what to wear when you have NOTHING to wear

what to wear when you have NOTHING to wear

[Applause] hey what's up guys it's Anessa and welcome back to my channel I feel like i elevate admire a little bit so now I'm like credible to give advice on this before you start with this video I just want to say two things number one I have a very big announcement and I'm so excited to tell you that but I'm gonna tell you the other thing first so it like build up a little bit of suspense the first thing is all of these outfits that I have in this video I will be trying to link everything down below like on a Google Doc for you guys so if you see something you like and you're like wow I want that then you can have it without having to search the internet for hours trying to find that same exact dress because I know how much that is a pain and I don't want to put you through that my next thing is you guys I literally I can't contain it like you guys right now watching this at home or probably like freaked out because you've never seen me this like hyped over something I don't even know how to say it without being like it's so excited okay oh my gosh I have merch I'm just like kidding okay a lot of you guys have been messaging me and asking me for the longest time to get some merch also I feel like once I got acrylics I can stop talking with my hands that's so annoying but I have always been the person to not buy someone's merch even if I loved and supported them for two reasons if it's super expensive or if the design just has their name on it because I don't care about wearing your name I want to wear like something sick for like every day where it's not something like open doesn't avoid like huh like people that you're scoring with like who's that you know we're not trying to do that so I currently have merged up it's for a limited time I would show you my products in person but they're currently being shipped and I just couldn't hold it in me anymore if you have a t-shirt we have a sweatshirt we have a pullover we have a long-sleeve shirt and then we also have the baseball tee guys look this design is me like this is just hit the bull's eye if the target there's no other merch I think I would love to sell this is totally stands out and like it's me and I hope that you guys love it too and I tried to make it as affordable as possible I brought down the price like I might be doing a giveaway a little bit with some of the shirts because I really want to give back to you guys for supporting me it goes through an extra small to a 3x which is so sick we love being not brandy Melville and you know size inclusive I'm just so happy so weird so I'll have the link down below for you guys and I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me to this point where I can release merch like what I'm just like a little 16 year old tween thank you from literally the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do this yeah so anyways back to this video I just want to say this is not my video idea don't come for me I saw best dress Ashlee do it who is a queen literally like love her and then Marla Katherine did this video too I know how much of a struggle it is to come up with outfit ideas and stuff after going through your closet at 6:30 in the morning when you've been going through your closet for about 30 minutes and you're about to go in late for school after you yell at your brother for him always running late to school and then you somehow manage to blame it on him again even though you're the one running late because that really happens to me a lot anyways let's just get on with these outfit ideas first we're gonna start off with dresses also the lighting kind of sucks but I fix it later pick out any old dress that you have chillin what I like to do is I like to pair it with longer socks because it adds like a bit of a girl going on a picnic vibe that's kind of what I get sometimes I like to switch them out with some dogs I mentioned it in my last haul that if I wear dogs I feel like a badass with a dress cuz it's like a mix of girly and like fight me you know next I like to pair a white t-shirt underneath the dress because I look even more like a schoolgirl but with the docs so it gives a really cute vibe also what did I just do it's a little chilly out easy jean jacket but don't put your arms through the holes because that's for people who are actually cold now here's me when I'm cold so next I'm grabbing a hair tie and it kind of just adds a little more to like the put together librarian look that I like now I'm gonna grab a black long sleeve and layer that underneath instead of the white this has color coordination with my black shoes therefore I like it better next pattern matte meshing mashing whatever this honestly is just a little more funky than I would normally go if it's chilly out once again and you're tired of wearing that same denim jacket grab a sweater like this one that I broke the second I bought it it just looks very put together like I look put together Wow never look good together so now we're gonna grab a body con and Vanessa what are you doing instead of like a nice flowy dress we're gonna pick out a body con because it's a little more formal and a lot more fitting so the way I like to wear my body cons is dressed down and I like to wear it with a black poufy Jackie just to make it a little more casual with the sneakers and stuff now we're gonna move on to skirts I love skirts this first way to wear a skirt is definitely interesting so you're just gonna pull up the skirt over your body con dress and bam it's a bodysuit like how nice how simple now this thing is very once again basic it's just a white long-sleeve t-shirt and I like to wear it with some very like vibrant color on the bottom now we're gonna swap out those for the docks because once again badass sides you know what I'm saying it just adds something so next we're gonna grab a graphic tee or merch buy my merch so it kind of looks a little lazy but also a little cute and then if I want to add a little bit to the cuteness I will tuck it in to my pants then I'll like puff it out and stuff so it's a lot more loose and there we go buy my merch casual girl edgy vibes I like to go for a black tank top with just a skirt because you know if I'm wearing a skirt probably can't be too cold out and if it is cold out and I just feel like wearing a skirt because I want to wear you're gonna throw on that same jean jacket BAM put together outfit next we're gonna grab that same white t-shirt that I wore and we're gonna throw on the black tank top over it because tell me I do not look like a schoolgirl and I love the schoolgirl vibe if you know me and you've watched a lot of my outfit videos you know that's one of my favorite vibes now we're gonna swap out the pink skirt for a red plaid skirt to go for Scottish bagpipes is that what it's called vibes look at how Scottish I look I already switched it out for a white t-shirt with red on it because I love having color consistency where they both have something in common like the red and the white a little bit another thing I like to do is layer a bralette underneath and just tie up my shirt you know I'm struggling a time I sure because I got acrylics so we just can't tie up my shirt you get the vision though it's just not very school friendly but hey