White Coat 2018, College of Medicine Tucson

White Coat 2018, College of Medicine Tucson

[MUSIC PLAYING] Tonight you’re signing
up for a lot more than a life as a physician. You’re signing up
for the commitment to always defend the integrity
of science and medicine. [MUSIC PLAYING] I really wasn’t the person
that thought medicine was the exact field I’d go into. But then I went on a two
year church service mission to Mozambique, and
I was able to see how impactful a
life of a physician and a correct
medical education has on a community and
an entire country. I knew from that moment that
I wanted to be a doctor. [MUSIC PLAYING] My uncle and my older
cousin – they practice traditional Navajo medicine. And people would come
up to us all the time and they would greet us. You could just see the
gratitude in their face, and it was then
that I recognized the power in the
interactions and the power and the relationships that you
can form with your patients. [MUSIC PLAYING] I started out as an EMT. And you quickly learn
that you approach a scene and you have a critically
sick or injured patient and there’s this look of relief,
like “thank God you’re here,” and then you realize that
their illness or injury is out of your scope of practice and
out of your knowledge base. And all you can do
is hold their hand and say somebody is going
to be able to help you. They’re coming. It’s just not me. That’s a motivating factor. [MUSIC PLAYING] The white coat
ceremony is designed to honor new medical
students as they accept the responsibility of the
doctor patient relationship and the professionalism
necessary for the practice of medicine. [MUSIC PLAYING] The white coat to me
signifies a commitment to the profession of medicine
based on honor, integrity, and trust. [MUSIC PLAYING] The white coat represents
my promise to my patients that I will work
tirelessly towards becoming a physician that is
worthy of their trust and can give them comfort
on what could easily be one of their worst days. [MUSIC PLAYING] This year for the first
time in the history of our medical school our
partner, Banner Health, has generously
provided the funding for all of our students’
new stethoscopes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you for this
opportunity and this gift that you gave to us. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m so thankful
for your support. The white coat
means so much to me. And it signifies
all the hard work that I’ve put in the last
four years of undergrad and all the hard work
I’ll put in the next four years of medical school. I just wanted to say thank
you and I won’t let you down. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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