So… You realize that hashtag #PrayForAmazonia is going to accomplish as much to put out those apocalyptic fires as
your thoughts and prayers are going to accomplish to end gun violence in
America, and you want to actually do something about it? Good! Because you’re
terrified right? Good. You should be terrified. Because the Amazon isn’t just
home to an incomprehensible amount of life, if the Amazon goes up in flames the
smoke the greenhouse gases from those fires will unleash climate catastrophes
of the sort that will make Mad Max look like a Disney movie.
So before we figure out how to save the rainforest we need to understand why
it’s being destroyed. Why are Brazilians burning down the rainforests when
literally all life on Earth depends on it?
Brazilian people are not burning down the rainforest just for the hell of it,
they’re doing it for the same reason that people do a lot of things: money.
Specifically they’re burning down the rainforest so they can make room to
raise cows, so they can stab those cows to death, so they can chop them up into
pieces and sell their body parts to… anybody that eats cows. That is the cause
of 91% of the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon, and of that remaining
9% a large amount of that is growing crops to feed cows and farm
animals around the world. So altogether animal agriculture as a whole, the
consumption of animals by people is by far the number one reason that the
rainforest is being burnt to the ground. So if you want to do something to
actually put out those fires switch to plant-based meat and stop eating animals,
it’s that simple. And by the way if you think that you could just ignore
Brazilian cow products and #EatLocal and you’re part of solution then
you’re living in delusion. This isn’t just a Brazilian issue and this isn’t
just an issue about cows. Look at this map of America: 41% of all the land in
the continental United States, eight hundred million acres is being used to
raise animals to slaughter for human consumption. Globally speaking animal
agriculture is the number one cause of habitat destruction and the mass
extinction that comes along with it it, is the number one cause of water
consumption, is the number one cause of water contamination. Hold up a second
I want to apologize about the shaky camera movements, you
could blame the cameraman which is me but whatever
you do don’t blame this boy right here who’s attached to the cameraman because
he can do the wrong. It’s the number one cause of ocean dead zones and it is
responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions that are destroying the
Earth’s climate then all of the world’s cars trucks planes and ships in the
world combined. Now that’s the bad news the good news is that if humans were to
switch from an animal to a plant-based diet it would free up 75 percent of all
the land currently being taken up by the human race right now, not to mention
ending our assault on the world’s oceans which are also dying as we speak, another
threat to the existence of humans and all life on Earth. 75% of all the
land currently being taken up by the human race for context is the
equivalent to the land area of the United States, China, the European Union
and the Continent of Australia combined. All allowed to regenerate into nature
rainforests, savannahs, grasslands, marshes allowed to grow back and become a
habitat for endangered species that are currently on the brink of extinction.
That’s the miracle the human race needs to survive the climate emergency, and it
relies on humans eating plant-based instead of corpse based meat. So while
you personally going vegan will make a massive difference and will save
approximately 10,000 square feet of forest,
400,000 gallons of water 7,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and the lives
of about one to three hundred animals a year, (that’s of course depending on how
many animals you currently eat every year), you personally going vegan still
won’t be enough to save the entire Amazon rainforest and the planet of
course. In fact even if you’re already vegan you might still be a huge part of
the problem, and the issue there is the same issue that we’re gonna need to
tackle if we’re gonna solve the overall planetary emergency: politics.
Specifically I’m talking to the vegans of the sort who like to repeat the myth
that oh there’s no difference between right and left wing politics, it’s all
the same both… what’s the expression I heard the other day? Left wing
right wing two wings of the same chicken or some bullshit like that? Pay attention
to the motherfucking facts: if you compare what’s happening now
to what has been happening in previous years with previous governments in
Brazil… Left-wing governments in Brazil not perfect not perfect by any stretch,
but they made massive massive progress in protecting the Amazon in lowering
deforestation and lowering the amount of fires that were set for the destruction. They weren’t perfect by any stretch just like nobody’s perfect, just like
Democrats aren’t perfect etc but the difference between them is fucking
enormous, it’s a mass extinction of a difference. If you think there’s no
differences it’s because you’re sitting on your privileged ass somewhere and don’t
understand because you haven’t been personally affected. Actually you have
been personally affected by it, you’re just ignorant as to how. Because to use
Donald Trump as an example you know pumping out massive amounts of toxic
pollution into the air across North America and the world – whether you know
about that or not you are being poisoned by that piece of shit so wake the fuck
up. But I digress even if you don’t live in Brazil your country matters in terms
of its own policy and your country matters in terms of the way it
influences Brazil. Just the other day the president of France said that an entire
massive trade deal with South America is now in jeopardy because of these fires and
he might cancel the entire deal unless Brazil takes action. Fantastic! If the
president the United States wasn’t a complete moron and conspiracy theorist
he would also be taking action on this except that the United States has far
more power than any other country in the world so the action taken by the United
States matters. For example: the last legitimately elected president of the
United States, Barack Obama, made a historic deal with Brazil to address the
climate emergency and that led to very real progress both in the United States
and in Brazil. And of course every one of us lives in a country where millions of
lives, both animals lives and human lives are at stake every single election. In
the case of larger countries like the United States it could be tens of
millions, even billions of lives at stake, and if you want in depth look at the way
Republicans and Democrats have a mass extinction of a difference between them
on these issues check out this article which was the culmination of over two
years of research into the destruction unleashed by the Trump administration, as
well as the progress made by the Obama administration, which is just part of a
historical trend that separates Republicans and Democrats. If you live in
Canada we’ve got election coming up real soon and again a
huge difference between left and right, between liberal and conservative, I’m
going to be making a series of videos on that so subscribe if you want to stay up
to date, and message me if you want to get active in mobilizing animal lovers
in Canada ahead of our October election. Anyways, I don’t want to get too in-depth
into that here because I have a whole series of videos coming out about vegan
politics, the bottom line is to fucking pay
attention. If you want to support the work I’m doing raising awareness on animal rights, music that I’m doing the comedy that I’m
doing you can check out the V-Gang and Humanimal Alliance gear on this page,
check out the patreon page where some of the rewards include V-Gang Humanimal
Alliance attire and thank you so much for listening, fucking don’t pray for the
Amazon do something about it: Keep eating meat, stop eating animals.

