What to Wear Back To College | Eggie Haul

What to Wear Back To College | Eggie Haul

(chill techno music) – Hey, everyone! It’s your girl, Jenn, and I
can’t believe back-to-school is right around the corner. I thought that this
would be the perfect time to drop my back-to-school
collection with Eggie. There’s a ton of great new
pieces that you can wear on campus or off. Honestly, it’s just a
great array of fall pieces so let’s just dive right in to it. So let’s chat about tops first. Here I have the Sunny Days Jumper. This is a bright, yellow
long-sleeve sweater that just makes you feel super cheerful. This is your perfect cozy-cropped sweater with sleeves that are oversized. There’s this cute blue
stripe on the sleeves and also in the center. I think that this is super
adorable with high-waisted items and I love how bright and cheery it is. Next up we’ve got the Lone Ranger. This is a comfy cropped hoodie. And this comes in two colorways. First we have this adorable pink. I love the material
because it’s super soft and it kind of reminds me a
little of the scuba fabric. It’s really substantial and I love how it has a
lot of shape on it’s own. Now, here is the black and red version. This one’s a little bit more edgy. This also has a zipper
where you can wear it all the way up or casually down. You have a little pocket on your stomach where you can keep your phone or other random goodies inside. I love that it’s functional and chic. So, now we have the Pax Hoodie. This is a normal length. It’s just an ultra-soft oversized hoodie in this lovely gray color. This is a nice and relaxed
fit so it’s perfect on the days where you just
gotta get out the door. I love the billowy sleeves,
pocket in the center and the chunky drawstrings. Moving on to the Bobbi Blouse. This is definitely for those days where you want to get a little bit
more dressed up for school. This is a tartan fitted blouse with a chic ruffle detail
all around the neck. It’s got a scrunch effect on the arms so you can wear it up or down
depending on how you feel. This top is great for when
you want to look a little bit more presentable and
ready to tack on a long day. So, this is another formal looking top. This is the Beverly Blouse. And it’s kind of like the revamped version of the Ruff House Blouse
from the first collection. This is kind of like the
updated version of the classic, crisp white button down. But it has ruffles to
make it more interesting. I love the cold-shoulder
detail and how clean and preppy it makes you look. Now let’s chat about the Selma Top. This is black blouse that’s fitted. It’s got a wider neckline so you can show off your decolletage. I love the little lettuce
ruffle on the sleeves and it’s got a little bow in the center. This is great basic that you can wear over and over again in your wardrobe. So, now I want to show
you some graphic tees. This is the Eggie Academy Tee. If you want some school spirit
and enroll in Eggie Academy, this is just a fun little
uniform you can rock. Obviously, Cheeki is our mascot so she’s right in the center. And I love that it’s
kinda like a baseball tee so you have that nice and sporty feel. Now, here’s the PE Tee. This reminds me of middle
school when we had to write out our names in our PE shirt. This is pretty similar on
what we’d wear on the field. But I put a little twist to it. We put some Korean, it says
haggyo, which is school. And it’s in this nice gray and blue combo which looks really casual and effortless. The next tee I have is called Vocalize. I think this is an
action all of us can do. I think a lot of us keep a
lot of pent up energy inside and it’s important to process and vocalize what we’re thinking. The letters are scattered which gives it a deconstructed feel and I chose this cute pinky-peach shade with red
to add a splash of color. This is another basic you
can add to your closet. This is called the Pinky Tee. It’s in this light blush
color on this ribbed fabric. It’s also got a baby doll
fit, so it’s really cropped and small and it’s perfect to wear on it’s own or for layering. This long-sleeve is called The Brad. It really plays around
with the color block trend. So we’ve got this vibrant red on top, white and then this mustard shade. There’s a zipper where
you can unzip the bottom and miraculously turn it into a crop top. I mean, I’m still pretty
addicted to crop tops and so I wanted to be able to
satisfy my needs and yours. Okay, so this is one of my
favorite graphic tees we have. This is called the Doggie Tee. And it has a bunch of random dog breeds illustrated in the center. We’ve got a wide selection
of dogs and most importantly, Cheeki is on here. She’s actually a Multipoo
but we wanted to put her name just so we can pay our tribute to her. The last top we have is called
the Teacher’s Pet Sweater. I like to wear it as a dress but you can obviously
wear some skinny pants or some chinos for a nice preppy look. I love the cable knit
pattern and the big V-neck that has stripes on it. This is such a sexy, yet scholarly look that you can wear from day to night. So, now we are gonna
move on to matching sets because I’ve got quite a few of them. This is the Detention Set. The blazer is in this sick tartan print and it’s definitely a heavier jacket. Great for the fall and the winter. It’s lined so it’s really structured. It also has buttons
that cascade on the back and it just gives you
that formal, crisp look that may inspire you to
study a little bit harder. So, this is a skirt that matches with it. It’s in that same print
with silver hardware. And it has a cute little
ruffle at the bottom and this chain detail just
gives it so much edge. This is a badass set
that’s gonna inspire you to have a little sass in class. The next set is called AP and
it’s inspired by AP classes. This is another matching
blazer and short combo. I love this navy and green plaid print. It’s got pockets, it’s
lined and these shorts are in a paperback style so
they’re super comfy to wear. This set looks so bomb
together but you can easily pair it individually as well. Y’all know how much I love cropped things. So, here we have a cropped matching set. This is the Noon Blazer and it’s in this cozy corduroy material. It also has this really
sick silver hardware where you can clasp them closed or open. This is definitely something
with more of an edge. The skirt is just a
