What to Expect When You Order Fabric from FibreGlast

What to Expect When You Order Fabric from FibreGlast

hi I’m Mike from Fibre Glast today we’re going to show you what to expect when you order our reinforcement fabrics we’ll use a prepack and a cut to length section of 1069 twill weave carbon fiber this Perfect Line tape prevents fraying and allows for a clean straight cut the light adhesive makes it easy for
you to remove after cutting the fabric to length on a measuring table we band each fabric so it doesn’t slip off the core and it arrives in good condition we then bag the fabric so that it’s clean and protected because laminate strength depends on continuous unbroken fibers we pack the fabric in bubble wrap so it won’t rattle in the box or slide off the core one of the benefits of ordering from
Fibre Glast is that we have the lot number order number length and the date it was cut to each custom cut we take pride in our consistent careful and professional packaging and shipping
process we want to make sure that your fabric
arrives in good condition every single time here’s the cut to length fabric roll this is how it will arrive to you thanks for watching be sure to check out Fibre Glast dot com for our wide selection of reinforcement fabrics be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos

5 Replies to “What to Expect When You Order Fabric from FibreGlast”

  1. Who manufactures the measuring table you use? I am looking for a rolling/measuring table, and cannot find one. Is it automated? Thanks!

  2. Hi Tom,

    We are currently looking into offering a table like the one in this video. Sorry I don't have anything firm to respond with right now, but we plan to have something in the next few months.

  3. Glad to see you are concerned with professionalism in shipping. I cannot tell you how many products I get from other companies that are damaged because of poor packaging. Definitely a selling bonus and a reason to shop with you.

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