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  1. If you'd like to get in touch with me around this topic, or in general, the best way is via DM on Instagram @gaia_is_i :

  2. Thanks for using the proper words. Makes such a difference.
    Looking forward to the political stuff.
    Keep eating meat STOP EATING ANIMALS!! ~ GG

  3. FFS People you literally just need to change the ingredients in your burgers (and vote), not too hard a thing to ask when extinction is the alternative.

  4. Here is a link to an interactive map to see the fire alerts (for the last week only).


  5. Dear Vegan Obama haters/ Vegan Trump lovers,

    You are living a life of Half measures. Do you want to sail out onto the ocean in half a boat? Do you want to eat a piece of toast thats only half toasted?
    How about your favorite TV crime drama? How would you like it if they only showed the first half of it?
    Get the picture?

    Remember when you finally decided to become vegan and you stopped consuming all animal products? When finally, your actions aligned with your moral beliefs? A good feeling, yes?

    Well now it's time to finally align your lifestyle and ethical choices with your political ones.

    Please consider your choices. ALL of your choices.

    Thank you,
    A Liberal Vegan mother and Citizen of ( global) Planet Earth.

  6. Was GOING TO share…but then, you went & said TWO VERY WRONG STATEMENTS:
    1) Praying DOES help, BUT…for something this huge, MANY people need to pray.*
    *The more people who pray for the SAME, MORAL, NON-AVARICIOUS thing…the better chance of God helping. (FYI, it's THE DEVIL who manipulates man into enacting ALL SORTS OF EVIL in THIS life…God has merely been USING the devil in THIS life, to TEST us all before the NEXT…)

    2) Political parties in other countries are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT than the SAME LABELED parties of the U.S.! ! ! ! !

  7. Apparently god is busy listening to the prayers of the billionaires, so sorry Amazon, rape victims, gun violence victims, animals, poor people, he's too busy to take your call right now.

  8. The Amazon fires should be a wake up call for everyone. We are basically making the Earth uninhabitable if we continue to destroy precious land to make money by raising cows.We need to get rid of politicians who only care about money and not caring about conservation. We only got one planet that we call home. The planet can never be destroyed however we as a species will be extinct if we continue to be greedy.

  9. These are seriously the last few years we have left to make a massive change for the sake of our own survival.

  10. Of course they threw those thoughts and prayers in the garbage, so ignorant they couldn't even use the recycling lol

  11. I’m glad you’re stressing the politics here. We can’t let conservative pseudoscience destroy the earth. People need to wake the fuck up and get over conservative fear-mongering about leftist values.

  12. I had a calm and fact-filled discussion with people at my new job about speciesism and the hypocrisy of eating some animals but not others. Suggested your channel and the From Farm To Fridge short film.
    Trying my best to shout from the rooftops without being too loud as to scare people away from the message. But I want to scream at the top of my lungs THE FREAKIN END IS NIGH!

    And I am in no means perfect. I have a lot of mistakes I atone for daily by trying to live as clean and cruelty free a life as I can for me and my 5 bunnies. It’s just really frustrating when you know what you’re doing is the right and best thing for everyone to do (for so many reasons!!) but no one will listen.

    Keep up the fight! 👏✌️👍💚

  13. Everything we put these cows thru is all coming back to bite us in the ass. I just wish all these innocent wild animals in the Amazon didn't have to suffer as a result

  14. The mirror of the truth
    this is my video, about the burning AMAZON rainforest, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zPGvP0AzSE&t=9s.
    I use a lot of sources in my video's 🤓

  15. politics is the supreme act of animal training because it teach people how to think. it is the new religion the device people.
    so the criminal rich. get away with her crimes because we the common people are too busy with fighting each other ., so I have say, "before don't get too fat up with s*** of politics" all politicians lie for a living,

    politicians are not leaders,
    they are followers!,
    there are markettiers they say you what you want to hear,
    not what you need.
    there are many Democrats how support animal agriculture and hunting and trophy hunting just like Republicans f,,, politics

    don't be a political pawn

    if you read history then you know the chains always have come from "social Justice activists" {not from politicians} "politicians" are only there to claim the credit

    people like William Lloyd Garrison. Frederick Douglass. Rosa Parks. Malcolm X. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Harriet tubman. John Africa, alice paul etc

    does people where the real Heroes, {not Presidents like Lincoln}

  16. the best voting with you can do is vote with your dollar stop focusing on the shit of politics,
    politicians are followers . not leaders

    there are a reflection of the shit of the society politics is the masterpiece of animal training because it's teach people how to think

    it is like brainwashing politicians like to let people fight with each other so they can get away with their crimes and making up of injust laws. Democrat ag Gag law
    signed at by Obama which brands animal rights activists as terrorists.
    along with anybody how is a Whistleblower of the animal agriculture.

  17. Meateating is all about delusion, the delusion that it's healthy, the delusion the animals that are used for meat live humanely and are killed humanely. That animals are put here to feed humans, that God sanctions meateating, etc, etc. All delusion!!

  18. Its all part of the plan. When Notre Dame burns everyone loses their mind. But if 100 of acres of rainforest is burned along with the animals that live in them. No one bats an eye. Remember, its part of the plan.

  19. Very valid points. Stop supporting animal products and environmental disasters that kill wildlife and displace natives. Vegan for the future.

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