28 Replies to “What To Sell On Ebay In 2017 – Top Selling Clothing To Make Money On Ebay”

  1. Loved listening to you very entertaining and I stayed the whole time even though I usually have a short attention span

  2. when you realize you saw a Schott jacket at the bins today, but your phone was died….. didn't get it 🙁

  3. Hey man I was recently suspended from selling on eBay due to a friend's idea. Amazon seems to be more complex. How do you suggest I get started on Amazon?

  4. you are selling used clothing not new clothing i am a designer looking to sell my unique work? how is your approach applicable?

  5. LOL "Why are you wearing used clothing?" I recently picked up some great Nike Air sneakers at Goodwill. My wife looked at me and said "Nobody is going to wear some crusty old used shoes". About 5 minutes later, we drove past a bowling alley. I just pointed. (BTW – I made over $100 on 2 pairs of 'crusty old used shoes')

  6. haha you will not find Canada Goose here in Canadian thrift stores – waaaay too pricey! I have a CG jacket and it's absolutely amazing

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