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  1. Great tips! Also, a thing to add, is if you're skiing somewhere more mild like the PNW, or run warmer and more likely to sweat, I'd go with a synthetic mid-layer as opposed to a down jacket. I only take my down mid-layer if it's extremely cold, or if there will be longer periods of down time (not active) out in the elements – and I run relatively cold, but I'm also an aggressive skier. So either I'm always sweating when I'm skiing, and freezing when I'm not.

    Point is, you don't want your down mid layer to get wet from the inside and have it lose its insulating properties. Synthetic materials keep their thermal insulating properties better when wet, and are much quicker to dry compared to down jackets. And remember: it's much better to be a tad chilly while going up on the lift chair, then warming up on your descent, rather than being warm and comfy while doing nothing, then sweating bullets and soaking through the rest of the time. Makes for a miserable experience.

    If you have doubts, or your body temps fluctuates a lot like mine does, wear a thin merino base, then a thin synthetic mid layer like a 1/2 zip breathable fleece on top of that. Then pack a thicker/warmer one to change in to if you find that the one you're wearing isn't enough. Then on top of that, I put on a light, breathable jacket like the thickness of the north face ventrix, or arcteryx atom lt. Then a nice burly shell w/ large pit zips to finish it off. Alternatively, on a slightly warmer winter day, I'll throw on a thicker/warmer base layer instead, and forego my mid-layer fleece/pullover. Then the rest follows like above.

    For my bottom, I went with merino 3/4 base layer, a synthetic 3/4 mid layer pant/knickers, then my shell bib over that. And for the feet, I found that even as cold as I run, the best for skiing are a thin pair of ski socks made of merino. The thicker you go, you run the risk of 'choking' your feet, reducing circulation. And also, in my humble opinion, I'd avoid socks that have a lot of padding up front on the shins, as they can be the cause of shin pain and pinches. Remember: Absolutely nothing other than your sock should be between your shins/calves and the inside of your boot.

  2. Bought a ski jacket and never even thought about skiing, just needed a jacket that was wind and waterproof and ended up with a nice warm jacket and now I'm kinda thinking I may have to have a go with some lessons or just wing it on a slope somewhere. Great video and tips will remember the cotton one and will have to ditch my jeans . You just gained a subscriber too .

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  4. I wish I could click the like button more then once! I loved this! It helped me very much. I have never ever EVER been on skis. I'm going to go skiing this weekend and I'm really nervous. I love my cotton sweater and if not for this amazing vedio, would have stupidly worn it and frozen to death! Thanks so so so much! I subscribed BTW.

  5. My friend comes into the bar in January and he's wearing sunscreen. I say to him why do you have sunscreen on. He says I just came back from a skiing area and I didn't want to be sunburned. WHAT?!?!?

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