Which celebrities have your body shape? ǀ Justine Leconte

Which celebrities have your body shape? ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. In the process of learning how to dress for
your body type, I often get the question “You know, I don’t know exactly what my body
type really is; I can’t say what’s going to suit me well and what won’t.” Good news is you can train yourself to get
a feeling for that. And an easy way to learn is to look at celebrities
and how they dress. So I prepared a compilation of body types
of celebrities, for each of the 5 main shapes. Rectangle, apple, pear, inverted triangle
and hourglass. One note before we start: Your body type is supposed to be genetic,
so if I have narrow hips and a wide bust and shoulders, then I should technically be an
inverted triangle. But if I tend to gain weight rather, around
the hips, so lower, and the hips are my widest point, then I will look more like a pear,
so for dressing purposes, I would just go with the pear. What I’m trying to say is, your body changes
over time, and your proportions change too; it’s ok. Just pick a celebrity that has your body,
your current body, as an example. First the rectangle. When I say rectangle, people usually think
long and lean, like Gwyneth Paltrow for instance. This is the typical model body. She’s very long. She barely has any curves. She doesn’t have fat anywhere. She’s very thin, really. But what makes her a rectangle is the fact
that she doesn’t have a marked waist. Her torso is pretty straight. It is the opposite of the hourglass. Nicole Kidman is also a rectangle. She’s impossibly lean and thin. She clearly has a dressing size that’s below
the average, especially given that she’s had four kids, but she’s a rectangle as
well. Rosario Dawson is a rectangle too. So she’s a bit wider. She’s curvier. She’s also shorter, so it gives you a different
body with different proportions. But she still belongs to the group of the
rectangle ladies. Now on the tall side, I would put Princess
Diana, typical example. She has very, very long legs, over-proportionally
long, which is very pretty. But what matters is her torso. It is all again quite straight, from the bust,
through the waist, to the hips. Then, the apple body. An apple has more volume around the waist. Typically among actresses, Catherine Zeta
Jones would be an apple lady. She doesn’t really gain weight around the
hips and the thighs, but rather, a bit higher. She used to be extremely trained, extremely
sporty, and look like an inverted triangle, but as she gets older, we can see that her
natural shape, the one that she leans toward, is in fact an apple, and not a pear or a rectangle. Also an apple, but curvier, is Adele. By the way, she knows exactly how to dress
for her body type, very flattering outfits, always. So she’s a great reference if you want to
research apple bodies. And then another example would be Jessica
Simpson. She’s more muscular. Look at those calves. I mean I’ve been spinning for three years… Mine look nothing like that! Beautiful, very sporty. But she’s an apple. What I’m trying to show you is that the
absolute size doesn’t matter when you’re looking at body type. It’s about the proportions of bust versus
waist versus hips. Then the pear body. The queen of pears is Beyonce and I’ve mentioned
her in a previous video on my channel about body types. Her stage costumes always add stuff going
on and width on the shoulders, and they cinch her waist to make her look more like an hourglass
– but if you’re look for her street style, more casual, regular outfits, she is a pear. The shape of a pear is easier to see on Jennifer
Love-Hewitt. This dress is not ideal for her because it
is so tight on the whole body, but it is great to see her contours, which is why I selected
it. Helen Mirren is a pear too, slightly. She would gain weight around the thighs and
the hips first, before the rest of the torso. This dress is perfect for her body, and definitely
office-appropriate, totally wearable. Then Kim Kardashian, the lady who wants to
look like an hourglass, is a pear as well. She also happens to have great stylists, no
matter whether you like her or not, and she’s building a consistent silhouette, and a couture
for herself through the way she dresses, so she’s a very good reference if you’re
a pear too. Then, the inverted triangle. The inverted triangle lady can seem very athletic,
like Cameron Diaz, for instance. Broad shoulders and bust, no belly fat whatsoever,
and narrow hips. But let’s be clear about this. She has this body shape, and she also trains
intensively on top of that. It’s not like a six pack is a characteristic
of the inverted triangle. It really doesn’t have to be. Jennifer Garner is a bit less sporty at the
moment, but you can still see very clearly how her shoulders and her bust are wider than
the rest of her torso, even with a bit of a belly, which hides beautifully and wears
beautifully anyways. Another famous one is Demi Moore: with or
without the aesthetic surgery, she has this triangle shape. When getting a bit older, having an inverted
triangle body is considered an advantage because a boyish silhouette without too many curves
is associated with youth. Renée Zellweger is a petite inverted triangle. She’s smaller in format but she still has
these proportions on her upper body. This is to show you that “inverted triangle”
does not mean you have to look like surfer girl Cameron Diaz. Then, the hourglass body. In Hollywood, the hourglass ladies always
seem to want to play the sexy card, with body-con dresses. I’m not saying that this is your only option,
but it’s great to see their bodies, for the purpose of this video. Scarlett Johansson is a typical hourglass:
her waist is a lot narrower than her bust and then her hips. She is typically the modern Sophia Loren. Dita von Teese is less curvy overall, but
she still has a very narrow waist compared to the rest of her silhouette. She is a so-called “regular hourglass”. A petite hourglass with more curves would
have to be Salma Hayek. She has what is called extreme curves, in
fashion. Not many standard clothes are going to fit
her, but she still makes casual clothing work for her. She is very smart about her styling, and therefore
a good reference person for this kind of body. I hope that you found in this video a good
reference person for your body type. If yes, thumbs up! Thank you very much. And if not, what was missing? How is your body different? If you can describe it in the comments below,
I will try to think of further celebrities that could inspire you. Once you have your “celebrity twin”, I
can recommend this video here on how to find your own style. It’s the next step in the styling process. I will also link here in the corner and down
below in the description, my series on the different body types, one video per body type. I will see you very soon again in a new video
and until then: happy styling! Take care. Bye bye!

