What were you wearing? – Tracey Ullman’s Show: Season 2 Episode 6 Preview – BBC One

What were you wearing? – Tracey Ullman’s Show: Season 2 Episode 6 Preview – BBC One

Here’s your tea. Are you feeling a bit better? Not really, no. Okay, well, can you describe the man who mugged you? Umm. He was about five foot ten, short dark hair. He put a knife to my throat, and he demanded my phone and my watch. And were you wearing what you’re wearing now? Sorry? Is this what you were wearing when it happened? Um, yes. But… [interrupts] You look quite provocatively wealthy. [scoffs] Look, I fail to see how what I wear has anything… [interrupts] It’s just a bit of an invitation isn’t it? Like you’re advertising it. You seem distressed. I’m gonna bring one of our counselors in. This gentleman’s a bit upset. He was mugged earlier. Oh, dear. Had you been drinking? Yeah, because if you’ve had a drink it can send out confusing signals Lead somebody on with a nice suit and the phone and then at the last minute say I don’t want to be mugged. He put a knife to my throat, and he demanded my possessions! [interrupts] And you just gave them to him? Did you even scream? See, how is somebody to know that you don’t enjoy handing over your possessions unless you make your intentions clear? No, I didn’t scream. He had a knife! I was really scared! And we’re very sympathetic, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to accept some of the responsibility for this. [knock on door] Come in [opens door] Are you going to be much longer? I’ve got a gentleman out here, says he’s been receiving abusive emails for months. Ask him what font he’s been using. If it’s something coquettish like Helvetica, then he’s probably brought it on himself. Alright, okay.

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  1. I know gender question are suppose to be rhetorical, but since you asked… Yes… dressing a certain way in a bad neighborhood/area can result in getting mugged/targeted/killed. It's happened times before, so men modify their behavior. Teen boys have gotten shot and killed for their Nikes shoes while playing basketball in parks at night, so I don't allow my kids to wear they're expensive shoes to play ball after school – and never in public courts at night. My eldest boy's bike was stolen from the back bike lot at his school, so now he chains it to the bike lot at the front office. If I have my children with me at night and a parking lot is present with "undesirables/suspicious people', I don't stop, and I definitely won't get out of the car and put my children in danger. Most men don't feel entitled to be anywhere, regardless of the situation, just because" it's a free country and its everyone's right." We live in an ugly world, and men are help socially responsible for protect our family, and part of that (as explained by my father and uncle) is to put avoid danger… If I were mugged, I wouldn't report it to the police unless I need the police report for insurance. Instead, I'd be upset with myself for not seeing the situation before it happened. This sexist manipulative "comedy skit" probably was written by a woman because men, in general, innately try to directly control their environment to avoid certain situations that have a potential of harm or danger.BTW: When my son's bike was stolen, the police officer said, "You bought your son a $400 bike and a $20 bike lock?" This is how men think… We are problem solvers. This is how men learn from their mistakes. Men directly try to control our environment, we are not suppose to be victims, and if we fail, we introspect, and other men (and women) would help us. Men and women think differently. This comedy skit is a trope that hasn't existed since probably the late 1970s, and yet women are still nagging on it 50 years later.
    Seems like being portrayed as a victim appeals to women. In the past it served an evolutionary survival need to elicit the response of males to protect, but Prince Charming had been castrated by feminists 30 years ago. No male wants to rescue a woman only to be a used of being a sexist or mysogynist, yet women still feel the need to nag about their victimhood. It's ridiculous and exhausting.

  2. I feel sorry for rape victims who are blamed. More often than not they trust a guy then the guy rapes them. No fault of women. We have to trust otherwise we would never meet anyone.

  3. super scary and realistic at the same time. Sometime law enforcers are not your final line of defense. They can justify any crime committed against you or criminalize you for something you didn't do.

  4. Hi! This is so brilliant! Could you open up for translations? I'd love to translate it to Portuguese so I can share with my whole country and not only with English speakers

  5. Have you ever given away something? This isn't the first time you've given something that belongs to you to someone else. You're promiscuous with your possessions, aren't you? You probably ENJOY handing over your stuff.

  6. This is eerie. Bravo on switching it up to demonstrate how silly and pathetic the argument of "she was asking for it" is.

  7. +bbc Please make me to put Korean translation. If you set the option of translation, just reply on my comment here. I will put immediately! Thanks, BBC!

  8. This way of ridiculing such a complicated issue is nt fun to me at all. The raising of awareness is great, but this is in some seriously bad taste.

  9. Every police officer should be required to watch this… Funny but sickeningly true to what many AND women believe when it comes to rape.

  10. This is literally a metaphor of sexual assault for both me and women. What were you wearing? Sounds stupid but it’s what many people who are victims of sexual assault get asked.

  11. While the sketch is kind of funny I dont think you can compare a guy in a suit being mugged for looking wealthy to a girl walking around drunk showing legs and breast to other drunk stupid men.

    The man is dressed in work clothes not displaying exaggerated wealth whereas a provocativley dressed woman will wear exagerated sexualised clothing.

    Please dont hate me for my comments

  12. Yes, and that is exactly how it goes – of course only if you are a lady – THIS is just a brilliant joke on the other hand.

  13. This video would only appeal to anti-male bigots – Oh! I forgot this is the BBC. Has anyone at the BBC heard about agency? By saying that women don't have agency in the decisions that they make (e.g. in deciding not to wear sexually provocative clothing or in choosing to walk the streets unaccompanied late at night), they are saying that women are not capable of making sensible decisions based upon risk. Why do you have a such a low opinion of women?

    If anyone, including those who are afflicted with the modern crime of being born male, goes into a high crime area, they are putting themselves in danger. All of us must make decisions about our safety by balancing the risks against our needs. In a world where both men and women are treated equally and with respect, both should be capable of using their agency to make their life choices. It would appear that Tracey Ullman believes that only women are incapable of using their agency. What a sad view of the world.

  14. And for those who would dismiss what I have justed posted because I am a men's rights activist – you are currently being swept aside by the winds of change and the sad thing is that you are blissfully unaware that it is happening to you.

  15. Trying to use violent mugging as a comparison with rape really doesn't work. Its not genius, unlike what some are claiming, and completely misunderstands the nuances involved in trying to work out what constitutes consent in rape cases. How much you have had to drink does influence your behaviour in terms of what unspoken signals you give; it means you are more likely to take risks and means you can't recollect events as accurately. Also, what you are wearing denotes your intentions. Whilst this line of questioning was abused by police for a very long time, in the correct circumstances it is a suitable question. This is not clever and the attempt to attack men for attitudes they do not hold is contemptible.

  16. This would be very amusing if it were not a real portrayal of that dustbin country fomerly known as the UK.

  17. oh brilliant, this is genuinely fantastic, I love it; witty, funny, smart, observational, has Tracey Ullman, the whole shebang

  18. Surprisingly she didn't rob the gentleman for his suit; she is wearing menswear and admires his " rich ' looking suit.

  19. Even tho i think its important to show off victim blaming, it is nevertheless crucial to judge every case individually and not be prejudiced by #believeallwomen. You should consider watching this video: https://youtu.be/a-IOzWQXx4Q

  20. OMG she is so good, and we women must be eternally grateful because we all suffered from this time in time again one way or another

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