Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear? 👻 w/ SpongeBob, The Loud House, & More! | #KnowYourNick

Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear? 👻 w/ SpongeBob, The Loud House, & More! | #KnowYourNick

– Trick or Treat!
– Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween! [cackling] So get your costumes ready! That costume is perfect. Not sure what to wear? No… No. Take this Halloween quiz and keep track of your answers
to help you decide. If you wanna be scary,
you’re gonna need a good costume. [music playing] – Trick or Treat!
– Trick or Treat! Aww, aren’t you two adorable? [music playing] Candy corn, I like candy corn,
candy corn’s good! [music playing] Meet us at the spook, old,
abandoned mansion I wish was up on the hill! [crashing] [music playing] Here, kitty kitty,
oh, here, kitty kitty! Oh, who’s a good kitty? [music playing] I’m picking up something
on my R-Ghost detector! Uh, there he is! Now to trap him
in my ghost containment device! Got him… by a hair! Ha-ha! [music playing] Jerkius Brocolitis! [gasping] [music playing] Oh-hoo, sure is dark down here! [growling] [screaming] It went so wrong so quickly! [music playing] Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? Chocolate? Chocolate! [music playing] I’ll wear you tomorrow, Dazzles! – You talking to your tiaras again?
– No! We’ll talk more later. [music playing] Hmm, more blood here,
few more gashes on this one, knock out a tooth,
add some ooze to those scabs, dampen the head wound. [music playing] SpongeBob? Is that you? I’ve been waiting for you, Patrick! [gasping] [growling] SpongeBob, you’re scaring me! [screaming [music playing] Bob for an apple, my dearies? [cackling] [music playing] I was worried just ’cause I have
a little bit of hair growing on my legs. A little bit of hair
doesn’t mean anything. Let’s take a look. Well, you have to pull down your socks
so I can see. I’m not wearing socks. Oh… If you answered mostly A,
you should be… a ghost! Three ghosts coming up! Ah, where are my feet? [roaring] I’m The Flying Dutchman! If you answered mostly B,
you should be… a witch! Thanks for the pizza! I’ll enjoy eating it
in my Halloween costume, I’m not a real witch, bye! [cackling] [laughing] If you answered mostly C,
you should be… a vampire! [hissing] I literally want to suck your blood! If you answered mostly D,
you should be… a princess! – Yeah!
– Knew you could do it! My favorite part of being a princess
is having a royal bestie jester! If you answered mostly E,
you should be… a werewolf! [howling] Bad, Max! Bad!
Down, boy, down, down! Which costume did you get? Comment below!

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