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  1. Hi everyone! his video already has English & Spanish subtitles 🙂 Which celebrity do you observe when you are looking for tips for yourself?

  2. I'm an inverted triangle, I'm also petite, and I am flat, no breast… I'm pocket sized! Can you name an actress with these proportions? Reneé is way too curvy! XD

  3. I have chubby arms, legs, hips, and breasts but waist. 40”,24”,38” (chest waist hips) and what is my body figure called

  4. This was so helpful!! I definitely fall somewhere between a Scarlett Johanson and a Helen Mirren – broad shoulders, gain weight in my hips but my bust size fluctuates a lot.

  5. I have a pear shaped figure. Hardly any jeans fit me; my bum and thighs are just too big.. does anyone have any brand recommendations that are good for my type of figure?

  6. I have small waist big butt, but not very big hips, they r not small but not big either, but I have big thights, sholders alost the same as hips but I dont have big boobs( C cup). Sp I dont really know what body shape I have

  7. I am inverted triangle and if I gain weight, I become apple! I love Charlize Theron’s style I think she has broad shoulders too. I also follow Sophie Turner’s style. They both look inverted triangles to me.

  8. Great tips Justine! Aly art is another Youtube channel that has these tips, she just used different kind of categories, but also super helpful in deciding your body type ❤️

  9. Inverted triangle with love handles and squishy stomach…ugh. At least my widest part of my body is my shoulders!

  10. If I have broad shoulders, hips that are almost as wide as my shoulders, small waist but a little bit of hip dips am I still an hourglass?

  11. 0:50 Wouldn’t you look like an Hourglass? Because you already have the wide shoulders and then you gain fat on your hips, leaving the waist small. Wide shoulders and wide hips.

  12. I'm an hourglass… I think, because my waist is significantly smaller than bust and hips, but those are pretty small as well 😅 I don't know anymore. Help? 🙂

  13. I know this video is a bit old, but my body doesn’t fit into any body type.
    I have a bust a little wider than my hips, but pretty much they are the same size and I have marked waist. Also I gain weight more in my thighs. I don’t know… I am always confused, because I can easy tell which body type my friends have, but not me.

