What Not to Wear’s Stacy London is Having a Midlife Renaissance

What Not to Wear’s Stacy London is Having a Midlife Renaissance

I love the fact that I'm sort of reconnecting to style in a way that feels as joyous as it did when I was a kid I was obsessed with wizard buzz when I was a kid only because of the ruby slippers anything sparkly anything shiny I went to like a turkey and at five somebody asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I said I wanted to be a cocktail waitress because that was the only job that I knew of at the time where you could wear fishnet stockings and like short tutu skirts I do think that if any of the viewers from what not to wear saw this outfit they would think that I would need to be on my own show I'm much more interested in what makes me happy now I know myself a lot more now I think the bucks that I felt I had to be in on what not to wear really was about figure flattering easy to wear generic put together style that didn't offend anybody when you have to kind of please so many viewers you want to do something that is a little bit safe a little bit easy to repeat so that the audience feels like they know you if I went back to television I wouldn't be able to conform to what I wore before I look forward to my style evolution I am gonna be 50 years old and I can wear a princess dress everybody should be able to accept new versions of themselves because that way they'll be much more accepting of other people this dress is from wit New York and it was something that I saw in the spring collections and lost my mind these earrings you know I bought these on the street I love the color I don't think that everything needs to be expensive and precious to be wonderful I can find something really cheap and crappy and think it is just the perfect thing for me and that's one of the nicest things about personal style is nobody gets to tell you what isn't isn't beautiful this outfit has like real special meaning for me I designed my vans I designed them I designed them because I wanted black sparkles and I made the hills pink sparkles I have to have a little sparkle or the day just doesn't work out for me I have worn these pants probably for three years they're g-star they're so lightweight I consider them a neutral and this shirt is Kuehl the woman who is the founder and designer of it is a woman named Nikki Kuehl who has been my friend since first grade it's a tank top and like a white canvas can't like I thought I would wear casually with sneakers but when I went to try these pants on at the store they the only shoes they had to try things on with were these high heels and I was like oh I mean I should probably um no I did put on an earring there you go but I was like this is revolutionary it literally transformed the way I saw these pants and that's always super exciting to me when you can surprise yourself with the way you are gonna wear something this happens to me more as I age than it did when I thought I knew everything I think the more open I am the more the more exciting actually style becomes a lot of people look at my streak and they're like you would look so much younger if you dyed it and I'm like well I don't actually think about this in terms of age at all I think of this as a battle cry I got this when I was very sick with psoriasis it just kind of showed up and it feels almost like a Goodluck talisman meant to me like I would never ever ever get rid of it and I'm actually getting more and more gray and I'm kind of psyched I mean if I can have silver hair this long that is dope it just didn't become an issue until I was much more in the public eye and then it became sort of a streak it was like me Cruella De Vil rogue from x-men you know it was like very distinguishable and I kind of liked that and even now if people recognize me they either recognize me by my voice or my hair I don't want to change things about me I want them to be reflective of Who I am in my life experience and this is a part of me and the only time that I tried to diet I wanted to tint it like a baby pink and I did and then it fell out and I had to go to the Paris collections with a sprout menopause is two things for me sweating to the point that it looks like I went swimming at the most inopportune time possible and the other thing is that I literally can remember nothing it's funny that I feel in some ways more youthful now than I did in my 20s in my 20s I was so lost and unhappy in so many ways I was trying to be cool and fabulous even when I was at my heavy weight but the idea that I could say that I worked at Vogue went on these exotic trips and got to shoot models and all of this stuff made me feel like when I went to a cocktail party I could be cool instead of really grappling with what was causing all of the you know eating issues in my life what I really wanted from my life instead of just worrying about the surface I wasn't asking the real questions and because of that I didn't really remember my 20s at all and I definitely think that I looked better at 40 than I did at 30 so I'm not sure I'm gonna look as good at 50 as they did at 40 but that's sort of not the point I'm willing to give that up in order to have the knowledge and the confidence that I have now there are moments where I wake up and I'm like it's never gonna be the same it's never gonna be the way it was and you can look at that with sadness or you can look at that as an opportunity just because something hasn't been yet doesn't mean it won't be wonderful there's a boxing match going on in my head and you know there's the evil boxer and the nice boxer so the light side it's like you're always beautiful Stacy you're beautiful for who you are you know and I believe that but at the same time I'm like no I'm never beautiful I can feel beauty because I wrote something that I'm proud of and it feels like an extension of Who I am and that's beautiful I can feel beautiful because I look like damn hot in an outfit that I put together and I'm so proud of that beauty is about love and confidence and contentment and it's not about the surface some of the best advice that I can give is to step away from the mirror and find your reflection in the eyes of the people who love you and care about you and want you to succeed and then go back to the mirror later because we can't just think of beauty as being a surface it's actually incredibly more complicated and I think far more enriching to talk about it in a different way

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  1. I thought i was going to see this video for 1 minute just to see how is she doobh BUT I stayed and saw ALL of it, a lot of what is she saying im experience it right now, 4 years ago I dressed to fit in a group to be likeable, but today I dress for myself, using colors I never thought I would use, and that's the beauty of fashion, it's something that can make u happy in second and make you hole day awesome.

