What to Wear at Rehearsal + How to Look Cute! | feat. YogaClub

What to Wear at Rehearsal + How to Look Cute! | feat. YogaClub

hey you guys what's up it's me Catherine and in today's video we're going to talk all about what to wear to rehearsal along with that we're going to talk about where I get my rehearsal gear what kind I get style tips on how to look cute even though you're sweating up a storm in the dance studio and how to look good after rehearsal so basically an all-encompassing rehearsal style tips video before we get any further I wanted to let you guys know that today's video is brought to you in part by yoga club which is amazing I'm still freaking out that someone's so cool those but the theater Thursday fan exists so huge shout out to yoga Club for sponsoring this video thank you guys so much also shout out to the theatre Thursday fam obviously yoga Club wouldn't know who I am or who we are if it weren't for you guys so thank you guys so much for always being the best we're one step closer to taking over Broadway and then the world so keep an eye out later on in the video I'll definitely be mentioning yoga club as one of my top tips on how to look cute in the rehearsal studio also if you're new to my channel hello and welcome my name's Katherine Steele I put out a new feed a related video on every major Thursday plus I do bonus uploads throughout the week so if you haven't already you'd like to go ahead and hit subscribe that way you get notified for all future videos if you get to join the theater Thursday fam bursts we take over Broadway and then the world I like how we're only a couple of seconds into this video and I've already managed to creepy zoomin it's going great but without any further ado let's get into the video so first off let's talk about why you should look cute during rehearsal I know how weird that sounds but hear me out I took a master class is a really well respected well known Broadway choreographer a few years back and they personally believed that everyone in the cast should be in full hair full makeup look totally presentable at every rehearsal I don't know if I necessarily agree that you need to be in full glam for rehearsal but I think that choreographer had a point the idea behind it was that they were always bringing in producers casting directors press people that you want to look presentable for people who might assist you in getting another job I think there is definitely a value to looking put together so here are a couple of really easy tips on how to do that what to wear so what do people wear to rehearsal the current industry standards for rehearsal wear is either dance gear or activewear the key to rehearsal gear is that you want to be able to move so that being said something like jeans or a dress with nothing under it would be not super appropriate for rehearsal of course it depends on the show but nine times out of ten it's a no-go where to shop this is a question I get asked a ton as well unfortunately nice active wear is sometimes very expensive and let's be real here even if you do have the budget to buy the nicest things all the time it's nice to save money where you can so if you haven't heard of yoga Club here's the deal there are subscription service so you choose one of their plans and they send you super discounted super cute activewear right to your doorstep you take a quiz on their website so they know your color preferences your sizing once you fill that out their stylist put together the perfect outfit for you and surprise you with something super cute so I went on their website I filled it out I got this super cute sports bra these leggings which I am hardcore in love with part of it is mesh I feel like I'm in Chicago it's got the same grade so it matches and an athletic top also it's super low-cut in the back so you can see all of the strappy Strappies on the sports bra all of these items are from high-end activewear brands it's not like an in-house brand like you're getting nice stuff or a huge discount so the box that they sent me retails for $79 on their website but look at this okay the leggings if I had bought them alone just off of their website would have been $80 so they sent me a one hundred and eighty one dollars of active wear and you only pay 79 you're in the market for high-end active wear yoga club makes it a lot more affordable so if you guys want to try it out and can use code Kathryn 20 for 20% off your first box it's not a commission thing I'm not making any money off of the code I'm really really happy with what they sent me so thank you yoga Club for the awesome stuff and thank you for sponsoring this video so onto some styling tips so I'm sure you guys have heard this before but black always looks good I love wearing black in the rehearsal room it's slimming it goes with everything it doesn't show sweat and let's be real here I was very very sweaty too sir it's because I keep some well hydrated all the time okay exposed to Nathan up with a little bendy straw today if you're not having a good hair day don't stress about it we'll listen you know you guys notice how often Santino wears baseball caps like believe me I'm not complaining he knows how to rock a baseball cap but why is there always the big compound probably Illuminati when you're building your rehearsal wear wardrobe shop for pieces that can mix and match together so when I go shopping I kind of keep in mind what pieces I already have in love that way I don't run into the classic problem of having a bunch of clothes yet no outfits to wear I don't do this all the time but I definitely do it if I know I'm going to have a long day at rehearsal or if we're going to be taking publicity pictures or if it's media day something like that plan your outfit the night before it's so helpful to know that you already have something you all chosen out for you if you're a human with a lot of hair like me then you've probably run into many a director yelling at you for having it in your face ah memories so something that I've been trying out recently is going onto YouTube and looking for new hair tutorials and looking for new ways to keep it out of my face I've definitely been known to rock a scrunchie or two in my day ribbons the other kind of ribbons by those to amp up your ponytail game I usually get my leotards and tights off of discount dance warehouse what I like to do is find one leotard that I really love and the sizing fits me and the cut is good and they'll buy a couple of different colors in that family oh that way I can switch it up throughout the rehearsal week this one is a game changer I just started it this past year depending on the flooring in your rehearsal studio you might be able to wear sneakers I invested in this pair I got it from the Nike outlet for a huge discount they're super lightweight which is really nice if you're going to be dancing for a really long time but most importantly the sole of the shoe is light colored that way you don't leave black streaks across the dance studio floor of course only some rehearsal studios let you wear street shoes so definitely check in first this is just kind of a life tip always keep an extra hair tie a lightweight jacket and knee pads in your rehearsal bag even if you're doing a show where you don't think you'll need them it's way better to be over-prepared than under how to look cute after rehearsal so this is definitely my newest section of tips that I've started implementing in that everyday less I don't know about you guys but I love going out with my friends after rehearsal sometimes we'll grab dinner sometimes Coffee sometimes will just hang out here's how I look a little more human in a very short amount of time one of my favorite things to do is to bring a regular jacket a denim jacket or an army jacket a cardigan faux leather jacket whatever you like to wear it definitely helps transition rehearsal wear pieces into everyday athleisure pieces oh my gosh pants pants saved my life I realize that now sounds like I usually don't wear pants if you're wearing a leotard or something else similarly very Dancy bring a regular pair of pants I love pairing my leotard with a pair of shorts or maybe some high-waisted jeans body suits are super in right now and a leotard basically looks like a bodysuit so style it the same way you would one of those yes I keep wearing my leotards in public and people keep thinking their body suits accessorize a hat a scarf a watch some jewelry sunglasses all of those can definitely help you look a little more put together and my number one post rehearsal tip is to bring an emergency little touch-up bag in my touch-up bag I like to have some face powder some body spray breath strips a hairbrush lipstick sometimes some dry shampoo can really help of course all of these tips are just for fun and my personal preference don't feel the need to follow them only follow them if you want to I hope you guys are having a great day I love you so much break a leg and I will see you guys next time bye how to look cool that was a voice crack