  14. Hourglass! I have alot of trouble dressing since more casual clothes look really baggy on me. Whenever I don't put emphasis on my waist I look bigger and it's ward to find shirts that fit well without adjusting.

  15. im all rectangle except with wide hips😔 its so annoying because im too boyish to pull off tight sexy clothes but too wide hipped to pull off chic, baggy clothes. the only thing in the world that gives me shape is high waisted jeans

  16. My body type is a mess
    Some say I’m an hourglass
    Other say I’m a pear
    Some say I’m a rectangle

    I have bigger boobs than my waist and bigger hips that both my boobs and waist so I should be a pear
    BUT My under bust is close to the same size as my waist and I don’t really have a defined waist so you’d think I’m at least a rectangle
    My Boobs are about a 36/35 while my hips are about 39/38 while my waist chills at 28.5 so my waist and boobs are about almost the same size and my waist is significantly smaller so you would think I’m an hourglass BUT THINK AGAIN
    *and so the cycle continues*

  17. Me watching this and realising that I’m am infact a hourclass, it’s just That I Have medium sized breasts.

    Thanks for the video.

  18. I’m 23 years old and I’ve been 5 ft tall less than 100lbs since middle school. I’m an eternal child I guess lmao

  19. Can you do a video for people with a long torso. I find it so hard to find dresses because they all end up being short due to my torso taking up the majority of it, also tight dresses the hips end up in the wrong spot and bunch 🙁 I'm long torso, inverted triangle and shorter legs haha is this common for inverted triangles?

  20. Tbh in a few years we will be surprised to hear that celebrities breathe the same air as us.. This world is screwed up

  21. I feel Like Im somewhere between apple and hourglass? I have quite broad shoulders, not much of a waist, but very thick hips and thighs

  22. My body shape is just plain weird, an hourglass with broad straight shoulders, prominent hip dips and a stomach that expands and contracts markedly during the day, I can work with this. At my age how my body looks is far less important than how it works and in this respect my body is awesome. If you are not sick, have no chronic ailments, have full range of bodily motion, can walk, run, dance and have all the body parts you were born with and they all work, be grateful.

  23. My measurements are:
    Waist: 27/28 in
    Hips: 36 in
    I have no idea what shape I am, I feel like I’m a mix of all😂

  24. I know it's been a while since you posted this video – But, I used to be an hourglass, but my last pregnancy pretty much destroyed my stomach, and it's grown quite large.
    The problem is, I have a large bust as well – And I an really struggling to find clothing that looks good on me…

    Really frustrating, because I used to be really good at dressing my self!

  25. Hy. I like your videous very much. But i’m confused. I’m 170cm and only 45 kg. I think i’m an hourglass because i have a really tiny waist, but I don’t really have much shape, if that make sense. I also feel like my shoulders are bigger. So i feel like i’m somewhere between hourglass and reverse triangle…😓

  26. Big bust, avg waist, hips just a little bigger than my very broad shoulders. Pear or hourglass? (Also, I’m 5 foot 2 (157.5 cm))I’m confused

  27. i've watched so many videos, but i still can't tell what body shape i am! i can see both the pear and the inverted triangle in my body, with my hips being (by a little) the largest part of my body measuring wise, and my broad shoulders. my mom thinks i'm an hourglass, but i don't know. i'm still growing, so i guess i'll figure it out in time

  28. I’m an hourglass I think. Cause my waist is very small and my hips and bust is wider but I have a thigh gap so idk if I am

  29. If you’re an apple with long legs, you can’t do better than Nadine Coyle. She absolutely rocks the empire line dresses, the mini skirts, the bare legs . . . I learned a lot from her over the years and now I feel so much more confident in what I wear!

  30. I kind of have an hourglass figure (very thin waist, wider bust and hips, although in general I'm very skinny), but my shoulders are also quite broad. Am I an hour glass or inverted triangle?

