don't wear only foreigners do! not to mention wear shirts and jeans LOL! their also not into fashion =]

  17. That make up thing is pure bullshit! I prefer not much make up but thoughts are really out dated. It simply doesn't matter of what you are wearing because the Netherlands is liberal and progressive enough to take everything, in particular Amsterdam! There is a song that says in Dutch: Amsterdam is de stad waar alles kan! And that is actually the truth!

  18. Hey, Shallow Man! Are you nuts! First of all leggings are out dated, also in The Netherlands! You lie to her! Undewear pooring through a legging is really not done, even in Amsterdam! You dumb fuck sick ass! I feel ashamed for that girl… Poor thing…

  19. het is oke ik heb ook bijna geen vrienden en ik ben in Nederland geboren btw this is dutch

  20. It's funny because in the netherlands we make fun of american girls for only wearing leggings and nothing else. You'll never see a dutch girl do that.

  21. Bitch dutch people don't wear make-up most 8 years old already wear a lot of make-up this video is fake as fuck

  22. if you want real friend they would like you for who you are and not for what you dress like. and just wear tf you want

  23. this is all bull shit . just be your self and resepectful towards others and intelligent Dutch people will appreciate. Dutch people enjoyed beauty and style but worn with humility and without any from of arrogance

  24. Omg stop with this bullshit "dutch men like"….. if you care what men like than you have a big problem. Be yourself, wear whatever you want… 😑😑

  25. I just came to amsterdam three days ago and before I lived in London, Paris and Milan… the dressing code is really so different here in amsterdam. Girls look like men… and they in general don’t wanna be sexy or attractive or hot, or should I say they have different beauty standards? No offensive it’s just way too different from my past experience😂😂

  26. My beautiful Dutch nieces (Dutch – American) almost always wear leggings. However they always wear them with long shirts that cover them up to about mid thigh length.

  27. Haha what a boring style..i do not dress to impress but i agree that dressing good or looking good is a self respect..i love style in clothing no matter how simple it doesn't need to be expensive..

  28. Hilarious! It’s spot on! Most Dutch women dress like men. When they do dress up they look like drag queens, absolutely not effeminate.

  29. I didn't think it at first, but by the end of it I realized the entire video is meant sarcastically… It just didn't really translate at first. – It's not meant to be taken serously, people!

  30. Hahahha… So it is true that a Dutch man I met in social media he told me he is so simple.. I Love you the way you are Bb..

  31. This is so true. Work in South Africa there's a lot of dutch clients and this is how most of them look

  32. Yep Dutch Women are Very Feminist…They Were Raised that Way.IF U Prefer ..Flirtatious ..''Super Feminine"Women Who Want To be' 'Spoiled" & Treated Like a Queen..–The Netherlands Wrong Place 4 U ! (Equality) A MUST Here..Women Don't Want To Be '''Dependent" In Any Way on Males here..Truth Be Told ? Do They Really NEED Men? Having a Successful Career & Alone–IS Probably A Dutch Woman's Ultimate GOAL…Been There Many Times..The Men I Talk To (Won't Date) Dutch Women.. Se la Vie !

  33. Aside from the make up, I could fit in there if I lived there and could speak the language better than I can. My mother her mother is from the Netherlands. My mother is from Scotland and I have always had a wish to live in the Netherlands. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me and think that I should not but whatever I don’t really care.

  34. Jezzzzz this fucking racist, I’m Dutch and the most important thing in Dutch culture is to wear what the fuck you want. What is this?!


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