When To Wear A Three Piece Suit – Wearing Vest With Single Breasted Suits – 3 Piece Suits

When To Wear A Three Piece Suit – Wearing Vest With Single Breasted Suits – 3 Piece Suits

When To Wear A Three Piece Suit – Wearing
Vest With Single Breasted Suits – 3 Piece Suits Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be answering a reader’s question, “When should I wear a
three-piece suit? When is it appropriate?” If you haven’t already, please subscribe to
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up for you. Okay, guys, this is the question that came
in. “Antonio, I like your fashion and style tips. As a freshman student, I’ve felt I’ve
had a lot of growing up to do, so now I’m just starting to dress more mature. Thank
you.” Well, you’re welcome. “Just one question today, what situation would call for a three-piece
suit instead of just trousers and a suit jacket? Cheers in advance. Mark.” All right, Mark, that’s a good question and
it’s one that we have to look a little bit back on history. The quick answer is that
there are very few occasions nowadays in which you need to wear a three-piece suit. In fact,
I can’t think of one except black tie, in which technically it is a three-piece because
you should have a waist covering, but besides that, black tie, white tie, but with regular
business attire, 99.9% of men in the Western world use — your two-piece is going to be
fine, but let me go ahead and break this out for you. At the top of the formality echelon, we have
white tie, then we have black tie, then we have business attire, then we have business
casual. Business casual, by the way guys, is a sports jacket. I mean, this is business
casual. I don’t have a tie on. I’ve got a sports jacket on. I’ve actually got raw denim,
a pocket square. This is true business casual, but there are levels within that because there
is business casual for casual Fridays and I realized that what I’m wearing here, a lot
of guys would actually consider more business wear, but a suit I’m going to define as business
wear. Let’s go ahead and break that out. I’ve talked about four categories. We’re going
to focus on business wear because this is where the double-breasted suit lies, although
you do see the double-breasted in black tie as well, but we’re not going to go that path. So within business wear, we’ve got double-breasted
as the most formal. We’ve got single-breasted. And then over on the other end are the more
casual business wear suits and these are going to be in colors that are less than traditional.
Also, they’ve got maybe a few style features that make them a less traditional suit. It
would still be business wear because you’re wearing a suit, but because of that, it’s
going to be more casual. The single-breasted is what we see most men
are wearing nowadays. The double-breasted kind of lost its place in World War II. It
was just something that a lot of men stopped wearing when they came back from the war.
In addition, it used more fabric, so a lot of factories stopped using it because of rationing. But before World War II, there was a time
that the double breasted was purchased and worn as much as the single-breasted, but the
double-breasted was considered more formal. So how could you take a single-breasted suit,
which like this that has the deep V, and a double-breasted usually that buttons up like
this — that small distinction actually made the double breasted appear to be more formal,
more buttoned up. So how you could you take a single-breasted suit and get more miles
out of it and make it appear to be more buttoned up? You put it on the same level as the double-breasted.
Introduce the vest. Now, the vest or waistcoat, whatever you want
to call it, it was originally used by messengers who rode horses. It was something that you’re
outside all day riding on a horse in the wind, in the weather, and you need extra layers,
so vests were developed. They initially started off as big pieces of cloth. They eventually
became their own type of garment, but it was meant to be worn under a jacket and to add
warmth. It eventually made its way into formal wear after enough use in multiple wars. Men
began to like it. They find that they could contrast the colors. It added a bit of style
to the wardrobe without having them to go out and purchase an entire new suit. Jackets
were really expensive; vests, less expensive. You saw that by wearing a similar colored
vest, you could actually get the same buttoned up look as the double breasted suit. That’s
where I would say that if you want to wear something that is about as formal as you can
get in business wear, then that’s when you could look at wearing a three-piece. A lot
of lawyers put this to good use because they realize that they’re not going to go in dressed
in black tie like “My Cousin, Vinny”, a great movie. When the judge tells him, “Go get a
suit,” yeah, he looked for a suit that he ends up wearing. A lot of lawyers realize that that small visual
makes them just look more sophisticated, makes them look smarter, and they use that to their
advantage. There’s a lot of interesting case studies out there in law schools and they
talk about how even when you’re choosing jurors and the way you present yourself — just look
at someone that is up for murder or is up for assault. Look at the way they dress. They’re
wearing a suit in that court room when they’re defending themselves. They’re not usually
wearing a three-piece, but it is one of those things that give a lot of attorneys the chance
to separate themselves. Okay, so let me step back. What situation
calls for a three-piece in today’s society? Very few situations, but if you want to dress
to the nines, if you want to look as formal as you can look without going into black tie,
that’s when you can wear a three-piece if you don’t own a double-breasted jacket. Hopefully that answers the question. I wish
you the best on your style journey. If you’ve got a question, you know where to go, mensstyleqa.com,
my new website. I’m really excited about it. I’m getting a lot of people going over there
asking good questions, getting good answers. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.