  2. Wow! I turned 50 last year and I totally get what she's saying. Everything she said I resonated with. I feel younger, more free, more confident now than I did in my 20s, 30s, or 40s. Choosing things that make ME happy instead of trying to fit into a box of what I thought people wanted me to be, has been incredibly liberating. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

  3. What not to wear was fun but I always felt that the show was all about conformity and how to get hired at a new job rather than creativity or true expression. I’m happy that Stacy feels freer now. Seeing her like this is like a breath of fresh air.

  4. Omg this made me so nostalgic!! I used to look up to Stacy as a kid and she still has such a young spirit

  5. Omg.. I loved her on tv.. And I'm 48 and this year I've just started buying clothes that make me fucking happy. GAVE AWAY ALL THAT SHIT I HAVEN'T FIT INTO FOR YEARS… I stopped wearing alot of makeup, just tinted moisturizer and mascarra…. Good for her too i loved seeing her without makeup. MY closet looks like stevie nicks with rocker and boho gypsy… Lol…. I'm so happy!!!!

  6. I never saw WNTW as mean or dangerous. I loved both it and Love Lust or Run. I just always really liked Stacy to be honest!

  7. Oh, wow… This is one of the most eye opening monologs I've heard… So simple, so real and so usable for all of us. You are the true model of grounded and profound human being. This was so enjoyable to listen and to watch! Thank you!!

  8. Like a turkey!!! I say that because I grew up on a farm, I’m suddenly even more FASCINATED with Stacy London!
    She is fantastic love love love ❤️

    I’ve had a Mallen streak since I was a baby and I spent my teens and twenties dying it now I’m in my forties and it’s been over a decade and I love it more and more every day.
    She gives me HOPE

  9. That's great Stacy! learned a lot from you growing up…just your confidence will always b inspiring for an entire generation.

  10. I always hated the concept of "What Not to Wear" and the idea of telling people that they should change their style to conform to what's normal. But it's so refreshing to see Stacy embracing these new principles ❤️

  11. i miss Stacy on tv … i wish she would do something again … i wish more folks would wear what makes them happy …not what others what them to wear. rock it & be happy always!!

  12. Wow! I just turned 48 and found this so inspiring. It’s refreshing to see someone embrace their age rather than fight against it. I love the new Stacy with no rules!

  13. I’ve always thought she was super cool and beautiful, but I did think she was older. It was probably the way they had her dress. I’m actually 2 years older than her, and finally we have a similar style! I definitely agree with her comments about beauty. 👏🏾

  14. She is tapping into the authenticity of her originality. Or the originality of her authenticity? Good for her. She needs to sync her internality with her mental externality more but she is working on it & her maturity in this area shows. The ending is very good advice – could be a TED talk. Beauty beyond the surface/ externality (& no not the Ted talk already done with the former model). It has to do with women's evolving ways of appreciating self/ themselves & others & how that transforms over time

  15. This is so freeing!! Listening women with this mindset makes me wanna seek what and how beauty is for me,so insightful!

  16. Her thoughts are giving me such a turnaround on my viewpoint of aging. I'm glad I found and watched this video.

  17. I loved What Not to wear as a kid. I admired Stacy London so much! But at the point I started to start dressing the way I just wanted to dress, I saw What Not to Wear as a box. Don't get me wrong. The people really needed help. Their stylewas usually an extension of sadness of trauma. But I got tired of seeing them turn people into clones of themselves. To see that that wasn't completely her is sad but kind of refreshing. I LOVE her current style. THIS is iconic.

  18. This interview is so good! Stacy rocks! I'm going through that moment in life when you are finding yourself and it's an amazing feeling.

  19. Stacy..you just confirmed that feeling and hope I had that at 40 I'd rock and at 50 I'd be amazing and wise. I only knew that because I surrounded by women like you and as I age (44) I realize I love me more (my sag not so much but it is my mom scars) and I am more confident in what I think, what I say, what I want. Thank you for showing younger women as they come up that although we may not agree with every wrinkle or sag, we will love the whole package more than we loved it 20 years before!

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