What to Wear to a Job Interview: Dress to Impress!

What to Wear to a Job Interview: Dress to Impress!

hello i'm aaron moreno from alpha m image consulting so for those of you who have signed up for my newsletter and have received the out-the-door checklist this video topic is going to make a little bit more sense to you for those of you who have not signed up to my newsletter after the video visit the link below and sign up and you my friend are all caught up that being said in the e-book I go over a job interview scenario you have two dudes that go in for the same job on paper they are absolutely identical they both add 4.0 GPA as they both had tons of experience their parents were dignitaries everything is identical but the one person that pays attention to his image and his personal presentation and all the little aspects that goes into it will 100 percent of the time get the job over his sloppy competition now a while back I did a video I did a half-ass video on what's wearing a job interview and that video absolutely sucked and I realized it is not an easy job market right now and you need every advantage over your competition when going in for that interview and so I thought we'd redo it back it up back it up girl because I think it's important for you to make sure that you nailed the end of interview and you need to make sure that your personal presentation and grooming and packaging is of the utmost perfection so there is no doubt that you are the man for the job now I looked around at some other sites and information on what to wear on a job interview and there are some geniuses out there writing the stuff they're saying make sure you do some research on the company to find out the corporate culture really genius I'm thinking if you're applying for the job you did a little research ahead of time and by the way what they wear to work and what their corporate culture is that makes absolutely zero difference as to what you wear on that job interview now if you're responding to an ad that says models wanna don't worry about what you're wearing on that job interview because it is porn what you need to pay attention to is your grooming because yo ass is going to be naked another brilliant piece of advice from the experts is if you're not sure go ahead and stake out the front door of the company and watch employees as they go into work to know what to wear yet another fantastic piece of advice so if you avoid drawing the attention of security and getting questioned for looking like a creeper you will know what the employers wear to work the problem is you don't work there you don't have a job we need to dress you for the interview to get the job and what Blake and accounting where's the work on Wednesday makes absolutely no difference to you whatsoever ok so we are going to break down the job interviews by career and basically you're either interviewing for a manual laborer or a professional job I never liked the whole bloomin white collar because they're both awesome and I'm not saying that if you're applying or working in a manual labor job that you were any less of a professional than those that are wearing a tie to work I needed to break it down and draw the line somewhere and so if you don't like it they're gonna watch the video and don't be so sensitive damn the important thing is that you my friend are looking for a job and going on an interview as opposed to taking a handout or just getting a bunch of your friends and sitting on a street corner and protesting for no good reason because you're pissed that other people want to make money no politics your no politics I know that my whole channel is designed to help you be stylish to express yourself through a style grooming wardrobe fashion in an attempt to help you look your best and not like everybody else but for an interview you can take all that glorious self-expression and throw it out the window because an interview is not the time or place to look edgy or cool or hip it is a time to convince your employer that you are not a rock the boat type of person you need to project characteristics like honesty competence integrity intelligence and not that you're a cool smooth sex machine there's time for that later once you get the job you can start expressing yourself but not yet let's start with a professional interview you are to wear a suit period and the story a suit a crisp clean well tailored suit color options are gray and navy blue try to avoid black if you can help it black is a little bit more formal a little bit colder of a color the idea of this interview you want to look warm and approachable so if you can avoid black I personally would offer a gray suit very versatile very warm and it just says I'm the man next up is shirt color you've got two options you have white any love light blue light blue says that you are calm and honest white represents order I would save you're calm and honest for your necktie go with white your tie is another critical aspect an element to your interview uniform think red the yellow think blue stay away from any big bold colors like lime green pink chartreuse purple go with a solid or a stripe don't go with a big bold pattern like a Paisley or polkadot you can get away with a subtle pattern but nothing too big and outlandish if you have a tie that's a crazy time they don't matter that ever ever me personally I would go with the yellow and blue striped tie the blue says honest and the yellow says cheerful because nobody wants to work with a debbie downer I guess would make more sense since this is for guy on Darren Darren down Darrin bit downer and some of you are going to hate hearing this but when you tie your tie make sure that the knot is very symmetrical and on the larger side and I know it's something psychological but you're all about business go with a bull wins or not you're about business well business won what when business when business men wear full Windsors now a brown pair of shoes would look absolutely dynamite with this gray suit but you're going on the interview I want you to be as conservative and subdued as possible so go to the black pair of shoes something simple and conservative like this now make sure that your shoes are clean polished and shine and make sure to wear a belt a belt that matches the shoes both in finish end and texture as far as the leather the buckle should be simple and subdued things simple and you can't go wrong okay if you currently have facial hair for the interview I want you to shave it I don't care if it is a perfect mustache and it's Movember I don't care if you've got a perfectly neat goatee nice beard you gotta shave it for the interview you don't know what this person sitting behind the desk is going to think is appropriate or what they're