100 Replies to “When To Wear A Three Piece Suit – Wearing Vest With Single Breasted Suits – 3 Piece Suits”

  1. This was a very informative video, thank you. It lead me to ponder another style question. I would like to see a video on the "Vest Suit". I see more and more men wearing shirt, tie, vest and trousers. I personaly like this style and wear it casual but I have seen guys pulling it off business casual. What is your opinion on this?

  2. Love the advice. Quick question, how important is it to match the fabric in your breast pocket to your shirt? Should it match exactly or simply contain the same colors?

  3. Is it appropriate to wear just a vest and not a jacket? Would that place you on the lower end of business casual?

  4. Very nice videos! I think this is exactly what us men need, clear 'guides' on suits, how and when to wear them, which one to wear…

  5. An unique contribution for you.

    I am working to get the skills and experience I need to one day start a career as a tactical nuclear response officer (basically a SWAT team member for one of the nuclear power plants near by). Now my father gave some good advice once and said in an interview, dress on the same level as the people who work there. So I am thinking the waistcoat will mimic the body armor wearing members of the SWAT/security team and I can get away with that.

    Your thoughts?

  6. Until central heating, the vest as a garment was popular for centuries with men of all classes and occupations in Europe and North America to retain body heat while indoors as internal temperatures were often no greater than 55 to 60 degrees F throughout most of the house 8 months of the year. Until the 20th century, men and women were always well wrapped. If cooler houses become necessary in the future its use could come back!

  7. i love My Cousin Vinny…..So i had to get this in a 2nd hand store, so it's either wear the leather jacket which I know you hate or this, so i wore this ridiculous thing for you!

  8. Nice, helpful and well-presented video. I'd add that since YouTube has a global audience, it also depends on what sort of climate you live in. In perpetually warm countries like Singapore for example, you would never, ever see anyone in a three-piece suit, people would just think you were mad or hopelessly pretentious. Even the definition of black-tie had been diluted to suit the weather.

    Also, it might be useful to include images in the video as a lot of styles are being referenced.

  9. Could I use a three piece for an interview to be admitted to a Master's Degree Programme at an university? The programme would be the Physician Assistant Studies Master's Degree programme.

  10. Should I wear a DOUBLE BREAST  SHAWL TUXEDO JACKET to go to Church?
    Are the toxudos for only dinner and wedding?

    I found one for good price and I expect to wear it also to go to church?
    Please share me your opinion..

  11. since i started watching boradwalk empire i just fell in love with the 3 piece…. now "2 piece" without waistcoat looks kinda diluited in manliness XD tnks for the video

  12. I wore a 3 piece suit to EU parliament perfect for occasion i was the only one wearing a vest but i knew i was dressed better for the situation 

  13. When is it appropriate to wear a three-piece suit especially as a young man? Watch this video to learn more:


    #suits #men #style

  14. Well, I WILL be attending a Mad Men finale viewing party in New York sooo… if that ain't as good a time as any…

  15. hello there!
    I'm currently discharging from the Australian Army and I'm under taking a degree in Law.

