What to Wear For Your Ex Boyfriend (To Get Him Back)

What to Wear For Your Ex Boyfriend (To Get Him Back)

How’s it going, Tubesters? Brad Browning here with another video for
specifically the ladies out there. Sorry guys, I’ll have another video for
you soon. But for the ladies… I’ve been getting a lot of questions about
what you should wear if you want to get your ex boyfriend back. And specifically, how to dress for your ex
boyfriend after your period of no contact. While I’m not the most super stylish person
in the world, I do know certain psychological tips and tricks that will help you drive your
ex boyfriend with desire. Now before I begin, I first have to say that
in order to win your ex boyfriend back and make him commit to you, you have to follow
some of the other videos that I’ve made here on YouTube…so if you haven’t already,
just click the red subscribe button right below this video and you’ll get notified
whenever I release a new video! Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s begin… TIP NUMBER ONE – Wear The Colour Red This one is heavily based on science… so
listen up closely. A recent study at the University of Rochester
found that the colour red is one of the most attractive colours to men. The study featured a number of participants
that were told to rate the attractiveness of women in front of red, black, blue, white,
and green backgrounds. Turns out…the women that were standing in
front of the red backgrounds were rated as more attractive than the women standing in
front of other coloured backgrounds. Pretty cool, right? Also, in another experiment, waitresses in
France were told to wear different coloured lipsticks… and then they were told to keep
track of the amount of tips they got by the end of the night. The result? The waitresses that were wearing red lipsticks
ended up getting the most tips! So if you’re planning a rendezvous with
your ex boyfriend after a period of no contact, consider wearing something red… and it’ll
be sure to make him slightly more drawn to you. TIP NUMBER TWO – Don’t Wear Too Much Perfume After helping thousands of women get back
together with their ex boyfriends, I’ve noticed a common trend when these women are
trying to woo their exes back… they were too much darn perfume! Women that wear too much perfume will, excuse
my pun, reek of desperation. Instead, make sure that whatever you choose
to wear, whether it be perfume, makeup, or clothes… make sure that you’re being subtle. If you’re completely dressed to the nines,
it’ll look like you’re trying way too hard and your ex boyfriend will be able to
tell what’s going on. So remember, less is more! TIP NUMBER THREE – Wear Something That Will
Remind Him Of An Intimate Moment If you’ve read my Ex Factor Guide, then
you know that getting your ex boyfriend back is all about creating emotional attraction. And one of the best ways you can increase
the amount of emotional attraction he has for you is to remind him of an important moment
you two shared together. It could be that jacket you wore during that
camping trip, or that sexy blouse you wore during a date… just anything that you think
will bring back fond memories of your relationship together with him. And it doesn’t even have to be a piece of
clothing…you could wear a certain perfume or you could do your hair in a way you know
he likes…anything to bring back positive emotions and positive memories. Once he begins to reminisce of the intimate
experiences he had with you, he’ll be putty in your hands and it’ll only be a matter
of sealing the deal with him. For more information on how you can seal the
deal and make your ex-boyfriend come crawling back to you… head over to BreakupBrad.com and watch the
free video presentation. On that website, you’ll discover three psychological
tactics that are scientifically proven to make your ex fall head over heels for you
again, no matter the situation. Again, the URL to that website is BreakupBrad.com
so head over there right after watching this video. TIP NUMBER FOUR – Wear Something Blue! Here’s another scientific fact for you:
people think of the colour blue as “trustworthy”. Ever notice politicians ALWAYS wear either
blue or red? Did you ever watch any of those debates between
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? If you’ve seen any of these political debates,
you’ll notice that male politicians usually wear red or blue ties…and women in politics
are commonly wearing red or blue as well. So if infidelity or trust was an issue in
your relationship, then wearing blue might send him a subconscious message that you’ve
changed! TIP NUMBER FIVE – BE FIT! I know I know…this isn’t so much about
what to wear as how you look while wearing clothes… but I’d be straight up LYING
to you if I said that being fit won’t help getting your ex boyfriend back. Men are visual creatures – we tend to be
drawn to treat women who are attractive much better, which should come to absolutely no
surprise to anyone. So during your 30 days of no contact, you
should dedicate yourself to the gym… you’ll feel better, look better, AND optimize your
chances of getting your boyfriend back. So it’s a win-win-win. And finally, TIP NUMBER SIX – Wear Sexy
Underwear And no, if you’ve watched my videos, then
you’ll know that sleeping with your ex boyfriend right away is NOT a good idea. In fact, I advise against sleeping with your
boyfriend for at LEAST a few weeks after you’ve established contact with him. Why? Because you don’t want to establish a “friends
with benefits” situation… you want him to WANT to be your boyfriend again, right? So why the sexy underwear? Because wearing sexy underwear makes you feel
CONFIDENT…and confidence is a crucial ingredient when trying to win your ex back. So remember to wear your sexy lingerie when
you see your ex! By the way, if you need more tailored advice
for getting your ex back, did you know that you can hire ME as your breakup coach? That’s right… for more details on how
you can hire me, Brad Browning just go to www.BreakupBrad.com/coaching and check out
all the details there. Again, the URL for that is BreakupBrad.com/coaching. Well, that’s all for today! Talk with you ladies soon!