  31. I'm kinda hourglass but with boobs on the smaller side. I just got very broad shoulders and hips and really gain any weight in my midsection

  32. What body shape am I if I have broad shoulders but a market waist but no bust or butt, but some hips but also kind of rectangular

  33. We all have our own bodies,and that is how God made us and please don't compare people with "celebrities" and make them unhappy.God bless you.

  34. My body is so weird I don't know which shape I am. I'm very skinny. My torso is long but I'm not a rectangle either because I have a little hourglass thing going on. As for my hips I barely have any curves, but since I have a very small waist it looks like I have little hips. My bust is also barely there :/ I neep help?

  35. I really love your videos! one thing: sorry but there is a fine gap between your eyeliner and lash line, it would look so much better if you do it properly <3

  36. Someone help me! My bust and hips are proportionate and I have a small waist. But I'm also quite thin and not curvy at all. My measurements are 84-61-84 (in cm) or 33-24-33 (in in.). Am I just a rectangle, with a small waist, or a much less curvy hourglass shape?

    Edit: I just got to the part about the woman who is a rectangular hourglass. Maybe I'm that?

  37. Hi Justine, your videos are very cool, thanks for that.
    I'm looking for more inspirations, and I wonder if Sandra Bullock has the hourglass body shape? Kisses, you're wonderful!

  38. Great video but I still don't know what I am. Maybe I am a slim hour glass? I do have shapely hips proportioned to bust size and a defined waist but if I gain weight it goes to belly (schucks!).

  39. I think I’m somewhere between inverted triangle and hourglass. My figure before eating, is obviously less bloated so I see what my real form is, and I see my waist is “small” which gives an illusion I have an hourglass but I don’t have the roundness as the thighs and butt. My bust is a B cup as well. I wore a body con dress and my friends were surprised I had a small waist and said I looked a lot skinnier than they thought I was but when I wore a shirt that didn’t hug my body and tights, a friend said I was a rectangle when I said I didn’t know what my shape was. I’m still confused on what my shape really is but perhaps I have a combination of inverted triangle, rectangle and hourglass?

  40. i’m not exactly sure where i fit in. I have wide hips, small shoulders, somewhat large bust, and my waist isn’t very defined. Pear with a larger bust? Hourglass without the small waist? Apple with small shoulders? help

  41. I would love to know my body type. I am slim. Almost athletic build with a big butt… However, my hips arent big. And I also feel as though I have broad shoulders. I dont think that triangle body fits me because of my lower half. However because of my bottom half without wide hips, I dont know that pear fits me. I'm not a rectangle and not an apple. I have no idea!

  42. Mine seems to be a cross between pear and rectangle? My hips are about 2 inches wider than my bust, but my waist is only 1 inch narrower than my bust. So I'm not sure which one I should go with, or can I pick ideas from both?

  43. My bust= 104 waist= 84 and hips= 102. I am not sure if I am an inverted rectangle or an apple body Type. Help!

  44. Very broad shoulders like an inverted triangle, but not so tiny waist or hips. So I am sort of stuck between inverted triangle, apple and hourglass😣

  45. Is there a way for an inverted triangle to gain weight on their hips, legs and butt in order to look more like an hourglass body type?

  46. I have a rectangle body shape and i look up to Kaia Gerber who has a retangle body shape as well and shes so stylish and young and fresh so shes a good example if youre a rectangle body shape. If youre into Kpop i can recommend to look up Jisoo Kim from Blackpink as she has a rectangle body shape too. I recommend to follow their fan clothing accounts on Instagram or just see pictures of them and see how the nail it with everything they wear

  47. I’m confused now ☹️. I was sure I was rectangle just like cameron diaz but you said now that she is an inverted tríangle, I thought for you to have this body type you had to have big breast and slim hips, like angelina jolie for example, so according to me cameron diaz was a rectangle.

  48. So, I have a question and if anyone could please please please answer me I would really thank you for the rest of my life. My bust is a lot smaller than my hips so I would be a pear shape, but my shoulders are larger than my bust and even my hips so I don't really know what body shape I have, is it a pear on an inverted triangle?

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