    Now, I love wearing 3 piece suits, so much question is this. When I go before a judge in my Moot trails (fake trails to get us used to presenting cases) do I button up my suit to cover my vest, or do I leave it open and expose my vest?

    Also, does the bottom button rule apply on vests?
    I'm only 19 years old, so I'm still learning the ropes. Haha.

    Hope to hear back from you.
    I love your videos, keep them up!


  16. Good video but the self promotion needs to come last, not first. i came here for the content, not the add, and there's plenty of other options on the side bar that will likely give me the same information without an add or self-plug 

  17. interesting video. a very long time ago the shirt was regarded as underwear and no one needed to see it. i still very much feel this way and if im not wearing a 3 piece suit i feel like something is missing, naked almost. for all you people out there, wear what you want, when you want. sure, follow guidance on how to color grade items and patterns but i feel that alot of people fear that dressing sharp in todays world is somehow a bad thing or they are too concerned about what people will think of them.

  18. There are many kinds of vets including single-breasted, double breasted, with no collar, with shawl collars and the like. I am attracted to vests with shawl collars since they are a throwback to the earlier part of the 20th century. What do you think?

  19. I love wearing a vest, especially when I want to wear a tie, which is always lol, but I just bought a striped, navy suit recently but without the vest, I don't remember if they had a vest for it but I went back there two days ago and they told me they don't have beats for that particular suit. I was thinking of buying a different brand navy, striped vest. Would that be a good idea and I think that they should make vests for the suit I bought seeing that there were four different colors and tones for that same suit and they all had vests

  20. This might be a big style blunder but I think a 3-piece suit works really well for people who are in an industry where they need to look formal, but also have to do a lot of physical work.

    That way you can wear your full attire when you are just waiting out, not doing to much, but when you have to do some physical work you can lose the jacket and still have the vest underneat. It looks sharper than just the dressshirt, it keeps your tie in a proper position and it does give you more movement than a jacket.

    It might also be a solution for warmer climates with bigger temperature differences between day and night. You go to your work in full attire, lose the jacket when the sun is at his highest point and put the jacket on again when it's getting colder in the evening.

    Just my thoughts, no rules here =p.

  21. thank you for all your vids, its my first suit i bought for my self. getting tips from you videos made me more knowledgeable about evening suits, now im getting ready for the prom this February

  22. I like wearing waistcoats more than just wearing a shirt, tie, jacket, trousers. The Victorian Era were the masters at pulling off the "3 piece suit". If you don't have the exact same vest that goes with the jacket & trousers. No problem. Make sure you use contrasting colors to pull it off. Example I have & pulled off quite well. Black jacket & trousers along with a medium brown waistcoat while wearing a white dress shirt along with a purple tie. These are awesome contrasting colors that complement each other. Another route I go is with khaki trousers with charcoal gray waistcoat along with a dark red, blue, or purple dress shirt with a khaki or bright yellow tie. You can use a black jacket to tie it altogether. The trick is to contrast colors when your waistcoats do not match to you jacket & trousers fabric color & pattern. To top my look. I wear a Bowler Hat along with a pocket watch. This is the style I enjoy the most & is a look that is coming back due to the Steampunk subculture.  

  23. I am a student in the college of education and am about to start my first observation class and then soon will be doing student teaching.  I need to get a whole new wardrobe because I have absolutely zero clothes that are allowed to be worn at the school I'm doing my observations at.  They don't allow jeans and all I own are shorts and jeans.  Also, tattoos can't be seen and I have a tattoo on my forearm and no long sleeve shirts.  I'm going to go shopping for new clothes, and I'm thinking of just buying 2 suits, some slacks, and a bunch of shirts and accessories to change it up from day to day, and maybe some vests and sweater vests. 
    Is it okay for a teacher and especially in my case, a student teacher/observer, to wear a suit everyday?