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  1. I want my ex gf back… She is very stubborn….. And now she doesn't want to be in relationship with anyone…. My frends and her friends tried alot to change her mind but she is very stubborn…. What to do?

  2. Sorry I haven't released a video in a long time, guys! Here's one for all the ladies out there… some pretty good psychology in here for guys too! Cheers!

  3. those are so true! Brad has been coaching me for 2 months now, trying to salvage my very broken marriage from a separation and an affair on top. well, i recently died my hair with some red, i wear jeans (blue) and i accessorized with a little bit of red. guess what? he told me that i looked good and he really likes my new hair. It's absolutely working!
    Listen to the guy, he knows what he is talking about! Love you brad! respectfully!

  4. Hey , Brotha Brad. Watching your videos in conjunction with others things helped get my ex back. we've been back for 2 months now. Thanks Brad.

  5. Hi Brad, another great video from you as usual.Just a question.what if my ex is indecisive and not sure about what he wants.We met up briefly 1 week ago and end up hugging and kissing (mutual).But he said one day after that that we are friends but in the moment of passion,he says we are more than friends but not yet a couple and he's enjoying his freedom now.What's up with him?I am currently 1 week into the no contact period and although he wants us to be friends,I've rejected and told him I can't view him as just a Friend before I went on no contact.(We are close to 2 months in our break up now with limited contact in between, if it helps to know).

  6. Hello Brad how are you? I got her back once following your method once. But She left me again for the same guy as before. I don't know what I should do now. She gets very angry if I say something about that guy. Does she love him or something? She left me because I was angry about that guy.

  7. Hey Brad, quick question. We ended things mutually but I want to give it a second shot. She said she wanted to stay friends and I agreed but I don't/didn't really plan on being friends with her, though i haven't told her that. I'm in the beginning of no contact but she sends me snapchats every now and then. She snapschats quite a bit. They're usually something light and causal and nothing about me or the relationship. Could I use this to my advantage or should I just ignore them. We don't really communicate in any other way. It's kinda a long distance thing. Thanks!

  8. hey Brad ! I have a questions
    I broke up with my gf last friday( she brokes up) and she tells me that its better for me to dont see her for some times, but i still love her and i want to get back with her, iam currently in no contact period but is this right to do it in my case ?
    thx a lot keep up the good work ! 😉

  9. Nowadays people don't even date. They just catch feelings, have good things going on for a while and then end up ignoring each other

  10. Brad I love all the advice you have for ex. But I have a question about someone I really like. We talked and used to go out. Some bumps happen and we kinda went our own ways. Every time he runs into me he comes and talks to me and he keeps in contact. I tried to make some time and last two time he didn't make it. I put up a big block now with pride. But it's not how I feel I really like him and want him to come show me attention again. What do I do?

