What to Wear at an Audition | The Audition Process with Bob Funk

What to Wear at an Audition | The Audition Process with Bob Funk

When I was in college, they did not teach the audition process. We were taught how
to act, how to build sets, those kinds of things, but they didn’t teach us how to get jobs. And so several years ago, I was asked by publishing company, after they saw me do a workshop on how
to get work, to write a book, and I did. It’s called
The Audition Process, and it’s the book that you’re required to read for this class. You can
be the greatest actor in the world, but if you do not know how to audition, you will not get jobs. And that’s what this class is about, I’m going to try and give you some tips, some things that you can use that might give you an up on your competition. And it is
competition. How are you going to beat them out? How are you going to make an impression
that will get you work? Now, one of the first things that I want
to talk about is, when does the audition begin? Most people think that the audition begins when they
walk out on stage to do their monologue, or to do a cold reading. The audition begins when you arrive from the time that you get to wherever you’re doing
the audition onto you leave you’re being watched think about that there’s nothing worse than going to a
convention he spent a lotta money to be able to
audition and then to make a bad impression before
you ever get out on the stage so from the time that you arrive until the time that you believe you are
on your best behavior you are auditioning one time I was adjudicating for the om Alabama southeastern theatre
conference auditions now these are the screening auditions
that you have to go through before they let you go to the Rio audition in the
spring they’re held in the fall the hotel that
I was staying at was where all the auditioners we’re staying
at throughout the night I ate listened as a
wild party kept me awake in the room next to me trust me I found out who was in that
room guess who didn’t go on your audition is always happening whether you’re in
your room whether you’re going down to the bar for
a drink whether you’re going out to eat be on
your best behavior now let’s talk about what you wear at an audition for film it’s often suggested that you wear
something that really suggests the character that you’re reading for you’re often told also to bring the
opposite know what that means is for example say you were being asked to audition for
detective I you there are several ways a detective
could dress one of the first ones comes from like the film noir Rd you know the trench coat the that
hacked %ah thus baggy suit I could take that to
the audition but what if the person the detective with someone working the streets so I
may also wanna take something other than the baggy suit maybe a jeans and a t-shirt if I arrive early at
the audition I can find out a little more about the
character what the character actually would be
wearing this would give me time then to go and change now that will happen for most theater
auditions the acting for the stage is different you don’t really wanna dress as the
character know but there’s nothing wrong with
suggesting character for example if it’s a period play I and I’m a man I may wanna show up with
a suit and tie on this would give me a sense serve a are
wearing more period clothing I i could. given a better sense of character than I
would if I showed up in jeans and t-shirt if I were a woman I I would one wear a
long dress may be addressed that for that’s flowing
this will also allow me to give a better sense of period on won the big mistakes that a lot of
theater people do units 1 I’m guilty have right now not
wearing black fear people tend to wear black in
auditions that’s usually not a good idea the problem is is that most theaters
have black curtains and when you walk out in front of the
curtain at your audition you blend in with the background and you
look like a lil bobbing head issue go across the stage one suggested is to wear collars I not bright collars but on you know blues greens I things that will help to set of your
aunts and also bring focus to your face
because the most important thing at an audition is showing the on his if I wear really bright colors the light
will bounce off when I’m wearing and that will still focus from the
Army’s but something a little more bland look better II I was once told that for television auditions if you’re
auditioning for film where are blue light blue looks really
good also off for some reason plaid looks
really good on film anything again that will bring focus
back to the eyes back to the face that’s what you want to do whether
you’re on camera or whether you’re on fifth on on stage
live performance on dress nice don’t go to an audition looking ragged I’m also try not to be too trendy they’re not looking for that day they
wanna see the character where things that will
suggest character without wearing cost you on most are being trendy number two years
ago I had a stupid she was a great actress and I’m unfortunately she she thought she was
too short to act in wanna places she was always
worried about trying to make urself look poor well we worked on an audition piece %uh for
her to wear southeastern theatre conference
auditions I we talked about what she was going to
wear and then when she went to the audition
she wore nothing that we talked about you when out she bought a very very
short very tight miniskirt she thought that
would show off her body and she war I think they were three or
four inch heels she didn’t practice her piece wearing
the heels so she walked down gave her name and
number started to move is she auditioned and the heels one out from under our
feet she fell on the floor and sheep showed the on directors a lot
more than but she probably wanted to do in that
short miniskirt I need to say she didn’t get the job so where footwear that is comfortable the chicken movie in but looks good wear clothing that looks good %ah some bomb people at times have said women should wear skirt I don’t know
that’s necessarily true I think you can wear slacks but you
don’t want to wear things that are too baggy nor too tight theater there you don’t want to hide who you are try not to to I’ll wear clothing that
hide what you look like I it doesn’t matter if you’re POB heavy
doesn’t matter if you’re thin you are who you are that’s who’s coming
to audition that’s what you got to show them wear
clothes that are comfortable but also which you can move in and show your body and that will bring us around to the
next lesson which I’m gonna talk about headshot

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  1. well said sir these tip are very intresting really looking forward from learning more from you about acting and how i my self can make it into the acting world..I wonder were i could get an copy of your book.

  2. I'm auditioning for the addams family today, in order to suggest the character, I would wear black, but obviously you shouldn't wear black to n audition. What should I do?

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