  24. Loved your videos sir… One question please do replyy….
    Can we wear three piece with one button coat?
    I mean coat is having one button and inside there is vest… Can we wear like that??? Please reply thankyouuu..

  25. Hey first of all thanks for all the info u givee… It helps alottt…. And my question is…. I am a 5,7 guy with lil dark complexion somewhere between fair and dark….
    Will a light grey piece suit suit me well???.. Thankyou

  26. hello Real Men Real Style.
    hope u r good.
    to d point,
    i,ve my post grad. convocation after some days.
    will u help me to prepare my suit wd white shirt like color tie nd shoes style.
    for ur info.
    im 26 doing PG
    5.9 tall

  27. Okay, really: Wear a 3-piece suit if you want to look good.  You can wear it just about any time.  Especially if you're going to wear a suit anyway.  Throw a vest on while you're at it.  Instant sexy.  It's all about the vest.  Just do it.  Question answered.

  28. Yeah in today's society in general where everyone is trying to looks slim, with some silly slim ties and at the end they're gonna end up wearing tights like in middle ages 😛 Seriously though 3 piece suit is if you are real, and usually respected people wear them, or the men of status and wisdom. For younger people 20-30 it means that you've grown up and shaped the right way, and that you're normal, and not into some weird, foolish stuff. 

    About the VEST, it was developed way before the USA and messengers it is from Europe and it was worn by nobility as well, and some parts even include it as a part of a national dress. It was also worn in different occasions from Middle East across Asia long time ago…

  29. Main reason to wear a 3 piece is to compensate for the fact you are full of shit and trying to scam someone. Lawyers, dodgy investment brokers, some recruitment ect. In my experience anyway

  30. I was considering a 3 piece suit : shirt, jacket and a sweater… I mean, I don't own a vest so is it OK if I wear a sweater under the jacket? It looks awesome!

  31. The three piece suit if you have to be formal –
    Shirt – Go with white or blue derivative only
    Tie – Wear any color that looks reasonable as long as it is too bright or intense or extreme a color. Be careful with overly regimental ones (too many patterns)
    Blazer or overcoat – go with standard general black, or with any sort of gray, or brown. Standard royal blue can be acceptable although is used a lot for some reason with womens blazers aswell as mens

    Although adding style works in certain areas where you can get away with it. Black shirts, colored ones can be great if worn alone. With a tie they may not go. In a formal/casual environment you can try all sorts of elegant shirts and sweaters

  32. Hee,
    I'm a university student and the only guy on campus that wears a suit daily (with exception to the fraternity boards)
    and I was just wondering, what is your opinion on wearing the 3-piece as "full armor"?
    Because personally I like vests(for their increased movability) and wearing a 3-piece leaves you the option of passing off the jacket (or giving it way) without the loss of formality and looking sharp.
    And in such cases, would you recommend the business 3-piece or a contrasting vest?
    Love your channel by the way

  33. should do a video of how you got into fashion for us fans that are looking forward to advance in the fashion career

  34. Im going to a venue/bar in the city with the work friends, what would you recommend to wear ? and should I go clean shave or trimmed ?

  35. I wore one today. I didn't wear a blazer but I did wear a tie, formal grayish trousers, black formal shoes, tweed waistcoat which went well with the trousers, white shirt and tie. All with a black overcoat. I like to overdress, I think it makes a statement about your confidence as a person. Sure some people don't like it, but whatever. They're simply envious of your style and confidence. I like to wear morning suits, evening clothing, etc.

  36. This is the second time in two days that ran into your youtube channel. so i figured i'd subscribe to your channel.

    thanks for the great videos

  37. I'm graduating middle school and having a graduation. I want to wear a suit but I'm not sure where to start. What color of suit what kind of short under, how to match the tie/Bow tie with everything ect…. (Never worn a suit before) any help would be appreciated thanks for the help!