  11. My ex broke up with me on 19th january 2017..aftr that I daily send her apology messages and sorry texts bt she didn't reply and blocked me from facebook and whats app..then I heard about you and started watching your videos and tried to follow your "no contact"strategy..bt I had done a mistake..one year ago she wrote me a letter..so I send a snapshot of that letter to her sister..I thought that after seeing that letter she would text me..bt her parents thought that I was exposing our personal matters in public..so on 21st february 2017 she unblocjed me fron whats app and texted me..bt I became so emotinal and an emotional bust out had happened..aftr that she again blocked me..she and ger family totally misunderstand me..now plz help me brad..tell me what should I do?? 🙁

  12. Hey Brad ! Since i brokup with my gf.. i plead to talk with her then we were talking normally for 15 days but after watching your videos i followed 'NO CONTACT' rule for 5 days but i broke this and text my ex gf but she said that she was not coming back for sure since you have done this no contact foolishnes.Now she rarely talk to me and always reminds me that she has gone too far from my life because she would not be happy with me. Now what should i do ?? Should i start the no contact strategy again ?? Please give me some suggestions

  13. What do you do if the no break of rules is being used against you, My ex has been using that rule and I don't know how to flip the situation

  14. I'm a guy who has been in a relationship with my gf for 10 months. We had an amazing run. 5 days ago we skyped, and that's when she told me that she first wants a break, but after some more talking said she wants to break up. I cried, told her I can change, asked her to reconsider and if we can still be friends all within an hour's worth of conversation. Eventually I realised its what she wanted, and I began telling her all the things she did wrong and why I would've done the same a month later (small lie). I told her that I didn't think she cared and she began to cry, and in a fit of anger told me she'll take down all our pictures. I told her to calm down and we stopped the skype call, closely followed by her deleting all of our pictures together on socail media. The morning after I told her I didnt mean everything I said and thanked her for everything, she replied pretty much saying the same thing. That was the last time i spoke to her and ever since then Ive been following your no contact rule. Brad, why did she do this, what are the chances we get back to loving one another, or should i just move on. Thanks in advance, your videos are amazing!

  15. hey Brad sick question. So I just started talking to this girl couple of days ago and some of the stuff we talk about brings me back to when my ex and I were talking including some of the memories. But is it ok to say some stuff about some of the fun things you did with your ex to this girl I'm talking to.

  16. Hey Brad,

                     Yes i went through all those and I'm still urging to talk to my ex….I have watched all your videos on ur channel.It seems really satisfying but the problem I'm facing is I and my ex got into Relationship soon after she broke-up with her ex…and now she tells she it was Infatuation and now everything has been faded but i strongly felt she loved me and I really love her and now i feel after she broke up with me,she is kinda getting close to her ex.Its been a day I'm trying no contact but I'm scared if i don't contact i might loose her and she might get back to her ex.I can't afford to by your ex-factor guide😔please help me in some way.

  17. Just two nights ago, my boyfriend of a year and a half decided we should go our separate ways. He says he's a 100% done and doesn't see the point in trying now. We are doing ldr (me in Malaysia, he in the UK) because he's studying there currently. He's done because we've been fighting so often recently and can't seem to agree on anything. Today I called him just to double confirm that this was the right choice, and asked him if sending him his things back would be the right move, because keeping them is like keeping hope. And he has made it clear that there isn't any hope. However he said, "I gave them to you, I rather you just keep them". And he still doesn't know when to tell his parents (because we're all very close so telling his parents really means game over for us) . And at the end of the conversation , he said "I still 100% believe in my decision, I don't know if I still want to try". Am I reading too much into all this? Or should I just send his things back and move on. Because this break up crushed me immensely it's affecting me badly. He's usually the kind of person that doesn't make decisions like this out of impulse, and he always usually stands by it.

    A day later he actually came back to say he was willing to give it another chance, but took it back lik 5 minutes later. He said sorry, it was a mistake on his part to ask to try again. So..?? He again starts saying he just doesn't see the point anymore. He loves me but can't be with me.