continuation of the set. It’s in a tan corduroy material with the silver hardware, as well. It’s got pockets and I just love the way these two look together. This next set is called Leche. The top is this cream
long-sleeve with ribbing detail. It’s just really lush and clean looking. It goes perfectly with the Leche Bottom, which is a ribbed, cream miniskirt with cute cut outs at the legs. I think it does a really
good job elongating you and making you look like a creamy dream. I wanted something with
a little bit of sheen in this collection, so here
we have the Sheena Set. The top is pretty similar
to the Lone Ranger but we made it in this
really shiny, satin material. It’s also got this
elastic band in the waist so you can crop it to
whatever length you want. The Sheena Bottoms are
a great track bottom. It’s got pockets and they
feel loose and flowy. And as a set, you’re just
look like you are on varsity. So, the last set we have is pretty casual. It’s called the 3PM, which
is my favorite time of day. It’s this denim on denim scenario. We’ve got this cropped denim jacket with contrasting black accents on the pockets and the collar. I think it coordinates
really well with the skirt which also has contrasting pockets. This is a really cute set
that you can wear during this weird summer and fall transition time because it’s still hot but
you wanna be involved in fall. So this is a really good
thing to meet in the middle. Okay, so we’ve got some
really cool outerwear pieces. First, we have The Player. This is a navy windbreaker-like jacket, but it’s more structured. It’s got this net lining inside and the best part about it is the embroidery near the zipper. It has Eggie embroidery all on it so you do not forget
what team you support. This also has zip pockets,
so if you put stuff inside, you won’t lose it, which is always a plus because I lose everything. The next jacket is called The Coach. This is an oversized
coach jacket in black, but the lining inside
is this fabulous yellow so you can flash a bit of
color while you wear it. And my favorite thing about this jacket is that you can also make it cropped by ripping off the snaps. I personally think it
looks so bomb that way and it’s great because
with this type of style you’re getting two jackets for one. Alright, so let’s move
on over to bottoms now. Here I have the Troubadour Trouser. This is high-waisted with this
asymmetrical silver snapping. The silver details are also
on the calves, as well. And I love the slight bell bottom it has. I think it does a really
good job elongating you. I’ve been loving to wear
these pants because these are like my updated version of the
American Apparel Disco Pant. With these, I get the
sheen, I get the elongation but it’s got a nice different silhouette. Next up, we’ve got the Linda Trouser. These are also pants that
I’ve been wearing nonstop. I wasn’t actually supposed
to wear this collection before it got out, but
I just made an exception with these pants because
they’re so damn comfy and chic. These are a relaxed and
oversized high-waisted trouser. And they’re in that nice
thick corduroy material. It has silver details in the buttons and it’s got zippers on the sides. These are just beyond
comfortable and they just make you look put together. So, the next pair of pants
I have are beyond cool. These are called The Baddie. This is kind of like a nod
to the 2000’s, millennium kind of mid-calf cargo pant situation. They’re in a cool, funky teal color. And they’re kind of like a
cargo, they’re pretty much like cargo pants but a lot cooler. I love wearing this with a white tank and I think it’s just a really
great easy breezy bottom. So, now let’s chat about
the only pair of denim I have in this collection. This is called the Zip It Denim. It’s in this cropped
bell bottom silhouette. And it’s got this cute
stitching on the back. At the end, it just flairs
out and I think it’s so cute. I love the raw hem on the bottom and they’ve just been my
favorite go-to jeans these days. Alright, so for the last
section, we’ve got dresses. I put dresses last because
I know a lot of people don’t feel comfortable
wearing dresses at school. But, I thought I’d put in
a few in this collection anyway because I loved
wearing dresses at school. So, the first one we
have is called the Maria. This is an overall dress in
this really cute pinky shade. The length of it is a little bit longer to match school dress codes,
but honestly, I feel like this whole haul is geared
more to people in college. And you don’t have a dress code in college so you can be more
experimental, but regardless, I just wanted to make that note. This next dress is called the Noon. It kind of goes in with
the other Noon set we have, but we decided to make it a
really cute overall dress. I love the sweetheart
neckline and the pockets at the waist and I think
this would look super cute with something white or black underneath if you want to layer with it. The final item we have is
called the Boardroom Dress. This originally had sleeves
but we had to take them out because it looked a little too stuffy. But now it’s just kind of like a really chic party dress, I guess. I don’t know if anyone would
actually wear this to school, but I thought we would still
keep it in the collection because this is something
that you can wear to celebrate after your studies. Alright guys that is a wrap on
my back-to-school collection. I would love it if you would let me know your favorite pieces in
the comments down below. You can shop all these pieces at Eggie.us And, yeah, I guess before
I left, I wanted to make my usual spiel about not being
afraid to overdress at school. For me, if your passion is in fashion, there is no need to water down your style just because you might get judged by a group of people at school. For me, when I was in
college, every day was a new opportunity for me to express myself. And when I felt congruent
internally and externally, it really helped me have
a good mindset in school. And I think a good attitude is key when you’re studying and you’re stressed and you’re trying to memorize stuff. So, take care of yourself. You know, this is a
little bit of self-care. I think, feeling presentable
and feeling good about yourself is a good practice that
you should try out. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye! (slow rhythm and blues music)

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