going to like or not like and you don't want to give them any reason not to hire you and facial hair sort of that is some people like it some people don't guys when you get the job and the dress code and and the grooming code says okay go with it but you got a shave for the job interview what you thought I was going to shave for the video next please I've got a job but not everybody can make a living helping dudes pick out underwear and talking about manscaping I'm the lucky one next let's talk about your hair now you may have a great fun edgy hairstyle but for the job interview you need to tone it down I would recommend the day before the interview if it's a big interview and you really want to present the best package that you can I want you to go in and get a haircut a fresh cut it makes you feel better it makes you feel more confident and you're going to look great when you go in for that interview but don't do anything edgy or spikey try and keep it conservative and consistent that's going to help you win the job next is jewelry take out your earrings take out off your six rings if you wear six rings wear a watch and it doesn't have to be a nice watch just wear a watch and this is going to help set the tone for the employer thinking that you're responsible and punctual if nothing else which leads me to my next point be on time and on time is about 15 minutes early to the interview now when you walk into that interview your suit or your suit jacket you're going tip it's a two-button suit the top button is going to be button the bottom button is not going to be buttoned if it's a three-button suit you're going to go from the top sometimes always never button the middle button if it's a three button you walk in you shake hands like a man a look them in the eye and smile sit down but before you sit down unbutton your jacket do not take your jacket off have a seat and you're ready for the interview some other words of advice with the job interview do not wear cologne that day I use the urn of course but don't spritz on too much cologne if any because you don't know if that person is going to be sensitive or even like you're a particular brand or kind also brush your teeth if I have to tell you that you're disgusting and use mouthwash or mints prior to getting in there don't chew gum in the interview also your cell phone leave it in the car you don't want to bring it in now when you come in you can and it is a good idea to carry some type of case possibly like the approved oh do not show up to the interview empty-handed I would recommend getting something like a nice portfolio to carry your resume business card pan it will have a tablet of paper in there some of these sites say bring a briefcase I'm like really people a briefcase on hey if you got one go for it do not wear a backpack or bring your computer bag leave that big bulky unprofessional looking stuff in the car I would say go with a nice portfolio and make sure that it matches your outfit okay so that's the professional job interview now let's talk about the manual labour job interview and by manual labor I'm not talking about something where it's like you're you're digging ditches for a living I'm talking about anything that is not that business casual environment or that that professional business environment so it could be a barista at Starbucks it could be at a grocery store you could be a personal trainer you could actually dig ditches or work in a factory this is what I'm talking about as far as manual labor but you still want to look your best now for these type of job interviews you still want to look impeccably put together it doesn't necessarily require a suit though you would feel a little bit uncomfortable walking into McDonald's with your with your uh a puto and being like hello I'm here for the fry cook position said he'd be like really that would be awesome actually I'd love this uh so anyway I would though recommend that you wear a tie every interview you go on if you're looking for a job wear a tie you know necessarily need to wear a sport coat or a suit but a tie is essential wear a nice pair of slacks nice pair of subtle simple shoes belt tie shirt everything's the same with the professional dress except you're losing that outer layer or that jacket and it doesn't matter what job you're applying for the bottom line is this you need to present the best package that you possibly can this isn't somebody else we're talking about this is you and you need to take pride in ownership in your image and the presentation that you're presenting for possible employment now think about it you come in and you're in your crisp white shirt your nice tie your nice slacks your shoes you're all put together fresh shave haircut is nice and clean and tight you come in or you've got the 50 other slobs that come in behind you wearing their cargo pants and their t-shirt and their hairs all long they smell like Tabasco sauce they're not taking the job – though it gets just mcdonough know you come in and you are presentable professional guess who gets the job you do 100% of the time period and the story guys I'm passionate I want the best for you and you need to start feeling the same way about yourself so guys thank you so much for watching good luck on that job interview you're going to do great

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  1. I have a job interview in a warehouse type environment but I'm afraid of overdressing. Is there such a thing a overdressing for a job interview? I plan on wearing what he said to wear for manual labor job but I still feel overdressed.

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  3. Alpha, it’s 2019, and I’m impressed in how far and polished your tutorials have become. You sir, have my respect.

  4. That’s an awful tie, shirt jacket combo. Just awful. Cheesy. Cheap looking. It all clashes. Awful. Black pin striped jacket (super formal) with a blue plaid shirt (casual). Awful. That shiny ass satin black tie. Awful. Awful. Awful.

  5. I had no idea that dressing like that even for like a McDonalds interview was so important! Will definitely use these tips in my interview tomorrow. Thanks!

  6. Lol this guy has come a long way. Always been a fan but come on 😂 Wtf, formal black tie, casual weird patterned shirt, charcoal pin stripe suit, and a full Windsor tie knot

  7. hmm, facial hair? i think this applies mostly to gents…. what about us ladies? last interview i went to, i wore knee length black skirt, white shirt, black jacket, black shoes, light make up, hair in a bun (probably looked like someone coming straight from a convent or sthg) but honestly i really did not know what the hell i was doing. Thank God, i got the job….

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