    He changed his Twitter dp and WhatsApp background which used to be us. But he hasn't taken down the photos in his room nor our Instagram photos. And he also hasn't told anybody except this mutual friend we have but that's only because I told that friend and that friend approached him.

    However, I recently asked if he was moving on and he said "I guess so" instead of "I'm trying". So that really hurt. Am I reading too much into all this and should just move on?

  18. hey Brad me and my girlfriend broke up brown New Year's Eve and since then she's been losing interest in me by the way I've been acting , I started to get a little worried and a little bit more mean to her it wasn't that bad and she started losing a little interest to me so about 2 to 3 weeks later she found a new guy and I'm wondering if I still have a chance with her because in the beginning of our relationship for eight months out of the year and a half we've known each other it was the best time of my life and I was her first true love at the age of 18 she never wanted to leave me at those times and she even got a tattoo of a logo I have on her arm and I really miss her and I really want her back so that I can get a second chance with her because those are the best days of my life being with her I just want to know if you can give me some input on what to do with the new guy that she is with. they have been dating for about 2 to 3 weeks now and I'm wondering if this is a rebound relationship and it'll last long with them, me and hair really soft future together and we seem inseparable with each other and everything was just so perfect when I was with her and she thought so also. all I know is that they've been calling each other names and saying I love you already Within These few weeks and she's called them the best. text Sarah few times but I got no response so I'm just thinking about not talking to her for a little while and maybe that will work. I would sign up for your program but I'm going to college soon and I don't really have the money to do that at the moment so I just wanted some tips from you if you would reply to this comment. it just hurts seeing her with another guy that can make her happy but I'm just wondering if I still have a chance and what should I do in this kind of situation. I was always the one that she said she want to be with and we were supposed to be forever but then things went down the drain and I didn't know what to do but please let me know what i can do. Thank you

  19. Hey brad, me and my girlfriend have acknowledged that we should go on a break but I was kinda my idea. She initiated the breakup but I said that as a solution. She hasn't texted me back for two weeks now. I was wondering if that's a bad sign?

  20. Brad Browing I need to advice how I can show my ex boyfriend nick like not to be a dramatic and a liar I mean he really liked me and I would like to be like I want to stop being a liar and dramatic for my ex boyfriend is there away that I can show him that I'm nothing like that person because I just really want my ex boyfriend nick back in my life I mean we are together in 7 months now and I was the problem for him because the way I was acting I really need your help how can I be a better girlfriend without lies and dramatic

  21. Hey Brad! I really need your advise. I had a boyfriend (I am boy, 21 years old, he is 19) and about a month ago I decided to split up after 18 months of relationship. The reason was that I was unfaithful to him but I told him (I had dating apps and he knew that) – our relationship had faded and that's why I thought it would have been better to break up.

    We had loads of exams, so we were very stressed and especially I behaved under heavy pressure. He was all the time typing and calling me and then he stopped and I realized that I actually do love him. Really. Then we met and we had accidentally a wild sex and he told me he had sex with two guys as well. I started to feel desperate and cried. After a few days I gave him a bunch of flowers and said sorry for everything. He told me he likes me, but doesn't love me because of what I did. I offered him to have a relationship again, but he refused.

    It has been a week I realized it and 4 weeks we split up. In 3 days we are going to the theatre together… Shall I cancel it? Yesterday he told me again that he likes me… I found out that he had more guys. I don't mind now.. that much. What would you recommend me to do? I know I made several essential mistakes…
    Thank you for your great and motivating videos and for your reply. Regards, Stefan.

