What to Wear: Date Outfit // Girls vs. The City Season 2

What to Wear: Date Outfit // Girls vs. The City Season 2

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are dating?! Okay, I am ready for my date. What do you think? Oh no, that’s… you know what? You look like Jennifer Garner. That’s nice. No, no, no like 13 going on 30 Jennifer Garner… boring. Yeah, okay Maybe try something a bit nicer? Oooo nope. Try something more casual What no that’s – too casual. Too casual, got it. You look like Jack Johnson. Hmm? What is that?! Business casual. Did you get that from my mom?! She leant it to me! CHANGE. Nope Huhh?? It’s the Nurse thing.. No that is not the nurse thing. Really? Wrong thing. Okay, well I don’t know this is it .. this is all I have now .. YES Yes, That is it. This? This is it. Yes.Trust me. Perfect. Yayyy!! Okay, I’m going to meet “Brent, 28″… Yeah, bye! Have fun! What’s this? I’m just going to seeing what all this ‘Queer Eye’ stuff’s all about Ohhh .. you haven’t seen any of it? No. Cool. So, like.. episode 1. Mm, first one. Yeah. Right… Yeah … is that .. popcorn? Mmm, it’s “Boomchicka Pop”. Very low fat.It’s good .. for you. Okay, well Here I go. Yeah, have fun. Dates are FUN. Have a great time. Thank youuu. Might get lucky .. with .. “Brent”. *Through tears* Oh my God, he gonna come out to his Step Mom?! Stop it! Oh my God, he’s so beautiful .. inside and out!

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  1. HAHA that red outfit screams Eddie Murphy, circa 1983 Delirious. I'm also quite partial to the Jack Johnson look

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