When A Boy Wears A Sanitary Pad For A Day | Period Edition – Part 1 | Urooj Ashfaq

When A Boy Wears A Sanitary Pad For A Day | Period Edition – Part 1 | Urooj Ashfaq

44 Replies to “When A Boy Wears A Sanitary Pad For A Day | Period Edition – Part 1 | Urooj Ashfaq”

  1. One has to be more courageous for discussing over such topic particularly girls inner problems. So hats off frnds👍🏻

  2. The experience can't be compared since a female doesn't have a penis. So I suppose wearing pads with a penis makes it more difficult.

  3. U r doing nothing great stop spreading vulgarity in the name of spreading awareness or breaking stereotypes

  4. of course he would complain about it crushing his balls, pads aren’t designed for men if you want a accurate comparison you can’t add a complaint for men having balls

  5. Superb sunny really in these days taking challenges like this are rare. Not everyone does this and u have been so outspoken…as a women I feel happy to see u

  6. Still the real struggle with girls are like blood, cramps, mood swings, position change of the pad, period strain. These are the things told by my Gf while watching this video with that she also said, LADKIO KO ITNI PROBLEMS HOTI H KYUKI WOH GUZAR SKTI H IN SAB SE PR BANDE NAHI and wow.

  7. I would like to give an standing ovation for women and that person who tried that.. i can feel the pain while he explains it

  8. 1950's – We will have flying cars in future.
    2019 – men "Chalo pads pehenke dekhte hai, it will be fun."

  9. I fail to see the point of this. Guys have a difference "exterior". It would obviously have been a different level of discomfort. I actually feel sorry for his testicles if he actually did that.

  10. In my view, the ability to withstand the pain of girls or women is immense because pregnancy and delivery difficulties are very unbearable. Those pains can only be tolerated by women. And periods pain are very hard for some days in the every of the month, but they tolerate it very easily and for that hats off to them..

  11. My first thought was that this was completely unnecessary, there is no reason for doing this but that is why I developed a huge respect for this guy. Someone willing to do this and who actually does it and talks about all the aspects of it.

  12. "And imagine the squish is wet with blood."


    Me: well now you know..

  13. See the beauty of nature is what we cannot change and just by showing how it feels and make men do it is quite dumb.

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