    P. S. I started to workout – in one week I made a really good progress, I study harder, I socialize and he knows that and likes it… Because all the time he wanted to change me to behave like this…

  22. Hey Brad I REALLY NEED Advice on what to do. Im gonna be completely straight forward with you on my situation.
    Me and my ex girlfriend dated for 5 months. and i am almost certain that we really did love each other. We were always ourselves and comfortable around eachother. We have been through rough times and managed to overcome it. The day of our 5 months my real dad passed away and i was in a really bad mood. She got a really big attitude with me and i sent her a message saying "I think were done… (I regretted it the moment it happened) Keep in mind we are still in school. The Whole day she was crying her eyes out and during 3rd period I went to her room and told her it was the biggest mistake of my life and that I don't wanna break up with her. She was so hurt that she couldnt give me an answer if she wanted to get back together for nearly a whole week. She kept saying "idk" and that I hurt her really bad (Which I Understand). I made the terrible mistake of trying to convince, plead and beg her to take me back for around 4 whole days. Then I started watching EVERY SINGLE one of your "get an ex back" videos. and i decided to do the the "NO CONTACT RULE" I was doing good for 3 days. I made another terrible mistake by getting one of her good friends to let me into their Instagram to see how she still feels about me. She said she still cares and worries about me. The rest of the time i was talking to her i was just asking pretty generic stuff like "do you think you will get back with your ex" or "do you still like him". and then she told her friend(Me) that she was officially over me and that she has feelings for another guy. Within 2 weeks after breakup. I was so hurt and upset that she said that because when i was talking to her while i was begging she said that she wants to focus on making varsity soccer and on school and that it would take months maybe years to get over me and get into another relationship. And this dude shes taking to is nothing like me. Hes Less attractive, A Band geek, Weird. The only thing hes done is show her emotional support through our breakup. Im wondering if it is just rebound. Shes not really telling alot of people about this dude even though the few boyfriends shes had she would tell EVERYONE about them. Her friends were keeping me up to date on whats going on without her knowing and her friends would ask if she really did like this dude; and she said yeah. and they also asked "Why do you even like this guy" and she said she likes everything about him. They aren't officially dating yet but shes made it pretty clear to her friends and me that she wants to date this dude. they don't really hang out that much in the hallway like me and her wouldve done. But when i do end up seeing them together in the hallways their just casually smiling and laughing. ( Being Flirtatious I guess) Since the No Contact Only seemed to push her away even farther (She Claims) I told her i was always gonna be here for her and that i still wanna be good friends that can talk to eachother when were down. ( Which I believe is important that you can still show emotional support even after a break up). Reminder : I said i wanted to be good friends like nearly a week ago which is when she told me she liked another guy. So after I said that We would talk like regular good friends, I was starting to tell shes having mixed emotions about me. We smlie at eachother in the hallways and just say a casuall/energetic "HEY!" And some times she would give me a cold shoulder when i smile at her. Another time she wanted me to carry a bag of soccerballs up to the field (WITH HER) And we just talk friendly and small little flirtatious talk—-) ( Like saying she think its gross when guys change their shirts before practice and i said " Haha well I do that alot" and she said " Yea but your strong")
    We text everyday but not into heavy conversations; I havent mentioned anything about our breakup since a whole week ago. Most times I start The conversation but their were like 3 times she started the conversations within the week (2 of them were in the morning) [Possibly could be thinking about me still if she sometimes starts the conversation?] Also She wants to hold on to a couple gifts I gave her. ( A Giant Teddy Bear we call BOO BEAR, A Stuffed Dog we Name HAROLD, and a emoji pillow. She says they are all still in her bed. But gets mad at me when I bring up any memories that we shared together. she would tell me to stop and i would say "does in make you upset?" and she said "Yeah." She claims shes over me and doesnt like me anymore like she used to.
    I just really want her back more than anything; I cant imagine a future without her. She keeps giving me all these mixed emotions and I Just dont know what I Should do. I cant go back on the no contact rule because im already to far into talking to her that it would just drive her away more. I feel like im making progress but I dont really know. I can tell shes not gonna find true happiness with this new guy shes talking to. Like I said earlier, she claims she really likes him and that she wants to date him. Do I still have Any chance brad ?

