22 Replies to “What's behind the boom in clothing rental services?”

  1. Lazy people wearing that clothes return in it smelly like fish wet chicken no thank you I rather buy my clothes and not catch the measles

  2. I buy 12 t-shirts 12 shirts 5 pairs of jeans 12 pairs of socks and 12 undergarments.
    36+215+85+180 (stand all day high quality socks a must) + 36 =552 USD for my entire wardrobe that lasts 2 or more years.

  3. Thumbs down once you guys mentioned the “kardashians” no one cares about them. That’s not news, we’re here for clothes.

  4. you cannot compare clothing rental with uber and airbnb, cuz clothing is the #1 medium to transmit diseases.

  5. I would be interested in finding out the demographics of who rents these clothes. Women vs. men, young vs. middle-age vs. older folks, income levels, etc.

  6. I'd like to know whats behind the BOOM in hits on YT for CBS this Morning since the new line up?
    Last week, I typed in "Sandy Hook" and 20 of the 25 channels were NON RELATED stories from CBS this morning?
    AI glitch? or AI hit ?

  7. Yikes I hate when someone wears something personal that someone has worn. I hope its not personal house clothes.This should only be for maybe formal wear like dresses or suits. This crap legit makes my skin crawl and makes me want to throw out my clothes and buy new ones. Then again I dont know what this service is or does. This reminds me of bowling alley rentals where u rent the shoes. Funny how you see another millennial bashing comment. This is what pranksters and perverts get for ruining the clothing economy.

  8. Who spends hundreds of dollars a month on clothes they don't even want to keep? This world is becoming very evil.

  9. The reason for the rentals is because of the high returns for clothing, about 30%. Women wear something for a day or two and then return it. Or keep it for a month and return it.

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