What to Wear on Camera

What to Wear on Camera

Let’s be real, we all want to look our best
on video, right? Especially when we’re representing our brand. Today, I’m going to tell you how the clothes
you wear can make a huge difference along with these babies. Here are four tips on what to wear on camera,
so you look your very best. I’m Patricia Kelikani, an Emmy award winner,
showing you how to make amazing videos so your business can make more money. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell. Tip number one, wear jeweled or bright colors. These type of colors look the best on video. Examples of jeweled colors are navy, emerald
green, burgundy, those rich colors. Bright colors, like turquoise and fuchsia,
also look great on video. Just as an example, let’s see what wearing
this white top looks like. Now, let’s add a black blazer so we can see
what black looks like on camera. Let’s switch it up and wear this royal blue
jacket. Doesn’t it look so much better? Another tip when it comes to color is you
want to make sure that the color of shirt you wear is also your color of season. Sound weird? Okay, let me explain. It’s called the Four Seasons Color Theory
by the company, Color Me Beautiful. Basically, each one of us falls into one of
four types of color seasons, winter, spring, summer and, of course, fall. This all depends on the color of hair you
have, your skin tone, etc. When you wear colors that are in your season’s
color palette, you look your best. For example, I’m a winter so these colors
look best on me. I’ll give you an example. When I shot my first video tutorial, I wore
this yellow color. When I saw it on video, I realized this isn’t
a winter color. It wasn’t flattering on me. I decided to reshoot it and wear this color. Do you see the difference? This teal color is definitely in my winter
color palette and look how it just naturally complements my skin tone and hair color? Find out what season you are, then wear the
jeweled and brighter colors that are in your color palette. I’ll put a link to this in the description
below, so that you can find out what season you are. A quick tip for the men out there, if you’re
wearing a suit on camera, navy suits definitely look handsomely stunning. If you need to wear gray, black or khaki colored
suits, make sure you wear a colored shirt or tie that falls within your color season. This helps you look more alive and just plain
great on camera, because don’t we all want to look our best on camera? Tip number two, wear solid colors. Wearing solid colors not only look great,
but it will also help you stand out in the video. Try to avoid patterns and shirts with designs
and text on them. It over complicates the shot because, really,
your goal is to pop in the video as the center of attention. Make sure to wear a different color from the
background. If you’re not the one planning the film shoot,
make sure and find out what the background is going to be so you can wear the right thing. Tip number three, fitted clothing is flattering
on video. Okay, no, I’m not talking about skin tight
clothes, although if you want to and have the body for it, go for it. What I’m talking about is wearing fitted clothing,
so they don’t hang, sag, bag or stick out and away from your body. In other words, you don’t want to look frumpy. Okay, so here’s a fun little hack. You can use clothes pins to make your clothes
more fitted. Like this shirt, I absolutely love the color
but this looser style isn’t very flattering on video. Let’s pin this in the back and, voila, so
much better, right? Before you push record, you also want to make
sure your clothes are straight and that nothing is showing that you don’t want to be seen. Men, straighten that neck tie. Women, tuck in those straps. Tip number four, you can accentuate your look
with some jewelry. I love statement pieces, because they look
great on camera and you can actually see it as opposed to pendant necklaces that are small
and, seriously, they seem to always be in a crooked position. The main thing here is that you don’t want
it to be distracting, so avoid jewelry that makes sounds when you move, like the clanking
of bracelets. All right, there you go! Four simple tips on what to wear on camera,
so that you look amazing. I also want to tell you about my new guide
and training video where I show you how to film yourself professionally with your phone,
boost your know, like and trust factor with this guide. And trust me guys, you’re going to love seeing
yourself on video. To get access to this free course, just click
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if you clicked that thumbs up and subscribed to my channel. As always, I would love to hear from you. Comment below and tell me what your favorite
thing to wear on camera is. Your business makes a positive impact in this
world, so smile with confidence and push record to make an even bigger impact through video.

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  1. You’re so amazing!!! I love these tips. I’ve had to figure things out as I go. Wish I would’ve found you sooner!

  2. Wow! This was so helpful!! I love jeweled toned shirts, but bulk is my problem so the clothespin hack is greate

  3. Hey Patricia! I totally agree that wearing bright colors is ideal. It is so important that every woman and man learn what colors work for them. My favorite color on camera is grey, black or army green, now this is opposite of your advice because I don't want to take away from the animations and graphics in my YouTube videos.

  4. I was on a Dog Training DVD once and the camera crew kept making me change into diff colors…makes sense now lol.

  5. Patricia- I missed u ! So i started wearing a pinkish jacket– Got great feedback— I also filmed a video about retirement communities , and wore a relaxed shirt--I do look terrible- I had to Bring the crop in so u couldnt see most of the shirt. Clothes Pin idea would have been helpful. And I like LOUD shirts— look terrible on video — Soooo , your advice is spot on, and I wish you did the video 6 months ago . (During your motorcycle days ) . !

  6. I prefer to wear bright colors but I like your tip on wearing season colors and amazed how well the clip works

  7. Great topic! Wonderful info on the color season. I love the clothes pin idea! Thank you.

  8. Wow Patricia. That was such a fun video to watch. Just subscribed and learned that I am an autumn girl. Will try and dress like that for my next video. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next video ❤.

    THANK YOU!!!
    Do you mind if I share this with my team? Such a VALUABLE video! AH-MAZING TIPS!

  10. This is such a GREAT VIDEO! Love your tips and I'm definitely going to think more strategically about what I wear on camera!

  11. thanks for the video! I'll be checking out the color me beautiful as black used to be my favorite color to wear…lol

  12. I love all of these tips! I am definitely going to figure out what season I am because I need to know which colors are best for me. I also like statement pieces too. THANKS!!

  13. I try to match my business name with a light or medium blue shirt…my favorite color so I always feel happy!

  14. Very helpful! I’m a “winter” as well! I’m trying to wear brighter colors on camera and just in general! I need to buy more brighter colors. 😊

  15. I love wearing jewel colors, I just forget often! Great tips, I love the clothespin idea! And I did color beautiful when I was a teenager, I loved it!

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