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  1. Via la Italy yamo Amor thank you for your Spitch about Italian fashions plus it's well known the best fashions in the world is Italian and french fashions and makeups public sector voted 200k like Congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International.

  2. Notice only a couple of Italian names on this site besides me and they are talking crap. I posted because of my anger at the little annoying animated woman at the top who has appointed herself the leading fashion advisor for the whole of Italy on what tourists should and should not wear on their trip to Italy. Are all the non Italian posters so blind as to take heed of this woman. Wake up she knows less than you. Be yourself dear posters not her. Italians would laugh at her. Be one of them. Can you imagine for one moment fashionable ladies from NYC London or Paris taking advice from her on what to wear to Italy. hahaha!!!! Italians could not give a damn what tourists wear. THEY DONT EVEN NOTICE OR CARE. so neither should you dear tourist.
    Dino Carlucci

  3. What to wear in Italy. Thanks for tellin me what to wear in Italy. Without you I wouldn't have known. You see I don't know how to dress myself on my own. I have no sense of dress that's why I depend on your higher authority and dress know how. You must have helped thousands of tourists on how to dress for Italy. I wish I was you. We have no mind of our own
    .I will go right out and buy all you tell me to.
    I don't want to offend the fashion police in Italy. Speshly the ones who still wear shell suits. Have you written any books on your specialist subject
    Best sellers?.I will tell all my friends about your site they don't know how to dress neither. Good luck with your campaign. What would the tourist industry do before you came along. Doesn't bear to think.

  4. I’ve been to Italy 5 times and have friends and family there. The having to wear high heels at a restaurant comment was ridiculous

  5. I went to Italy twice in summer. I took cool comfy clothes in mostly solid colors that I could use to make different looks. Shoes were Nikes, flat walking sandals w/support for my foot shape & a pair of dressier sandals that had a comfy heel. Most of our time was on the coasts of Italy. I didn’t match shoes or purse 😂. I t was way too hot for a scarf & not cold at night My goal was also to take a small suitcase & backpack as a carryon, so I had to be strategic in what I packed. If you are in Italy traveling on planes, trains & walking up hill & on bumpy roads you definitely want the least amount of luggage. You can get taxis in bigger cities, but not all places have taxi service s early in the morning. So what I wear depends on our activities & travel. I did see some Italian women wear heels pulling luggage lol but that would be miserable for my knees lol. We loved Italy & the people & especially the food😋

  6. I was in Italy for 6 weeks in fall of 2016 – everyone was wearing puffy down jackets and it wasn’t even cold yet.

  7. When are one of you going to make a video for Americans about what NOT TO SPEND in these control freak nations that tell people when & what to wear/eat/drink?

    "…some restaurants won't let you in in flats"??? WTeverlovingFuck. And Europe has problems with BURQAS?

  8. Nice video 😊 Where did you get that stunning dress? I have been searching for one of that kind for quite a while.

  9. Take a largish lightweight beach wrap arond with you. You can tie it to make a shawl for shoulders and arms either for sun or churches and if you outfit is too short for , say at Saint Peters, you can tie it as a sarong

  10. Thank you, thank you! I’ve been trying to find a video that could give me precise descriptions of what to wear in Italy.

  11. I have lived Italy for ten years my first 60 years I lived in London ,what surprises me is the way Italian women display cleavage , even Lady Doctors in hospital, women in offices and schools, I commented on this to an English woman and she yes even old women and in winter

  12. Wedges are the best! with traction soles!!! Sturdy, no needle heels to get caught in grates/cracks/cobblestones. Better support for the foot.

  13. Nice video, great tips. Remember to bring comfortable shoes because you walk a lot here. In the exclusive restaurants you can go perfectly with elegant balletflats like Sotomassini that are the most luxury-comfort " walk all day" shoes.

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