  23. my boyfriend broke up with me last night because a lot of people and his own personal issues are stressing him out. we been together a month. he told me he's in love with me he treated me right took me out movies lunch dinner he loved my personality. but he wanted to be friends after the break up says he's been thinking about the breaking up for awhile I want to get back together I decided to tell him I need to think things over because I don't think being friends right now is a good idea at the present. I texted it to him. he didn't respond idk why. but Brad what do I do now did I do it right?

  24. hey man,,, right now I m going though a bad phase I was in a relationship with a girl, whome I was friend with almost a year or more long and at the starting days(almost 2 month) of my relationship was all good and then her exams date came out and she started giving less time (from last 1 month) with me and it made me pissed off. i sent her hurting text to her and uninstalled my Facebook and what's app and after almost 17 days I reopened my Facebook and what's app and unfortunately I liked her post on Facebook and she blocked me from every social sites and then I saw ur videos on YouTube and immediately sent her a text of apologize and excuse on her mobile. i m sritcticly following ur rule of detaching myself from her for 30 days it's my first day after text and 18 day after I haven't text her back. does my ex gonna come back?? and unblock me or not??,, I m bit emotionally moved because of this

  25. I had a distancre relationship with a girl but eventually we broke up in December , she has a bad image over me , her parents came to know about our relationship , she ignores me completely , she is currently undergoing board exam , I lost contact with her completely , her mom warned me , nobody in her circle likes me , how to prove her miscalculations about me ? how to make her accept me as a good person than a lover ? how to connect with her , seems impossible ? will she ever to my life ?

  26. brad i need help! I'm in a really complicated situation. My ex broke up with me Feb 20th. We were together 7 months. When he broke up with me, he said he just wants to be friends and he doesnt want a relationship so he can focus on his career. Well at first I agreed to being friends because I hadn't come across your channel. About 5 days ago he invited me to our favorite diner we would always go to, and then things were going well but i let him know i didn't want to be friends. When I said this, he canceled meeting up with me and said "text me when you're over me" It's been about 4 days since then and yesterday when i was at a photoshoot he saw that im moving on and i dont need him and he texted me "hey whats up". I didnt reply. 4 hours later he says "do you just not want to be friends? or.."
    I dont know what to do. it's day 5 since ive started no contact but i feel torn. I want him back so bad and i feel like being friends is the only way ill be able to see him and charm him in person but then i remember thats only his way of slowly weening off me!

  27. Hello Brad,
    I know this might seem unrealted but I just want to clear something. If I used covert jealousy to make my ex jealous and she ends up liking the post what does that mean? What does it mean if she likes all the covert jealousy posts like me hanging out with the opposite sex, because that happened to me today. not sure what to do any help would be great, thank you!

  28. I have been doing no contact for a month. Should I text my ex now or should I wait for another month Brad 😀 ?

  29. Hi Brad. I wanted to ask something I havent seen mentioned before. Basically he broke up with me due to my mental issues – depressed (im working on them now, i havent before) and I said some stuff durign the relationships were mean. While we had a lot of fun too it was just random episodes. He said he is too tired now and cant do it anymore. Do I still have a chance? im trying to NC right now and should I apologize for the things at later stage? I feel like I should. Thanks!

  30. hey brad im struggling to understand the rekindling phase and how im suppose to know if my ex and I are actually rekindling or if im just being put in the "friendzone" do you have any advice on how i can identify where i stand in my ex's eyes ?

  31. Hi Brad,
    My ex broke up with me and it's been 3 months. But we did talked but all I did was begged and pleaded. After me begging he decided to stay friends but then ended friendship after 2-3 days. We didn't talk at all from last 6 days! He's on my snapchat and sees my stories every time. I just started "no contact rule" should I keep posting pictures of me and my life on snapchat or should I disappear completely? Please reply asap. Thank you!!

