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  1. Wow thank you so much you seriously saved me I am just starting & I bought 2 bum genius & after your videos I’m going to fluffy penguin ! Thanks thanks I can’t thank you enough

  2. We are going to be cloth diapering and I have never used cloth diapers, I’m curious on what your thought is with hybrid diapers?

  3. I am so glad I found you last night…Happy beehinds is the most affordable place to find diaper covers… anyone on the most tightest budget can cloth diaper…eapecially if u use FST too and charcoal bamboo inserts from amazon…200 bucks and you're good to go…am so happy I been doing research and looking at a million vids before I made a purchase. At first in my cart was 400 bucks lol…smh… its so funny I have a million disposable diaper that were given to me and now am not gonna use them…anyways blessing to ya and keep these vids coming…

  4. I just found your channel and love it! I have cloth diapered my daughter since her umbilical cord fell off (she's almost a year now) and now am 7m preggers with my 2nd and planning to cloth diaper her too 🙂

    I've used sweet pea diaper covers with my girl because she was only 5lb6oz so she needed really tiny diapers lol. Once she turned 3m I've used strickly alvas with a hemp thirties insert for nighttime diapers (lasts 12hrs with a bamboo insert in an Alva diaper) it's awesome.

    Could you do a diaper stash video? I'd love to see your diapers and what you like and don't like about each brand 🙂

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