school's almost out so cut me some slack and if you want to wear this outfit to school easy just tuck it in instead and poof it out a little bit like we did with the concert shirt I just feel like a rocker chick right now dice a rocker chick I apologize now we're going to talk about the docks for some Feliz again and I love adding high socks because it just gives me a little bit more cheerleader vibes again alright this next outfit we're gonna go with the all-black look with a pop of color next day I like to do is accessorize a lot you got a heavily accessorize if you're gonna go kind of boring like a plain black look although I love play black don't get me wrong it just adds a little something and once again here with the color consistency the pink and the pink it's a golf mixed with a little bit of sparkles you know like me just sprinkled that in there so now I added my black dogs for a fully black look with a chain belt because I would wear this to maybe like a weekend concert something like that something a little edgy now I'm gonna add a tan belt instead so I get more desert Boheme not bulking in some desert vibes it just reminds me of something I would wear to Coachella maybe but with something a little more fun because it's kind of boring if I wear that to Coachella my next hack is for like a scandalous top that shows what I want tell me that you probably could not wear to school unless you really wanted to get dress coded and like thrown out I like to layer on a jacket over it and just zip up the jacket like halfway so you can't see the tummy but you can see the cool print so next thing I like to do is layer so here I have the same mesh top I'm just putting over this white and black top and I love how it's kind of like a neutral outfit you know and instead of tucking in all the way I'm just tucking it in the front so now this is a very black and white outfit very I'm gonna go study at the library very I'm going to New York to the local coffee shop and then my next thing is just to tuck it out so it's more like a relaxed look okay so next we're gonna add a white cropped t-shirt it's a very once again basic outfit so now we're gonna do the same thing and layer over the black tank top because this is less schoolgirl and more I'm gonna be artsy at the local cafe and if you want a jean Jackie just throw that on and get that whole I'm walking through New York and trying to find the nearest bookstore by now we're just gonna take that all off because it's rare and now magically in Arizona it's hot maybe you want to throw on a jacket over it too a little more dress code so what I like to do is I like to throw in an oversized jacket and sometimes like to zip it up and wear it as a dress and okay I don't know what I'm doing but okay so my next look is the I'm wearing pants look because it's very comfortable very casual and I really like it especially with longer socks but people tend to think you don't wear pants it's kind of fun to just be like yes I'm wearing pants how do you spy sup leggings question mark I couldn't tell you but this is what I like to do I like to throw on a tube top over it but I also hate camel toe and I just hate wearing cropped shirts with leggings I like to throw on a jacket so easy we got the crotch situation covered up these leggings are the most comfortable leggings ever I got them sent to me so if you want the link it's down below and they're so affordable and I was at the gym with my friend and she goes those loo leggings I'm like no they're not but they are so comfortable they're squat proof very lightweight one of my favorite pairs of leggings ever I have them in black and light gray and if you're looking for some really affordable leggings cuz you know I'm not trying to drop a hundred bucks on leggings I think that's dumb you want to go get yourself these I recommend squat proof really good for the gym really comfy and yeah next is sweatpants how do you dress up sweatpants you really can't but you can add a tube top so it's a lot more flattering than you know a jacket or a sweatshirt but maybe it's cold because that's the only reason why I ever wear sub pants it's because if it's cold here we can add on a long sleeve cropped t-shirt which I don't have boobs so I could wear this to school because there's nothing dress code me for it so it's a lot more fitting a lot more comfort more staight not stylish but I guess it looks a lot better than just a sweatshirt in sweatpants next we're gonna swap out the sweatpants for some plaid pants getting those Christmas vibes on because sometimes we want a little more color now we're going to swap out the red long-sleeve for this white tank top where it shows a bit more tummy we're gonna throw on a jean jacket over it because it's a little cold you know I'm all chilly here's me spinning trying to show off my look and then realizing you know Vanessa you can't spin too well on carpet good recovery a-plus my next look is a very old fashioned look it's just a plain sweatshirt / like a hoodie any color you want maybe one from my merch line preferably and we're just gonna throw on a jean jacket over it I think this outfit is really like it slept on a little bit now I'm gonna swap those out for some black jeans and throwing our docs for some more of a New York vibe I really like the whole city vibe I don't know how many times so I said vibe in this video take a shot every time I said that so now we're gonna take off the jacket and we're also gonna take off the hoodie what's it called sweatshirt whatever so now we're back to that white plain top and this is a very basic outfit so I love to accessorize once again and adds a little funky like this circle belt I have you guys need to get this belt because it just adds something like different rather than a really basic outfit yeah actually this is pretty basic but it's okay though there's me jamming again janessa are you doing okay I love this outfit so I called it my three different shades of black and I think it's so nice to wear an outfit with like all different shades of the same color because it just makes you look old or put together and I feel like a businesswoman and I'm ready to take on the world and college and life except I can't find the pocket in my Jackie so obviously I'm ready for kindergarten next we're just gonna switch out my gray top for a plaid crop top so adds a little more color and this red scrunchie so it just adds a little bit more color so it's girly plus edgy plus I'm gonna get dress coded if I wear this to school thank you so much for watching this video again if you buy my merch make sure you send me pictures please I love that and if you guys liked this video make sure you like and if you really like me don't forget to subscribe come anything you want down below and I'll see you guys next time bye brewskis

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  1. Wait if you have nothing to wear then what do you wear if you have nothing to wear for today because you have nothing to wear

  2. I love your videos so much, keep going and keep being such a positive influence bby ❣
    Also I was just wondering what you used to edit your videos ? 😊❤

  3. Ok how do I get fit like u tho
    It's easy to dress yourself in the morning when literally anything will look great on u 😢

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