What Shoes & Boots You Can Wear With Your Cropped Jeans

What Shoes & Boots You Can Wear With Your Cropped Jeans

– How many of you are confused when it comes to what shoes to wear with those cropped jeans? Today I’m gonna help break it all down. (high energy music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Today I wanna talk about cropped jeans and what shoes specifically
to wear with cropped jeans. I know this is an area
that’s very confusing for many of you, I know this, because you
message me and you tell me. You guys are the best at
providing me with new video ideas. So, I thought it would be
great to kinda break it down since I’ve talked about
ankle boots and skinny jeans, but I haven’t really
addressed cropped jeans and cropped pants. So, I think this is a topic
we can all benefit from having a little refresher. There are couple different
kinds of cropped jeans, the first one is a cropped straight jean and that’s where the leg is
just kinda straight down. And then there’s the cropped flare, and that’s where the leg
kind of flares out a bit. What shoes you wear or
how you wear the shoes will vary depending on what
kind of cropped jeans you have. By the way, if you’re interested
in styling cropped pants, cropped trousers, I did do a video featuring three different
ways to wear cropped trousers, and I will put a link to that here. (upbeat music) First let’s start out with the ankle boot because I feel like the ankle
boot is the most challenging and that’s where a lot
of us have our questions. So let’s just get that
one out of the gate, and then I’ll talk about
the different kinds of shoes that you can wear with your cropped jeans. So, ankle boots will vary depending on, it depends on a couple things
like where the jean falls in relation to the top of your ankle boot. And again, the leg style of the jeans. So let’s take a traditional ankle bootie, these are by ECCO, it’s
a very traditional height of ankle boot. This is one of those tricky combinations, because the jean is a little bit longer than the actual ankle boot itself. So with this particular pair of boots, what I would do is I would
either cuff it one cuff, so that the cuff is really simple and it just falls above
the top of the ankle boot. Or in this case, instead of tucking because I feel like
the jean really is only just over the top of the boot, and if I try to tuck, it will bunch up and it will inevitably
fall outta the boot. So in this case, I would either
put it over the ankle boot or I would just do that one
cuff that I talked about. Now, if you were to pick
a different style of leg of cropped pants, so if you went with a
cropped flare for example, you just leave it. You don’t have to do anything, there’s no cuffing involved, there’s no tucking involved, it’s a much easier combination, pretty much with any style of ankle boot, you just let it be. This is the easiest, right? But back to the cropped straight. So, let’s say for example,
you have a shorter ankle boot that falls well below
the bottom of the jean. And again, you can just leave it, you don’t have to do anything. It’s only tricky when you
have this excess of jean over the ankle boot, then
you have to make a decision, do I cuff? Do I tuck? Or do I put the jean over the boot? And some of you have mentioned to me that you worry about the
cuff cutting you off, and that is going to depend
on how big the cuff is, the color of the denim, and how big the space
is between the bootie and the jean itself. So, if you cuff up your jean and it’s a dark denim on the
inside as well as the outside, that’s really not gonna break up the line, don’t worry about it. And if there’s just a teeny
tiny little bit of space, of skin between the
jean and the ankle boot, it’s really not gonna break up the line, don’t worry about it. (upbeat music) Okay, now I wanna talk
about this sock bootie, because the sock bootie even
though it’s an ankle boot, is a little bit different
from a traditional ankle boot. So some ankle boots are really wide, they have a wide opening, and that is a deal for tucking. Some are a little slimmer, and then you have to make
that decision to cuff, tuck, or hang over. And then the sock booties fit like socks, so those are literally
super snug to the leg, and those are ideal for wearing
the jeans over the booties. If I were to take the same pair of jeans and wanna wear them with sock booties, it’s a no-brainer to wear
the jeans over the boots. (upbeat music) The next pair of shoes I wanna talk about is the strappy shoe, and the cropped jean is really ideal for a very awesome,
strappy statement shoe. Because it is cropped, you
have room for the ankle strap, and the straps, and all
that funkiness going on. So, just make sure that the jean itself isn’t dipping down into that strappy shoe. So, it’s the same with the ankle boots. So if you have a jean
that’s a little bit longer than let’s say, your ankle strap for your sexy statement shoes, then I would just do one simple cuff up, so that there is no conflict there. And then again with the cropped flare, and the statement shoe, and
the strappy statement shoe, you don’t really need to do
anything, you just let it be. (upbeat music) Pumps are another no-brainer
with cropped jeans. They look amazing together, it is just such a great look. You might be worried a little bit about breaking up the line, especially if you’re on the petite side, but you’re still wearing heels so I feel like you can still
do it and get away with it. I wear it all the time and I’m only 5’4″, so I just think it’s a
great, really sexy look and really that cropped
jean frames the shoes so beautifully. So, think of it that way
it’s sort of like this, it’s like teeing up that shoe, it makes the shoe the
center of the attention. (upbeat music) Another shoe option is
a great pair of flats and that could be ballet
flats, loafer flats, slides, whatever flat that you
have in your closet, you definitely can wear
with your cropped jeans. I feel like you will
look a little bit shorter but I feel like you also have to weigh function and fashion sometimes, and you just can’t wear heels all the time especially if you have kids
and you’re running around, or you work on your feet all day, or you’re a school teacher. So I feel like flats and cropped jeans are also a great combination. If you do a pointed-toe flat, that is going to elongate
the leg a little bit more, so that’s one way you can gain back a little bit a height, if you will. And also if you wear all
in the same color family, so if it’s a dark jean, maybe a dark shoe to elongate you even more. (upbeat music) The last pair of shoes I
wanna talk about are sneakers. You guys know sneakers are
having a moment right now, I’ve talked about this at length, it’s been in my trend video, I did a Wear It Three
Ways with white sneakers. By the way, if you wanna watch that or any of my Wear It
Three Way videos (laughs), I’ll put that right here that
you can click on and watch. But the white sneakers are
having a moment for sure, but still black and gray and other colors are definitely on-trend as well. Same concept with the
cropped jean and the flat. What I would do if you’re
worried about height and the line breaking up, I would do more of a platform sneaker, or a pumped up sneaker, and there are tons of ’em right now. So that way you feel like, oh I’m cutting my line a little bit, but you’re gaining a little back by wearing a platform
sneaker or just a sneaker that’s got a huge, big
ol’ thick turbo sole. That’ll give you a couple
inches back (laughs). I hope that makes it a
little bit simpler for you so when you do go for those cropped jeans, you’re not overwhelmed by the shoe choice and do you make more of an
informed, confident decision, and that’s always my goal to empower you to make more confident style choices. So, you’ll be like, ah but the jean is dipping into the bootie
and I don’t know what to do, well here are my choices. I can cuff, I can tuck, or
I can hang it over the boot, and you’ll know pretty quickly if a tucks gonna work or
not, try it, zip it up, walk a couple steps, see
if the jean pops out. If it starts popping you, then you know that’s not an option, just do it over the boot
or just cuff it one time. And then, with the rest of the shoes, and of course with those cropped flares, you have a lot more flexibility. It’s not gonna be as puzzling (laughs). But do let me know if
you have any questions, if I left any shoes out,
I probably did I’m sure, but let me know if you
have any questions at all. And don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, give
a thumbs up to the video, and thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys next time, bye. (bell chimes)

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