What the Cool Albertan Chicks Wear

What the Cool Albertan Chicks Wear

hi there it’s October the 8th 2019
remember I live in north central Alberta and a large metropolitan area and today
is the first day that gave me a definite warning that winter is a-comin and it’s
going to be coming soon today when I woke up it was below freezing according
to the thermometer and the high was only supposed to get a little bit above the
freezing mark and so I knew I was going to have to wear a good winter coat and a
pair of mitts because I was going on my power chair that creates a lot of wind
again to my face especially if I’m in hurry to get somewhere and I cranked up
the speed to a whole 6 km/h but anyhow the wind today happened to be coming
from the north and I was headed north so it was hitting my face I was nice and
toasty warm from the neck down I had mitts on but I forgot a hat and
I’ve got short hair now so I was losing a lot of body heat through my scalp
that’s why newborns always get those little caps they’re not because they’re
just cute which they are anyhow that got me thinking I thought you might want to
know what typical Albertan woman might put on as far as outerwear all within
one month of the month of October because it’s a month of a lot of changes
and a lot of changes back and forth forgive me if my head is cut off in
these little shots I’m doing now this is a pretty light weight but longer sweat
shirt hoodie whatever you want to call it I can zip it up I can wear it
underneath it’s something that’s a little bit more loose it does have a
hood on it so I would learn this and temperatures
that are probably about 12 to 16 Celsius or around 40 to 55 Fahrenheit and I
would feel nice and snug as long answer isn’t a wind out if it’s windy out I can
wear that same sweatshirt which I have still got on underneath this this is
extremely lightweight but it’s pretty thick in the arms so I can wear it with
sweaters under it and keep nice and warm and this is relatively wind proof so I’m
pretty safe from the wind as well now let’s say that there’s rain in the
forecast are very light snow flurries so the temperature is hovering a few
degrees above the freezing point this is a wind proof water-resistant
rain jacket that does not have any lining in it but it is significantly
warm as long as I wear layers under it right now I’m wearing a 3/4 sleeve
t-shirt so it probably wouldn’t be warm enough in that temperatures but if I
just wear a long sleeved t-shirt I’m absolutely warm if I’m a little bit
more chilly I might wear a little bit of a heavier sweater but nothing overly
bulky because the wind is what really gets you cold here what’s that wind
chill comes in and this helps with that immensely a Hoodie with a hood that has
got drawstrings can really keep you warm I could put this under my raincoat with
a light t-shirt under it and let’s say somebody invited me to a camp fire and
yeah we still do that once in a while this time of year this would be
absolutely perfect because when the temperature you’re close to the fire you
get too hot you can just take off one there at a time until you’re comfortable
and you need to always have these things handy and it’s important to have them
light weight so you’re not sweating if you start to sweat when you’re wearing
winter clothes you can make those clothes a little bit damp which can
cause their insulating factor to go down so that’s another thing you need to be
careful of oh and by the way this hoodie this sweatshirt it’s kind of a
collector’s item now because the people who I bought it from they had a YouTube
channel which they is still up there it’s called Two Meander but they’ve kind
of gone their own ways now so this is a collectible I have started quite a
collection of open cardigans like this one that allows me to put t-shirts under
or even take tops under whatever they keep me nice and warm but to give me the
flexibility if things get too hot I can take it off and be comfortable in a
light t-shirt depending on the heating situation of wherever I happen to be
what do I wear when it is really cold out I wear this jacket which is quite
heavy it’s quite thick it’s very well insulated you’ll notice the arms are
tight around the wrists with velcro straps that stops the wind from going up
it I can also adjust the waistline so it cinches in more as well you’ll also
notice that there are snaps here when it is windy even five miles per hour
the wind chill can really take a toll so we zip up all the way and we snap all
the way all the way to the bottom as well so we are warm I also have double
knit mitts these are the ones that I usually wear when we’re below freezing
and I’m going to be outside for a while these keep my hands
warm why not gloves? Mitts allow your fingers to press
in one to another so they’re all in a nice little cocoon when you’re wearing
gloves each finger is kind of doing its own thing by itself it’s protected
usually by a very thin layer of material and so you are open to all the elements
though and it’s really cold and you’re not doing something that requires a lot
of dexterity mitts are the way to go and that’s what a Canadian chick living in
north central Alberta could wear at one point or another in the month of October
go Canada

6 Replies to “What the Cool Albertan Chicks Wear”

  1. Very smart girl wearing layers in that cold weather…also very brave…I hate the cold, so I’ll just stay in THANK YOU 😂 Hang on to that TwoMeander Merch 💰 😳 I love those huge mittens, now they looked really really warm as did most of your winter outerwear!! Wind proof is very good!! GO CANADA 🇨🇦😂🌵✌🏼 You’re so cute!!!!!

  2. Sad but true, Winter is a coming! We are suppose to get our first snow Thursday into Friday. Way to early though! Thanks for sharing Katherine!

  3. Hi Katherine🌨️⛄🏔️☃️❄️ It seems like one day it was summer, and someone turned off the light switch. And when it was turned back on, it was winter. You make a great model 😍. And you look great in your winter clothes.

  4. What a fun, fashionable and informative video, Katherine! Red looks great on you ❤️. From your newly converted, mitten-wearing friend, JoAnn 🥶 ❄️ 🌨 🌬

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