What Should I Wear To a Job Interview? [2018]

What Should I Wear To a Job Interview? [2018]

Oh, hi I’m Matt. And today I want to help you feel confident and ready for your job interview. So let’s answer the question What should I wear to a job
interview? The first and easiest answer to this question is . . . well it depends. It depends on the people interviewing you, so you need to do your homework. It’s best practice to match your outfit to the organization you’re interviewing with. So, before you go in find out what their dress code is. You could search their website, talk with a friend that works there, or just ask the recruiter working with you. If they’re just casual dress casual, business casual business casual, business professional . . . you get the idea. Research shows people are more comfortable when they’re dressed alike. Plus, it’s a lot easier for interviewers to visualize you working there if you . . . . . . well . . . look like you work there. Hey is this where the interview is at? Alright! Lookin’ good. So, what exactly are the different dress code types? Let’s break them down. As a general rule of thumb, business professional means suits or blazer and dress pants, buttoned down shirts, ties, pant suits or skirts, and nice shoes. Business casual usually means dress slacks, chinos or khakis, tucked in buttoned down or polo shirts, blouse and dress pants, or a skirt, or maybe a conservative dress and scuff free shoes. When dressing casually for an interview, you can’t go wrong with collard shirts conservative pants, maybe even a comfortable dress, and shoes without too much wear and tear. If you’re ever in doubt err on the side of over dressing. This may be less than ideal, but over dressing can give the impression that you really care and that’s usually a good thing. Let’s take a minute now to discuss DO’s and DON’Ts. Above all else, do dress well. Always wear your best outfits. Research shows that well-dressed employees are more trusted and appear more confident and successful. But also, be comfortable. Dressing comfortably reduces stress. So, even if you need to wear business professional clothes for an interview, be sure you’re true to yourself and comfortable. “And I’m like buddy I’ve never even been to Michigan.” [Laughing] “Stop it! Stop it! You’re killin’ me.” [Laughing] Being uncomfortable is going to increase your stress levels and that’s not going to do you any favors. Are you okay? Along a similar vein, wear clothes that fit your body well. If you wear clothes that don’t fit well, again, it will show. Hopefully this goes without saying, but make sure you and your clothes are clean. Always appear well groomed, freshly bathed and germ free. You want to look sharp not smell sharp. Good hygiene is expected. Poor hygiene is a distraction and leaves a bad impression. OK. Now let’s discuss the don’ts. Casual doesn’t mean pajamas or gym clothes. It’s still important to look
polished and professional no matter what. So, leave those clothes at home. Also avoid shorts, hats, flip flops, and if you want to play it safe, jeans, especially holey jeans. On the flip side, don’t dress too formal. You can leave the tux and prom dress at home. And despite how attractive you are avoid revealing clothes, low necklines, short skirts, visible underwear, and whatever this guy’s wearing, just . . . just . . . don’t. Also, avoid clothing that makes you appear immature. Really it comes down to this: avoid anything that is distracting. So don’t wear really large accessories or too many accessories, or outdated clothes, flashy clothes, bright neon colors. Don’t wear too much cologne or perfume, or sunglasses on your head, top hats, fake mustaches, or Ronald Reagan ski masks, or . . . [Laughs] Ron Reagan ski mask. That’s not a thing. Bottom line you want the interviewers to talk about you afterward not what you were wearing. Remember an interview is your chance to show why you are qualified for a job. And, when you do your homework and wear the right clothes, while avoiding the wrong clothes, you give yourself a better chance to leave a good impression and get that job. So go out there and nail that interview. I believe in you. My greatest strength. I’d say judgment, knowing how to act what to say. Or how to dress? Absolutely. Hmmm. What About your greatest
weaknesses? I’m freezing like all the time. Do you guys have the AC on blast or something?

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  1. great video! we actually put a link to this video in our invite email template (in bamboohr) to help our candidates prepare for their in-person interview

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