  32. Hey Brad. My situation is my girlfriend and I have been broken up for 3 weeks. We have started to hangout again and we kiss each other still when we are together and have sex and she says she loves me. I never did the no contact rule but I feel like things are going good so far. She broke up with me because she said I was too clingy and said she wanted to play the field and I haven't begged for her to come back for about a week and a half. Last Friday she texted me after we hung out and said what good of a time she had and felt sparks between us. Last Saturday after texting throughout the day she said she missed me, she hadn't said that in months. Although she still says she wants to stay friends with benefits, she says there is definitely a chance of us going out in the future. For the past few days she has texted me first. Do you have any further tips I should follow or just keep doing what I'm doing?

  33. Brad !! i need your help and you are so great at making the videos! so was in no contact and started to txt my ex girlfriend and she reponse/seems like she wants to talk to me! but she asked me why i was talking to her and if i want to be her friends so i said no. now we talked about it and she says she wants to focus on school and herself. also doesnt want to lead me on because she doesnt know if it will go anywhere. should i keep talk to her and try to attract her back? because it just seems like she doesnt like me enough to commit to a relationship.

  34. Hey Brad.
    My girlfriend left me for about 1.5 months ago, we were together for 1.5 years i loved her so much, im 20 and she is 21… the first 2 weeks i begged and pleaded but only some of the days. Since she broke up she havent contacted me at all, im currently doing the no-contact and i have been doing this for about 3-4 weeks but she still havent contacted me. Every weekend she is out partying and kissing and fucking with other guys… I cant help to think that she is gone forever, i Thought of buying your "ex-factor guide" But i dont know… Please help 🙁

  35. Hey Brad. Did no contact for 40 days a second time with the same girl. I then used a (good reminder text) like you said on one of your videos and SHE REPLIED and even caught up a little. 2 days later I texted again but no response. Its now 4 days and still no response. What do I do? Please help.

  36. me and my ex have broken up afew times and have come back together. we are currently talking as in "i miss you" "i think about you alot" I've tried to implement the "no contact rule" but he's texted me about every three ish days. I want to be back with him but I want it to last this time.

  37. We broke up less than 2 weeks ago and we go to school together everyday together. I ignore him, but then I started dating someone and he got jealous. He also tries to make me jealous… my friends asked him if he still likes me and he keeps saying no. But then he comes to me and asks random questions and tries to make conversation. He said he doesn't like me but then why does he ask me "who do you want to date" or "who are you going out with"

  38. hi brad tried the no contact rule and now shes with another guy so yea. she even said there's no chance for us getting back together even when if she breaks up with the dude so yea just gonna give up and move on……thanks for your help really believe your work is helping

  39. hi brad,
    we have been together for 8years and he broke up wt me 6months for another girl younger than I have tried everythg to make him come back but to no avail. he has stopped answering my messages for yhat reason i have stopped messaging or calling him but he didn't call me again instead he used d pix of the both of them on whatsapp. is there any chances that he will look for me or i am just wasting my time

  40. hi my gal broke up with me she said i didn't give her my time affection and i acted like i did not care about us…so she went out and found her a new guy who did all this…she told me but i was not mad because i was the one not playing my part ..i asked for a 2nd chance which she gave me but she told me she wont stop seen the guy until i prove i have changed,,,what should i do i admit i was wrong but at the other hand i feel like i just wanna give up because of the guy she is seen ..help me out men

  41. HI Brad,
    just wanted to say that your advice on all those videos are incredible and I can't even believe you're sharing all these stuff for free! This particular video had some info that I've never heard (i.e. other similar programme don't share), and I'm sure many people out there would appreciate it.
    I'm not there yet; I'm not yet to 'meet up' with my so-called ex, but I've signed up for your 1-on-1 coaching and hopefully you'll guide me to the best result 😉 One of the reasons I decided to sign up was because your support team was super prompt and kind in correspondence. I wanted to leave a note about it here 🙂 So, really, for many reasons, I think your programme is the best and I wished deeply that I had found your page much much earlier.
    Thanks again!

