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In today’s video, I’m going to show you some outfit inspo to wear to work and how to spice up your office attire Obviously the dress code varies in different work environments In some workplaces, you have to stick to business formal and in some, it’s more relaxed or you can dress however you like I work in an office where we have to dress professionally but not quite business formal So this lookbook is more of a business casual, semi formal dress code I know it’s hard to dress up every day and I am totally guilty of it too because I guess some days you’re just not feeling it but But when you do feel like it I hope this lookbook is helpful, and I hope it gives you some And I hope it gives you inspiration on how to make your work outfits more fun and stylish So without further ado, let’s get to it For the first outfit, I picked out a midi, almost maxi dress and wore it with some yellow block heels We all know that we have to wear to a dress that ‘s past your knees But the funny thing is I don’t think I ever wore a maxi dress to work So this dress is definitely fresh to the eyes, and it’s totally appropriate for work It has collar and long sleeves and it covers pretty much all of your legs The floral print is also perfect – It’s not overwhelming, but you know still very eye-catching For work shoes, beside pumps, I usually wear block heel sandals because they are easy and quite comfortable I decided to go for a little bolder choice with the yellow neon color If you think the dress is fun enough you can always just stick with some black or nude heels Moving on to the second outfit, I want to add some twists to a shirt and midi skirt combo So for the shirt, I opted for a plain satin shirt I think this material is beautiful, and it is definitely something unexpected for work outfits Because when we think of satin, we usually think of intimate, pajama wear And it can be a little difficult to pull off in the office But I wanted to give it a try so I did I paired it with a midi pencil skirt and instead of a black pencil skirt, I opted for one with check print I promise it’s all about the little details that elevate a look To complete the looked I picked out some white slingback heels Since they is quite a bit going on with top and the skirt, I just wanted the third item of the outfit to be somewhat simple These shoes are probably in my top three favorite pairs of shoes in my closet I’m obsessed with the V throat I just think it’s so elegant and feminine and classy So besides playing with material, adding prints and small details you to the outfits, another thing you can do is adding accessories For work I would definitely opt for some dainty jewelries because they just look more expensive than the statement kind They can do a lot when it comes to elevating your work wear And it doesn’t have to be anything complicated For example on a day when you have your hair in an updo you can just put on some earrings And they will make a difference In this video, I wore a necklace from an online diamond jewelry store, called Fascinating Diamonds They have a ton of options for customized fine jewelry, so you should definitely check it out They actually sent me this necklace, and I am totally in love, so thank you so much Fascinating Diamonds You probably saw in the video already, but I want to give you a closer look anyways So this is the box it comes in When you open it, this is a little light so you can see the diamond shine and bling And who doesn’t like that right? I also have a promo code that I will put in the description box in case you want to buy something from their site Third outfit is a look with some wide leg pants I feel like flare trousers are such a closet staple for anyone who has a 9 to 5 job at some point in their lives And even for those who doesn’t. The one I had on is with a modern touch to it with the shape and the stripe print Just simple details but they just make the pants looked younger and more stylish I feel like Moving on to another staple of work outfits, which is the blue shirt I picked out this blue blouse – I just like adding small little details and a little twist to a classic clothing item I think the color goes very well with the blue stripe on the pants, and it’s really tied to whole outfit together For shoes, honestly you do not have to worry so much about it because the pants covered it anyways I wore some white mules with my outfit, but if mules are not appropriate for your work dress code You can always go for some pumps Alright, we are at the last outfit I cannot help it, but let’s my obsession for a ruffles take control So I had on some basic black pants And then you get to the bottom, there are these ruffle hems I promise you little details are what make a huge difference and turn a basic plain outfit into a very stylish look To brighten up the look I opted for a pink shirt The funny thing is I used to not like to wear pink in high school and college But the other day, I browsed my Instagram feed and I realized there was so much pink going on If you haven’t followed me on Instagram, please find me on there My IG handle is byamyly or you can click the link down below where I listed on my social medias You’ll see more pictures of outfits, ootd, cute clothes, flatlays So go find me on there, follow me! Back to the outfit, for shoes, I wanted to go for some pumps because that’s what we were to work I had these polka dots pumps from Aldo for like a year now, and I love them I think they are a great choice when I want be somewhere between classic and trendy and fashion forward Alright guys that is all for today’s video I hope you guys enjoy and get some inspiration for your work outfits and wow your coworkers Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for my new videos Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you next time bye Hello guys


  1. Happy Saturday guys! Hope you enjoy this look book and get some tips on how to spice up your work wear. Stay stlyish always xx Let me know what you think about the outfits and if they're wearable for your work place.

  2. Always slaying the fashion game! ❤️ Obsessed with the first dress & frill hem pants in the fourth outfits! Very feminine & beautiful! 😍

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