  38. Antonio, you give the best advice, thank you so much for everything. I feel I have so much to learn about man style.

  39. Three piece suits are my favorite kind. They REALLY command respect and will often lead to you being the best dressed gentleman in the room. I am looking to expand my selection by a few brands and colors to lend additional variety, but for the time being my singleton three piece suit is my go-to for a fancy night out.

  40. I rocked my 3 piece to court a few different times. charcoal gray, light gray pin stripes, and a real pink tie in a double Windsor. judges always show love to people who dress like it matters.

  41. Is there an upper limit to how formal you can look before it's objectively overdressing? i live in norway, and i like to wear three piece suits to school (somehow i'm more comfortable in a coat than in a hoodie), usually completed with either a trenchcoat or a longcoat that is double breasted. they're pretty versatile for the climate here, enough so that i can probably keep wearing a wool longcoat until christmas times with a good jumper underneath and a good scarf around my neck.

  42. hi thanks for making fashion so easy to understand, I am from India so it's always difficult to always understand When an where to wear a suit also please suggest what kind of colours I need to wear as I am little darker skin tone

  43. Hi Antonio, what are your thoughts on going without the jacket and just the trousers and waistcoat? I can't say I've found much of any resource material to answer that question so I thought I would ask you for your opinion on it. I'll lay out the pros and cons that I think might come with wearing only the waistcoat and not the jacket:

    – It helps to bring out more honesty in your physique by letting people see more of your upper body.
    – It helps project more confidence to others
    – It shows you're not afraid to present your dress outside of traditional norms

    – Could come across as pretentious
    – It looks like you either forgot, can't afford or lost your suit jacket
    – It looks more like a uniform than full business couture. Example, look at police, security and military, most of them wear their body armour on the outside of their shirts. The casino worker also comes to mind.

    That's most of what I can think of so far about it. For me I am a big fan of the waistcoat for the above Pros reasons. I don't often get to wear my suit as I don't work in an industry where I need it. However during special occasions and events where I do need to, I prefer going with just a trouser and waistcoat combination as opposed to the full 3 piece, unless of course it's too cold to go without the jacket.

    Anyway, from a former Arty soldier, two thumbs up and congrats for your brand being as popular is it is today.

  44. i read some posts and i found that you can use it with your casual clothes and gives you a more casual bussines look. i am confused now.

  45. You can wear a 3 piece suit at parties that require black tie optional. You can have a stroller during the day but a 3 piece suit is fine.

  46. I prefer suit separates. Which consists of a jacket pair of pants and a matching vest. It's like a three-piece suit. But you have options. You can wear it is a two piece suit if you wanted to. I love options

  47. I say that 3-piece suits aren't necessarily just for more formal occasions. A professional man could wear a 3-piece suit to work. Just get the suit in blue or grey. Black 3-piece suits could be worn for weddings or funerals.

  48. Your answer is correct. I would like to chime in and give that person my version of that answer.

    I wear my third piece when it's cold. I definitely don't wear three piece in the summer time because it's too hot. However, I did wear it to a wedding in July but that's because my friend's wedding was in the evening and next to the SF Bay. When we got there, it was already 70degrees and getting cooler. The girlfriend didn't want to bring her outterwear. When it got cold, I excused myself and went to my car and came back and surprised her that I packed it anyways. It was real smooth. Anyways, that story was to demonstrate that it was cold enough for me to wear my three piece suit that I usually wear in the winter. So the answer is….depends on the weather. If you don't need it, leave it at home. Go comfortable because it shows on your face and the size of your smile which ups your charisma.

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  50. ,Antonio can you give me any tips on how to make you white pocket square that perfect square shape I see that people wear in suits I've been trying but just can't get it ?

  51. This is kind of a stupid question… but is specific jacket for the 3 piece suit or is it just that you put a vest underneath the jacket you already have?

  52. Hi Antonio, great vid! I have a question, I already have a medium gray and navy blue suit both in solid colors. I'm considering a three piece suit, what color would you suggest for my third suit. Thanks.

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