  42. My gf broke up with me 2days ago and after our breakup she said that she wants to remain friends with me but i rejected it n told that i can be her all or nothing. I can only be her boyfriend or nothing so she was saying that im not understanding it and she says that she will come back but she needs time for it. And i wanna share the most shocking thing which is that i had her instagram logged on my phone n the day we broke up she messaged a guy and they started talking and were having a conversation n she was flirting with him talking about how cute he was n she started hitting on him n she asked him if he was single n he said yes so she was saying that "oh yeah so i messaged the right person".. she was flirting with him badly n eventually he asked her for her number n she gave it to him. It hurts me so deep that even after we completed almost 3 years n the day we broke up she did not respect it n started flirting on the same day with that guy. I was so devastated n hurt that how could she do like that to me that we had so many memories together n so much time we spent together still she started flirting with that boy on the same day we broke up. She has since been msging me but i have ignored her texts. However she has been even flirting with this guy whom she had exchanged number on instagram. She finally messaged that let's patch up so i texted her but instead of patching up she is still like she needs time n wants me to talk to her but i refused to remain friends n told that we will be all or nothing. I dont know why she wants time and stuff i know she has been texting this guy so she wouldn't wanna get back to me right now because she told that guy that she will never patch up with me. So next day also i ignored n again she texted at night saying let's patch but started saying same thing that she needs time n stuff. So she told me to meet her today in the evening to talk so i told ok ill meet her n we will talk. Can u tell me what's going on in her mind and why she is doing like this saying that she needs time n stuff n also she has been texting this new guy. If she really wanted to be back together she would not simply send a txt saying that we will patch up and again start saying she needs time. Please help me sir n tell me what should i do.

  43. Can I ask you, obviously you should dress well; even if its casual, but what exactly would you recommend wearing if you're gonna meet up with your ex-girlfriend, whom you haven't seen in quite a while?

    Incidently, if you recommend wearing a red shirt, I should probably mention, for myself personally, red isn't color, (doesn't really look good on me).

  44. hey i don't wotch of your advices should i take , because i don't know where our relation with him is going , so heeeelp pleaaase 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  45. I m going to meet my ex after 2 days, but he now had became a very changed person, egoistic type, we had brokeup 1 year ago,but he doesn't want to meet me in privacy and not for very much time, now I think that when we will meet , I'll show him the call of his friend on my phone, we had brokeup because of that guy his friend ,. my ex had cheated me n I got in relationship with his friend who likes me very much but we r no more in relation.. so I thought if my ex see the call of that guy , he get jealous …. now plz u suggest me

  46. & my ex and I met 1month ago privately , but now i can't understand why he is doing all this , ego , arrogance.. when he wants to talk then he chats only but nicely,, but when i say something he gets angry sometimes ignores me

  47. hahahahaha the perfume hahha, I love them thanks for the tip If i have the chance i will take a bath with them, I will be carefull, and safe money at the same time haha, THANKS

  48. Oh my gosh I saw my ex for the first time in months and I wore red unknowingly and I'm so glad I did!! CRAZY lol

  49. My boyfriend broke up with me said because he was unhappy. He says he still loves me and cares, but he’s unhappy. We go to school together, and the first day I saw him in person I broke down when we made eye contact. We talked and I let him know that I’m still there for him if he needs me, he hugged me, and said I know I am too , kissed me , and said I love you go have fun. Now I’m giving him his space to give him time to miss me. What do I do ? It’s really hard . We were together for a year .

  50. My ex favorite color is red and black, so I’m getting all red!😂 jk Brad, if my ex and I don’t see each other, how will he know or see what I’m wearing?🤔😰😒

  51. Eat healthy, drink 4to 5glasses of water everyday, going to gym, wear new and clean clothes.. i have tried all these nd now i love myself by doing different kind of styles.. These keeps me busy by loving myself

  52. Me and my ex we went for cinema together last Sunday. I put nice bodycon black dress and he went mad. He said he thought is casual going out and I never wear a dress to cinema before. He started to say I am looking for the other guys attention and every guy will be looking at me… Later during the day he apologised he wanted to tell me I look really nice and because we are not together doesn't mean he is not attracted to me and that makes for him even harder..I really don't know what to think about whole situation

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