36 Replies to “what to wear when you're NOT A FASHION BLOGGER | Sejal Kumar”

  1. I am writing this from the Frankfurt airport on my way to India! What videos do you want me to make next week?

  2. Its soooooooooo realistic video. I always think how can we wear these kind of outfits in college/office.

  3. If any girl dresses up like those first looks they are actually teased by "Aj ye fashion blogger ban kar ayi hain" lol. so yeah this was a much-needed reality check!

  4. THIS IS WHAT THE ENTIRE CHANNEL SHOULD BE ABOUT. we want a dozen more videos like this!
    An easy alternative for you can be, you uploading a look that you showed us in any of your previous videos which were too "Fashion blogger-y , simplify the look and post the comparison on Instagram!

  5. I feel like the intro was pointing straight towards komal 😂😂😂 she wears extra ordinary clothes that too in delhi 😂

  6. I luv the VDO it was just amazing
    😇😇and I want you to make ugly photoshoot challenge plz😷💁

  7. I was so bored of other bloggers pairing themselves with blazer on blazer, tubetop wth blazzer ,denim on denim
    They make everything like the people watch them are all bloggers so glad mam..hats off
    This is very amazing videos videos
    Who dnt like to be extra out of world.
    Love u di❤️❤️❤️

  8. I was waiting for a video as such for ages and I knew it it would come from you Sejal!!!! Live your videos!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sorry. Love you. But I don't think in most colleges such short skirts or shorts are allowed. Because. Rules!

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