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  1. Whaaaat should you wear if you have minimal to no dancing in the show or if it isn't a dance-heavy show period? :0

  2. Aaahhh I love your advice videos so much, I just got casted in my first musical at my school and your videos have answered all my questions! ❤️

  3. This helped so so much! Thanks Kat! And I love the Cats reference "Memories" is probably my favorite song from Cats😂

  4. " Half the fun is to plan the plan" 5:03 nice Sweeney Todd Reference 😂😂

    Also all the other ones but The Sweeney Todd one was the one that caught my eye.

  5. Hi Kath, any tips for dance calls? I’m not a dancer (I take classes when I can) but a pretty good mover, and new to singing and musicals overall. Last show I auditioned for I was amazed that I was called back after the singing round but cut after dance call! I always assumed that was my greater strength 🙈💃 I had a dance teacher recently tell me I’m always slightly behind the music because I’m watching other people – maybe that’s it?

  6. Is it bad that halfway through the first month of rehearsal I give up trying to look cute and just wear pajamas during rehearsal?

  7. What about on a first day rehearsal? It always changes for me! One musical, it could just be icebreakers. But another musical it will be choreography right away.

  8. All of my dancing clothes are hideous, so the director helps me by always giving me the dancing roles. Thanks, man.

  9. In dress rehearsal it’s a new story for me. The Pajamas come out unless it’s a too show day, where we go for food in between shows!.

  10. I’m on a Katherine Steele marathon, because I’m going to be a part of a show called Terra Incognita. Being a young actress I find Katherine’s videos very helpful.

  11. I met Santino Fontana a few years back and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life and i can confirm that he wheres baseball caps all the time.

  12. Hey Katherine! I'm currently rehearsing for a production of Into The Woods and I'm super excited because I was cast as The Bakers Wife but now I've also been cast as Little Red in another cast aghhhh! Any tips on how to learn two completely different roles at the same time? Much love xxx

  13. what I wear on a regular school day: sweater/hoodie, jeans, doc martins, earrings, necklace, bracelets

    what I wear on a school day with rehearsal after school: tank top, flannel so I can tie it around my waist, leggings, slip on shoes so I can change to my dance shoes, no jewelry

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