39 Replies to “What Plus-Size Clothing Looks Like On Plus-Size Women”

  1. These girls aren't plus sized, they're fat. Stop lying. The only one that isn't fat is the dark skinned one. (Sorry, I don't remember her name)

  2. Nah, I’m a plus size girl and torrid is my holy grail store. If you get their shorts in your actual size? It’s probably gonna look great.

  3. The whole sizing thing happens everywhere! Even if you’re not plus sized. In most stores I range from 8-12 ( though the twelve is when I want a baggy loose fit) and my shirts and sweaters literally go from small to large so yeahhh.

  4. You girls are soo beautiful and you deserve to find nice clothing that you like and fit 💕💕💕

  5. They are all beautiful in their own ways – the one thing I hate in stores is that they never have Skinny and long leg or everything is crop tops for small boobs – when I’m the opposite

    Or shirts are for skinny but apparently no one has a boobs size bigger that 22B or something!!

    Or skirts are a nightmare – fit my waist but not long enough or don’t fit my waist but too long!!

  6. The problem is, each body is different, so they will take fat in different area, and there are so many different fupas out there, how can the company know which type are you?

  7. This is not specific to plus sizes though. If you just put on a piece of clothing, it may not fit you. You have to play around with what size works best for that specific piece.

  8. Can I just quote Ashley Graham "It's not plus size, It's my size", we shouldn't even be labelling it.

  9. My name's also Kristin and have the same style with her, I have the experiences of having a difficult time to look for my right size. And when I go to the plus size section of a store, the styles are kind of dull and unlikely to wear. I hope some stores would make the same clothes as those who are smaller than us

  10. Thin privilege = being able to talk about something and people listen and respond to what you are actually talking about rather than commenting on your weight

  11. Nearly four years have passed, and the way Kristen says, "Technically~" is still one of the prettiest sounds I have ever heard.

  12. Tess is gorgeous 😍. Women’s clothing doesn’t cater to women with curvier figures I.e hourglass and pear and it’s annoying. Jeans fit the thigh but way too big around the waist. It’s insane and frustrating. Someone people have smaller waists and bigger butts and thighs 😡.

  13. The point of this video was that a whole lot of brands dont carry plus sizes in stores, and if they carry them at all theyre exclusively online. It's a pain to have to go online to buy them, it costs more, and it's a real let down when you have to wait a week or 2 to find out that the things you ordered ended up not being the right size, the right style, whatever. Nobody is saying that clothes shopping is always easy for thin people.

  14. love how literally all the comments are giving completely unsolicited body commentary to these women who Didn't Ask, proving that the point of the video went over just about everyone's heads

  15. Literally, I'm not surprised at all the clothes didn't fit them. They're all different sizes (for the first shorts, they were 20, 22, and 28), and yet for the other clothes they ordered THE SAME SIZE FOR ALL 3 OF THEM. How does that make sense?? For example, I'm a 4/6, and if there was a size 0 chick and a size 10 chick my clothes wouldn't fit them and vice versa. It's not a "plus size thing", it's a "order them different sizes because they're different sized people thing".

  16. even i have a hard time finding clothes online that fit and im 5 foot 7 with a 26 inch waist 😂

  17. The BuzzFeed ladies are modeling all cute and Tess is like glamour shot with her mouth open. I felt sexually harassed, haha.

  18. "I'm suffering from saggy-crotch-syndrome right now" literally me when I buy jeans….otherwise it fit's fine everywhere else EXCEPT the crotch. I literally cannot function if I have saggy anything in my lower-region. This is why I stick to leggings and jeggings.

  19. Buzz feed glorifies obesity, and I actually hate that. They make it seem like being obese is a good thing…

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